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  • June 6, 2024

When rats or mice invade your home, they can live for up to 2 years or more! During this time, they must chew or gnaw on just about anything in their presence, from fabric, vegetables, fruits, plastic, paper, furniture, and even aluminum!  

Even worse, these invasive creatures also chew on electrical wiring, causing house fires, deaths, and millions of dollars worth of structural damages yearly! 

Unfortunately, rodents are also carriers of more than 35 diseases, and they spread directly to humans through bites, scratches, feces, urine, saliva, and contaminated food. 

Why Do Rats And Mice Gnaw On Objects?

Rodents must gnaw on the objects within your house for survival. Their incisors don't have roots, so they never stop growing! If rodents don't constantly gnaw on objects, the incisors will become too big to feed and eventually grow into their brains!

Rats and mice are more dangerous than you can imagine. These pesky pests are known for reproducing rapidly, and a small infestation will quickly go from being unnoticeable to colonizing your entire home! 

According to pest experts, some rat species have resisted conventional rat poisons, making it challenging for homeowners to get rid of rats independently. 

While a rodent infestation is better off left to pest professionals, we have prepared a list of the best poisons to kill rats and mice, as researched and approved by our professional exterminators. 

Celphos is ranked high among Kenya's most effective rat and mouse poisons. This powerful insecticide kills even the most stubborn rodent species in storages, homes, packaged foods, and raw grains. It is a globally registered fumigant against numerous field rodents and storage insects like larger/lesser grain borers, grain weevils, and beetles. 

Active Ingredient 

Aluminum Phosphide (57%w/w)

The Correct Application Of Celphos 

  • Identify all rodent activity areas in homes, storages, and commodities like whole cereals, seed grains, millets, rice bran, flour, and more. 
  • A Celphos tin comes with 333 tablets, each weighing 3g. Once exposed to air, the tablet slowly decomposes, releasing a phosphine gas that instantly kills rodents and other pests. 
  • Consider using three tablets every two cubic meters and leave the treatment for 7-10 days. Ensure that the treated commodities or warehouses are airtight for the best results. 
  • The phosphine gas Celphos releases is insoluble in water, oils, and fats and will dissipate entirely from the treated area/commodity upon aeration. 

Rat-Kill Pellets

Rat Kill Pellets is a powerful rat and mouse poison. It is specially formulated to kill even the most resistant rodent species in public areas, offices, and large/small apartments. 

Active Ingredient 

Warfarin 0.05%- rodents stand no chance of survival as warfarin interferes with the production of vitamin K in rodent bodies, resulting in excessive bleeding and eventual death. 

The Correct Application Of Rat-Kill Pellets 

  • Inspect your home, office, market area, or hospital to identify possible rodent activity areas. Consider places along walls, vegetation, and rat holes. 
  • Rat kill pellets are ready to use and require no preparation. All you need to do is place a small amount of the pellets about 20-40 feet apart in the infested areas. 
  • If the infestation is severe, set the pellets closer to the ground for the best results. 


Fuko-Kill is a highly effective and fast-acting poison against rodents. This rodenticide is the most effective rat and mouse poison that kills and controls field and storage mice, moles, and house rats. 

Active Ingredient 

Zinc Phosphide 10%

The Correct Application Method Of Fuko-Kill 

  • Scoop an appropriate amount of the rodenticide paste and smear on foodstuff like groundnuts, smoked meat, or bread. 
  • Strategically place the poisoned foodstuff in a hidden area (out of children's and pets' reach), preferably rodent activity areas or pathways. 
  • Rats and mice will die within 8-24 hours after consumption, so watch for dead rodents. 

Baraki Pellets 

Baraki is rated as one of the market's most effective rat and mouse poisons. This anticoagulant bait pellet effectively eradicates many rodents, including resistant species, in public areas, homes, lawns, and gardens. Note that this rodent poison is formulated to kill and mummify; hence, you can't detect the foul smell of dead rats. 

Active Ingredient 

Difethialone 0.0025% w/w

The Correct Application Method Of Baraki Pellets 

  • Before applying any rat and mouse treatment, inspect your home thoroughly to identify all rodent hiding spots. 
  • Place the bait/pellets near rodent activity or nesting areas like holes along walls, corners, and rat tracks. 
  • Baraki pellets are designed to kill rodents slowly while ensuring zero chances of bait shyness to eliminate the entire colony. 

Detia Gas EX Tablets

Detia Gas EX Tablets are the best rats and mice poison if you're looking to eliminate rodents and outdoor vertebrates. These highly effective tablets also exterminate a wide variety of storage pests. 

The tablets are designed to release a vital phosphine gas immediately upon exposure to air. The gas penetrates the rodent's body and interrupts respiration, resulting in instantaneous death. 

Active Ingredients

56-57% aluminum phosphide, 43-44% inert components. 

The Correct Application Of Detia Gas EX Tablets 

  • Begin with a thorough inspection to identify rodent hiding spots. 
  • Each Detia Gas EX comes with 333 round tablets that you can quickly station by hand on all suitable areas like ships, silos, warehouses, and storage containers. 
  • The tablets are relatively small, allowing for strategic stationing so that the phosphine gas released causes maximum extermination of the rodents.


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