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Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Post-Construction Termite Treatment

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Detailed Information

Updated: Oct. 14, 2023, 11:11 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

When termites are discovered in a home or business premises, the homeowner should call a professional pest control company for immediate help. Professional exterminators are specifically trained to apply the most effective termiticides and the latest technology to exterminate termites and create an effective, continuous termite protection barrier around the building. The treatment applied will repel termites and kill them on contact, thus safeguarding your home against expensive termite damages. 

What Is Post-Construction Termite Treatment?

Subterranean termites live deep within the ground/soil. When a building is constructed, its foundation often lay in immediate contact with the soil adjacent to or below it. Thus, the termite colony living in the soil will conveniently build a pathway from the soil into your building in search of food, moisture, and warmth. 

To counteract such expensive termite risks, the soil surrounding the foundation and the entire building perimeter is treated using effective anti-termite products that strongly repel and kill termites fast. Post-construction termite Treatment is also applied to the building’s interior. All floors are treated by extracting holes and filling them with effective chemicals for efficient termite control. 

How is Post-Construction Termite Treatment Done?

  1. Inspection. 

Post-construction termite treatment always begins with a comprehensive inspection done throughout the building and the yard. Termite infestations are very cumbersome to detect for most homeowners seeing as termites can remain concealed in wood only to be noticed when they have done extreme damage. Professional termite exterminators will embark upon an inspection to find out the type of termites that are invading your home. They will also find out the cause and level of infestation. These detailed findings will determine the most effective course of treatment for your home/business.  

During the inspection, the high termite hiding spots will be given critical attention, including:

  • Areas surrounding the staircase
  • Gutters and the drainage system 
  • Piled up wood and firewood
  • Bookshelves and store boxes
  • Wall hangings and wooden structures
  • Ceiling Wood.                                      
  1. Treatment

This is the most important phase of Post-Construction Termite Treatment. It involves protecting your entire building and preventing termite infestations. Our experienced exterminators are equipped with the latest and most efficient tools for this labor-intensive treatment that may require construction modification like drilling holes to create protective anti-termite barriers around your home. The amount of time and treatment to be used depends on the size of your building/home. Our technicians will do a specific treatment procedure that will kill termites and cure termite invasions. 

  • Treating Walls and Floor Junctions- Our technicians will excavate small channels of suitable length along the wall where they meet with the floors. Then, a specific chemical treatment is put into the holes to build an anti-termite barrier. 
  • Treating Wooden Fixtures- Wooden fixtures, including doors, window sills, and frames, are also treated. Our technicians will drill holes in convenient places, and treatment will be injected into the holes, which will later be concealed. All wooden furniture and structures in the home will also be treated accordingly to prevent the chances of termite damage. 
  • Destroying Termite Pathways- After a keen termite inspection, our technicians will be able to reveal all the termite tubes and mounds. They will spray them with the rightful chemical treatment to control their movement and spread. Finally, they will destroy all the mounds completely and treat the entire area. 
  • Treating the Foundation- Depending on the nature of your building foundation, our technicians will either excavate channels along the external concrete meeting the foundation where the chemical treatment will be injected to create a consistent chemical barrier. And, in buildings where the foundation meets directly with the soil, a trench will be dug to hold the termiticide treatment barrier. 

Important Post-Construction Termite Treatment Facts

  • This treatment involves carefully drilling holes using heavy-duty drills designed to penetrate through concrete to inject the termiticide under the concrete slab. 
  • The channels/holes are evenly spaced (10-12 inches apart) to allow an effective and continuous chemical barrier. The rate of chemical treatment applied under the slab is the same as that applied in the soil. 
  • Once the anti-termite chemical is injected into the holes, they must be sealed using a matching concrete patch. 
  • Suppose a building has colored cement, colored concrete patio, or decorated stones; in that case, our technicians will carefully take you through other Post-Construction Termite Treatment options that will keep your home safe from termite infestations

Is Post-Construction Termite Treatment Necessary?

If buildings are left untreated, termites can easily access every nook and cranny of your property and cause severe damage. Hence, all homeowners should be proactive with pest management and call a professional termite exterminator for Post-Construction Termite Treatment as soon as the construction process is complete. 

  • This treatment creates a strong chemical barrier that provides homes with immediate protection against termites.
  • It is relatively affordable and very crucial compared to the extent of property damage resulting from a termite infestation. 
  • Once a home is treated against termite infestations, it remains protected for a residual period of a minimum of two years. 
  • A homeowner needs not worry if, for certain reasons, their building missed the Pre-Construction Termite Treatment because this treatment closely serves the same purpose as the ‘Pre-Treat.’

How Long Does Post-Construction Termite Treatment Remain Effective? 

Damage caused by these troublesome pests can be very extreme to the point where no repairs can be done. With a newly constructed building, the entire foundation and the building’s interior must be treated to keep off termites. When the Post-Construction Termite Treatment is applied correctly, and by a pest control professional, the protection barriers will surely last a good three years or more. However, these barriers can only be completely efficient if homeowners adopt termite preventive measures like proper garbage disposal and keeping the home clean and dry at all times. 

Professional Post-Construction Termite Treatment.

Being a specialized task, Post-Construction Termite Treatment must only be executed by a licensed pest control company that has sufficient experience and technical know-how. Our professional termite exterminators offer the best termite treatment services. They will visit your home and do a thorough inspection of the entire building and yard to determine the most efficient treatment type to be applied. Upon this, they will create a continuous and complete chemical barrier that will safeguard your home against termite infestations.

Termites damage and weaken buildings, as well as wooden structures which results in costly repairs. Do not wait to detect termite infestation signs to treat your home against termites. Ultimately, prevention is better than cure, and always remember that termites are lurking nearby, (beneath the soil), and chances of infestation in untreated homes are high. 

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