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  • June 6, 2024

Ants are an annoyance more than anything else. While most ant species can bite, they are not directly harmful to people. These invaders do not cause any real damage, but if left to run amok, ants can wreak havoc on your structures and spread dangerous bacteria, and in the worst cases, ants can cause severe allergic reactions. 

Ant infestations are not uncommon in Nyeri homes. Every home in Nyeri gets the occasional ants in the house- it's pretty natural. The good news is that, out of the thousands of ant species in Kenya, only a few are likely to take shelter in your house. Most ant species dwell outdoors, doing more good than harm in your garden, like aerating soil. 

But having ants roaming in your house can be pretty annoying and disgusting. Besides, a full-blown carpenter ant infestation can burrow and damage your wooden structures. Rafiki Pest Control experts have controlled carpenter ants in Nyeri homes for decades. In addition, we guide home and business owners on dealing with most other ant infestations and keeping them away from their property. 

5 Ant Infestation Signs

Many telltale signs indicate you have an ant problem in your home or office. However, some signs are easy to miss, especially by an untrained eye. Below are the most common signs of an ant infestation that you should look for: 

A Few Live Ants 

Spotting ants in the office or home is not a big deal for most people. Some homeowners often pass the ants off as 'a very natural occurrence.' However, seeing ants on your property may indicate a severe ant problem. Observe the ants and find out if they have formed a trail. And if they are headed to your house or up your walls?

When worker ants (scouts) leave their nests searching for food, they usually leave behind a pheromones trail to guide the other colony members to the specific food source in your house. If you notice a line of ants moving in a trail towards your home, it's time to find an effective solution. 

Ant Pathways 

As noted above, ants leave behind a pheromone trail of chemicals to the specific food source in your house. This chemical attracts and guides other colony members in and out of your home. The easiest way to spot an ant scent trail is by watching ants travel in a straight line. Ants rarely break off from the line to scout a new food source. 

Piles of Sawdust 

Carpenter ants like wood but do not eat it the same way termites do. Carpenter ants don't eat wood. Instead, they infest your wooden structures and carve tunnels/galleries to establish their nests. If ignored, carpenter ants can cause significant damage to your property when building their nests. 

If you see piles of sawdust near your wooden structures like wood flooring, the high chances are that you have carpenter ants, and it's time to call the pros. 

Ant Nests 

Ant nests are carefully crafted 'homes' where ant colonies live. It can be easy to miss an ant home as it looks like a pile of tiny soil particles or dirt. Different ant species build their nests in various places. While some ants like to build nests in walls, other species prefer quiet places,  such as dark places with less traffic. Carefully inspect your garden, basement, the top of your grass, and the flowerbed area for piles of soil or dirt harboring ants. 

Noises In Your Walls 

Most people think that they're hearing things. But if you close your ear to the wall and listen carefully, you'll hear the rustling noises. Rustling sounds in your walls may be a big telltale of an ant infestation. While ants can live inside walls, they can also comfortably travel between the wall and wallpaper. Sometimes, you may see small rips on your wallpaper, which is highly likely the entrance point of the ants. 

What Causes An Ant Infestation?

Ants are tiny, making finding their way into your home easy. In addition, these pesky pests get into your home for straightforward reasons. For instance, the kitchen in your house and the pantry in your office offer good food and shelter for the ants. 

Pet food, spilled drinks, and food crumbs are irresistible for ants. Additionally, the dark, undisturbed places on your walls and beneath your floors offer the perfect areas for the pests to create their nests and raise big colonies. Hence, preventing or keeping ants away from your home is mainly about denying them these attractants. 

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid of Ants 

The best way to eliminate and keep ants from your property is by first identifying the pheromone trail from their nest to your house. This chemical path makes it easy to combat ants. 

For instance, you can wipe the path off completely and deny the worker ants the opportunity to carry more food to their nest. Alternatively, you can fool the scouts into carrying poisoned food (ant bait) back to their nests, consequently killing the entire colony. 

Using Ant Baits Indoors 

The problem with pesticides is that most OTC pesticides will only kill the few visible ants marching along the chemical trail. Soon, the ants within the nests will reproduce and replace the dead colony members, making the process unsuccessful. 

The best way to eliminate ants from your property is using an ant bait. Ant baits are sweet and sugary food substances mixed with a chemical that's highly toxic to ants but has minimal toxicity to non-target animals and people. Worker ants will carry the bait back to their hidden nests and potentially, but gradually, kill the entire colony. Note that sometimes you must replace the ant bait for the best results. 

Using Ant Sprays Outdoors

If you're keen enough, following an ant trail and identifying the hidden nest outdoors is possible. Applying/spraying a heavy dose of a highly effective and approved ant pesticide can soak the entire nest enough to reach the queen. Note that you must drench the nest for this procedure to be effective. 

Again, verifying that the colony outdoors is the one causing you a headache indoors is vital. That's because many garden dweller ants are beneficial, and you'd have no reason to kill them. 

Call The Pros

Most homeowners can eliminate a small ant infestation using approved DIY ant control products. However, some ant species can be stubborn, and getting rid of a giant ant infestation is challenging. Our pest control experts are highly trained, and they understand the unique behaviors and habits of different ant species in Kenya (Nyeri). They will inspect your property and garden and customize the most appropriate ant control solution. All our pest treatments are effective and safe for your family and pests. 

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