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Dust Mite Control

Dust Mite Control

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Updated: Oct. 15, 2023, 10:09 a.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

If you have unexplained allergies, red skin rashes, an itchy throat, and watering eyes, dust mites could be lurking in your house. Be quick to exterminate these tiny pests because that allergy can quickly grow into asthma. If these symptoms persist all year round, you should visit a physician for medical help. 

It is difficult to effectively exterminate dust mite infestations by yourself thanks to their tiny size and microscopic nature. A professional pest controller is trained in expert methods and tricks to exterminate dust mites completely and prevent chances of future re-infestations. 

5 Dust Mite Facts You Probably Didn't Know

  •  Unbelievably tiny

Dust Mites are tiny insects and are easily mistaken for bed bugs. Their size of only 0.5 mm makes it strenuous to notice their presence once they infest your home, and they are only visible under a microscope.

  • They are Allergenic

Breathing dust mite skin, and droppings can result in allergies, and if not controlled effectively, the allergy can quickly develop into asthma. Some signs of these allergies include;

  1. coughing
  2. Itchy throat and skin
  3. Congested nose and watery eyes
  4. Wheezing and sneezing
  • They Do Not Bite

While these creatures make your skin itchy and cause bad rashes on it, they don't actually bite. Their allergies can, however, be very extreme to the extent you may require medical attention. 

  • Life Span

While a male dust mite survives for close to 30 days, their female counterparts live for approximately three months. 

  • Feeding Pattern

These insects feed on debris and dead skin cells.  You will mostly notice them where skin debris has accumulated, like in bedding, sits, pillows, upholstery, and carpets.  

The Most Common Dust Mite Hiding Spots?

Dust mites dwell in our houses because they feed on dead skin cells. The debris shed off by a single person daily is adequate to feed close to 1.5 million dust mites at once. Mostly, you'll find them in warm, dark places.

  • Bedding 
  • Floor mats 
  • Sits, furniture, and sofas
  • Pet places
  • Books, and underneath baseboards.
  • In facial hair and hair

What Attracts Dust Mites Into Your Home?

These mites feed on skin debris that we mainly shed off when asleep. They harbour in clutter and accumulated dust/dirt in the house. Dust mites also stay in offices, restaurants, barbershops, and libraries, mainly because there are favourable warm and moist conditions for their survival.  It is difficult to exterminate dust mites effectively and if you are determined to control them thoroughly, then you must call an experienced pest control professional to assist you with that. 

Signs Of Dust Mite Infestation?

Dust mites are small, and you will hardly notice them with bare eyes. Hence, a dust mite population can quickly grow for years into an unmanageable size without you noticing. Feeling itchy is not an automatic sign of their presence, but if the itchiness is accompanied by allergic reactions with the following symptoms, then you are under a dust mite infestation;

  • Red rashes on your skin. 
  • Persistent sneeze
  • Occasional loss of breath and suffocation in other cases
  • Itchy throat and runny nose
  • Watering eyes

How To Avoid Dust Mite Infestations?

Avoiding dust mites is crucial in keeping away the allergies that come with them.  It is specifically difficult to keep them off, but we have compiled the strategies below to help you prevent their attack. 

  • Maintain cleanliness in your home and often vacuum your carpets.
  • Give special care to the pet bed area.
  • Consider getting washable toys.
  • Clean your blinds and window sills. You may consider changing your blinds with ones that don't gather dirt easily and are simple to wash.
  • Dust all surfaces using damp clothing and give special attention to any cracks and crevices.
  • Use bedding that resists allergens and ensures humidity of below fifty per cent in your home.
  • Maintain dust-free closets and cabinets and always close doors. 

DIY Dust Mite Treatment

The only certain method of dust mite elimination is by getting help from a Professional Pest Controller who has studied their behavioural changes and knows all the expert tricks of eliminating them while preventing their return. However, below are methods you can follow to control such infestations in your premises and avoid allergic reactions.

  • Always target dust mite hiding spots to control them effectively.
  • Clean bedding in warm water.
  • Clean surfaces using wet clothing
  • Often vacuum and treat infested places using dust mite insecticides.
  • Alternatively, you can apply home remedy treatments such as washing off bedding and toys with Eucalyptus essential oil diluted in water.  
  • Apply carpet treatments when washing your carpets to kill any hiding dust mites.

Professional Dust Mite Treatment

Our professional pest controllers know every trick and extreme yet safe measure to be applied to control dust mites and avoid future re-infestations altogether. They will visit your home upon your request and embark on a radical inspection designed to spot dust mite attraction and breeding sites in your house and compound. From these findings, they will develop the most efficient control strategy and apply the recommended course of treatment to meet all your desired results and ensure your safe and comfortable living.  

Dust mites are difficult to see with your naked eyes, and controlling them is as difficult. Their allergic reaction can be deadly and could develop into asthma. Call a pest control professional to ascertain the case as soon as you suspect them in your home/compound for effective dust mite elimination.

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