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Proven Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs From Your Home

Jan. 12, 2022, 4:21 p.m.

Bedbugs can create havoc in your home. They are known for leaving red and itchy marks on your body when they get into your bed.  They live on blood and them being in your apartment or home does not mean you are dirty. They can also be found in hotel rooms and immaculate rooms as in the filthy ones. Fortunately, you can prevent or control pests, like bedbugs, from your home or apartment.

The fact that bed bugs are persistent, a greater level of persistence must be demonstrated when it comes to preventing them. Chemical and non-chemical approaches can be used to prevent a large infestation. If you find it difficult to prevent pest from getting into your home or apartment on your own, hire a professional pest control company, like Rafiki Pest Control, to help you get rid of bed bugs.

The recommended strategy against infestation is prevention. Among the most difficult pests to control or eradicate quickly is bed bugs. Nevertheless, if they are in your home or apartment, the following are proven ways to prevent them from getting into your home:

Before Purchasing Secondhand Furniture, Inspect Them

When you want to furnish your house, purchasing secondhand furniture can be a great means of saving money. Nevertheless, if they are not examined closely, they can pose risks of bed bugs. For regular thrift shopping, always do a quick and thorough inspection of the furniture you are about to purchase.

Give it a thorough cleaning before placing it in your house, even when it looks clean. In your shed or garage, store the furniture with upholstery and fabric and thoroughly clean it with hot and soapy water. Also, check crevasses, i.e. storage places or drawers.

Inspect Your Beddings for Signs of Bed Bugs

This is something that ought to be done regularly. This does not mean that this task will be done every night.  Rather, remember to inspect the conditions of the bed, when you want to wash your beddings, for bed bug residues or signs of bed bugs. In case the beddings have bed bug residues or signs of bed bugs place them in the washer. The washer must be on the highest heat for the bed bugs hiding in the beddings to be killed. It is also important for the curtains, pillows, and throw-blankets that are exposed in your bedroom to be washed as well.

As for mattresses and box springs, they need to be taken outside and get them into steam. Using scrub brushes, on the areas that have been affected on the mattress, brush the eggs and bugs out. Then, the whole surface of the box springs and mattresses ought to be cleaned thoroughly using a vacuum. Once the mattress is vacuumed, the same should be done for your bedroom. The contents of the vacuum are always emptied into plastic bags and placed in the garbage cans outdoors.

Eventually, in tight-fitting plastic covering, enclose the box springs and mattresses. They also need to be left outside for a night. The purpose of the plastic is to prevent air from entering your mattress and enhancing the suffocation of the remaining eggs or bed bugs.

You can also consider throwing away the affected box spring and mattress. If you feel that the mattress or the box spring can return bedbugs in your house or apartment, you need to purchase a new set.

Always Remember to Check Your Room for Bed Bugs, When Traveling

When traveling, before unpacking, it is recommended that you ought to check the hotel rooms for bed bugs. You need to pay attention to curtains, bedding, and upholstered furniture. If you spot a sign of bed bug, notify the hotel manager or supervisor about the bed bugs in your room and ask for another room. You can only take your luggage into the room after the room is cleared of bed bugs. This is because bed bugs are likely to attach themselves to the luggage and leave there for some days, making it easier for some of them to get their way into your apartment.

In case you doubt that your clothes are infected, from other luggage, separate the infected clothes in sealed plastic bags. Upon reaching home, the infected clothes ought to be immediately placed in the washing machines on the high heat settings that the clothing can allow.

Before bringing your luggage into your house, inspect it outside. Consider also washing the bag with soap and hot water and then leave it outside to dry.  For the final time, inspect it before bringing it into your house.

What Can Keep Bed Bugs Away?

It is believed that some scents can repel bed bugs. Some natural products, for instance, essential oils, are known for affecting the bed bugs, though they cannot completely kill them off. If your home has a heavy infestation, you need to call the exterminator with professional chemicals and heat. Nevertheless, if you are after getting preventive measures that can repel the bed bugs from your apartment; the following are some essential oils to consider:

  • Lemongrass

  • Peppermint

  • Tea tree oil

  • Thyme

  • Lavender

For the above-listed essential oils, only ten drops of any of them ought to be used. The drops should be diluted with water and placed in the spray bottle. Then, the mixture is sprayed around the affected areas of your house, including curtains, luggage, bed sheets. The spraying should also be done in areas where you think have bed bugs or eggs.

If your home still has signs of bed bugs, hire a professional pest control company to help you get rid of bed bugs and also to schedule for thorough cleaning of your apartment or home. Concerning the level of bedbug infestation in your apartment or home, you can be allowed to stay in or come in after the treatment. Therefore, you need to make arrangements on where you will stay during this time.

Hire Professional Pest Control Company

You cannot completely prevent bed bugs from getting into your apartment or home.  You need to hire a professional pest control company to help you get rid of bed bugs assist in keeping your home or apartment from further infestation. Since a professional pest control company has enough experience, you can be assured of quality pest control services. Rafiki Pest Control is the best pest control company for you.

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