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  • June 5, 2024

Consider having a home improvement project like a major renovation, extension, or new home construction. In that case, you must have a proper termite treatment to ensure your home remains safe from termite-related damages. Termites have a habit of remaining concealed in wood, making detecting their presence difficult. Hence, homeowners must account for damages that may remain unseen until it’s too late to repair.

What is Pre-Construction Termite Treatment?

Termites have a wood-eating habit, and they cause devastating damage to unprotected homes and wooden structures all over the world. They are a significant cause of decomposing wood and damage to susceptible ornamental plants and buildings. Pre-construction termite Treatment is an early method of removing termites and stopping infestations for a long time by applying soil and slab treatment.

Our technicians will collaborate with your construction workers to treat the Soil underneath the site with the most efficient termiticide treatment. This treatment method involves carefully inspecting the construction site and preparing it for the appropriate treatment. Pre-treating will be done to the Soil underneath the new building and the entire foundation area. To effectively keep off termites, each section must be professionally treated with the accurate recommended dosage rate.

Is Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Important?

A major feature of the home and property care is effective termite protection. Pre-construction termite treatment gives the new building an efficient, long-lasting treatment barrier against the destructive sub-terrain termites. This treatment is done to the initial stages of construction up to the foundation level. This treatment is crucial for all buildings and important structures. Treating the Soil within the construction site and throughout the new building’s foundation area provides long-term prevention from possible termite infestations.

Anti-termite-treated Soil provides an effective chemical barrier that kills and keeps termites from entering the constructed buildings. For the most efficient results of protecting your home from termite infestations, effective termiticides will be applied to the areas where wooden furniture and structures will be placed.

Our pest control professionals will ensure that the chemical barrier against termites is effective and continuous throughout the entire structure and on all foundations. They will liaise with the construction management to ensure no unauthorized personnel enters the structure during ongoing treatment to protect the chemical barrier from disturbance.

How Long Does Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Remain Effective?

When applied correctly by a knowledgeable pest control expert, Pre-Construction Termite Treatment will protect your home from termite damage for up to five years. An expert knows the specific and recommended amount of treatment to protect your home for a long time from expensive destruction. Treatment at this initial level of construction is more effective, invisible, and affordable than the treatment done after construction. Homeowners should do regular inspections after treatment to ensure no termites have crossed the poison barriers. Safety measures for keeping termites away should not be ignored as these measures, combined with Pre-Construction Termite Treatment, will give you the best protection results.

Which Termite Treatment Is Most Effective?

Nothing is more exciting than renovating a home or constructing a new one. And to ensure the excitement is long-lived, you must give your home the best termite protection that will save you infestation treatment costs. An effective Pre-Construction Termite Treatment follows a specific procedure known to the technicians. The procedure will include the following steps: 

Treating the Soil around the structure: The Soil is in direct contact with the foundation of any building. Termites harbor deep in the Soil, and once a building is constructed, they will seek refuge in the warmth of your home. Treating the Soil using termiticides before pouring the base slab creates a poison barrier against termites, and they cannot gain entry into your home.

Treating the Foundation: Whether the foundation of your building is wooden or not, it should be treated with the rightful chemicals to ensure it remains termite-proof for decades. Drilling Holes and Poisoning Them- Our exterminators will dig holes close to the building’s perimeter to strengthen the termite barrier. These holes will be filled with specific termiticides, creating a long-lasting poison barrier against termites. Installing a Particle Barrier- Depending on the soil type and nature of your building, exterminators will install a basaltic rock/sand to increase the termite barrier’s effectiveness.

Professional Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Protecting your home from termites with our experienced termite exterminators ensures the treatment is safe and effective for five years. Our licensed professionals will visit your construction site and liaise with construction management. They will inspect the site to identify the type and nature of the Soil to be treated. The site will be duly prepared for termite treatment, upon which wood will be pre-treated during construction. Our exterminators will then apply the rightful treatment in the construction area, and you can rest assured that your home is free from termite damage.

New structures should always be treated against termite infestations in the initial stages of construction. Treating the Soil before pouring the slab creates lasting protection against subterranean termites, saving you the money you would use to repair termite damages.

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