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Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control

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Updated: Oct. 15, 2023, 1:37 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

Silverfish are relatively harmless to humans. But nobody wants to wake up to this pesky pest trapped in their sink, bathroom, or bathtub- that's creeping! The unsightly appearance of silverfish alone is enough to scare 'you know what' out of anyone. 

These disgusting and unwanted creatures can invade your home for many reasons. For instance, they like to cozy up in warm, moist, and secluded places like inside food storage containers and in piles of books or newspapers. 

While DIY silverfish control, such as reducing moisture content, quickly dwindles their population, note that silverfish is a hardy insect, and DIY is not sufficient to control a severe infestation completely. 

What Is Silverfish?

Silverfish are nocturnal pests with a flattened long slender body, often measuring 1/2 or 1 inch. They have been described as one of the most common and annoying creatures that can invade a home. Besides their long bodies, you can quickly identify silverfish with their shimmery silver appearance. 

Their bodies are curved in such a way as to resemble your ordinary fish, and just like fish swimming through water, these disgusting pests stretch their bodies from one side to another when they move. 

Silverfish prefer places with high humidity, and you'll often find them in hot and moist areas like bathtubs. They are pretty shy and avoid well-lit areas, making it extremely hard to spot them. 

Note that these unsightly creatures can live up to 8 years! During this time, the female lays at least 2-20 eggs per day­­­, which means that a silverfish infestation can grow very rapidly. They deposit their eggs in the tiniest cracks and crevices within your home/attic. That, combined with their shyness, makes a silverfish infestation grow severe without you suspecting your presence. 

Perhaps you've noticed strange holes in the grains in your pantry? Or ugly holes in clothes, upholstery, and papers?______You may have silverfish. Consider calling a professional pest controller near me to get rid of the pest quickly and efficiently. 

Where Did The Silverfish In My House Come From?

Silverfish are an opportunist pest and can come into your home in numerous ways. Since they are pretty small and quick, silverfish easily slither through the tiny cracks in your foundation or gaps on walls. 

Outdoors, these shy pests prefer to live in the most secluded areas associated with heat and moisture, like under tree barks. They can also hitchhike on boxes, books, and other stored items in your house. 

Although relatively harmless to humans, you don't want these nuisance pests in your house for many reasons. As noted earlier, their population multiplies rapidly while causing property damage, especially at night when you can't see them. In addition, silverfish are perfect climbers, combine that with their lightning speed, and you'll never catch or kill them. 

What you will hate most about these primitive pests is their incredible resilience. Silverfish can survive for many weeks without feeding or drinking. And provided there is water; they can live up to 300 days without feeding. So if they feel threatened in your house, silverfish will rarely go away on their own. Instead, they will be happy to stay in hiding for a long, long time!

Why Do Silverfish Come Into My Home?

Silverfish are in constant search of warmth, food, and moisture. They can travel long distances to invade your home if these conditions are readily available. Silverfish especially love starch and proteins like grains, vegetables, fabrics, and sugary leftovers. 

They also love paper cellulose, in fact, they can never have enough of your books, toilet paper, and wall hangings. Why do silverfish frequent my bathroom? These annoying pests also feed on human skin. 

Our outer skin layer, aka epidermis, is mainly made up of dead cells. When using a towel after a shower, most of this skin falls off. Your dead skin plus moisture makes the bathroom a perfect place for silverfish. 

Do Silverfish Bite?

These multi-legged creatures, though creepy, do not bite. Most people believe that silverfish are venomous, but they aren't, and thanks to their weak jaws, silverfish can't bite or sting human skin. 

They are mainly harmless to humans and are not known to carry or spread diseases. Actually, silverfish would rather avoid any contact with humans at all costs, and besides your fallen skin, they are not interested in anything else about you!

These shy insects will scurry into hiding as soon as they sense your presence. Flipping on your bathroom lights will also send silverfish running super fast into cracks and crevices. As a matter of fact, you're more likely to hurt yourself when chasing after a silverfish than the insect hurting you. 

How To Keep Silverfish Away From Your Home 

The best way to keep silverfish away from your home is by eliminating all factors favorable to their survival. You can get rid of all sources of excess moisture, for instance, by fixing faulty plumbing and repairing leaks. 

Because silverfish love places with excess humidity, you can use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture content within your house. Silverfish infestations thrive in places with high humidity levels between 75-95%. So you might want to ensure the humidity in your home is well below 50% and ensure proper air circulation. 

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish 

It's quite natural for most people to want to get rid of silverfish on their own. And that's okay because silverfish are pretty harmless indoor invaders. In addition, eliminating silverfish is not hard ___just a few elimination and prevention tips, and you should see effective results in removing and keeping silverfish away from your home altogether. 

For instance, you can set sticky traps strategically in places where silverfish frequent. They'll crawl and get stuck on it. Alternatively, you can use silverfish poison in their activity areas (but that's only an option if you don't have pets or children around. 

Another effective silverfish removal method is preparing a cedar oil spray by adding some water in a spray bottle and mixing it with cedar oil to treat infested areas. 

Professional Silverfish Control

But trying to get rid of silverfish on your own can result in a lot of anxiety and frustration. Silverfish are a persistent pest that can hide in the hardest-to-reach places thanks to their small size, lightning speed, and incredible climbing skills. 

For these reseasons, silverfish removal is best done by a pest control professional near me. Pest experts have been in the field for years, and they have the necessary skills and equipment to thoroughly inspect your home or business to determine the cause and level of infestation. They will then customize the most effective treatment plan to eliminate the invaders and prevent chances of re-infestations. 

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