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  • June 5, 2024

There is a high possibility of tiny particles of sand settling in stored water tanks. Sand particles have a high density, enabling them to settle quickly within a few seconds of the water disturbance. Therefore, sand sediment cleaning is very crucial for good health.

Over the years, water tank cleaning has become more manageable thanks to the fast machine movements and filter check-up frequency. Great care is required to eliminate and dispose of collected sand from the water tank cleaning machines. 

Preparing Water Tank for Cleaning.

We inspect the activities at the water tank base. If need be, a diver will be sent into the storage tank to ascertain the situation.

  • Dewatering

A keen eye will notice sand particles and algae growth settled on the water storage tank floor and sidewalls. We will first dewater the tank using a powerful machine to clean it while ensuring that the sand particles below remain undisturbed.

Professional Water Tank Cleaning Process 

  • Removing the Sludge

A sophisticated sanction process will be used to eliminate the dirty sludge, algae, and sand sediments on the tank's floor.

  • Wall Scrubbing

This step involves manually scrubbing the water tank walls' insides to remove dirt smudges and all algae growth. 

  • High-Pressure Rotary Jet

The high-pressure rotary jet will be used to most hygienically rid the tank floor and walls of sludge and algae. When exerted at such a high pressure, the water dislodges the dirt layers stuck onto the tank walls. The availability of oxygen and wetness creates breeding sites for germs and disease-causing bacteria in the tank. This cleaning eliminates breeding areas and leaves the tank free of disease-causing organisms.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

The floor of the water storage tank is then cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner that removes every speck of dirt. The industrial vacuum cleaner also sucks out all the residual mud and dirt to leave the tank floor sparkling clean. 

  •  Antibacterial Spray

To stabilize your water tank, we will treat the floor and the inner walls using specially designed antibacterial sprays. These sprays are eco-friendly and safe for use. They are powerfully effective against all pathogens and will make your drinking water tanks wholly safe and free from harmful bacteria.

  •  UV Radiation Treatment

UV Radiation is the last and very crucial stage of water tank cleaning. The specially developed UV radiator treats the tank's sides to kill all floating and suspending bacteria elements, if any.

Importance of Water Tank Inspection and cleaning

  • Over time, algae growth, sand, and sediments accumulate on the floor of a water tank. These sediments build up to become a conducive harbor spot for bacteria, microorganisms, and dangerous viruses. Regular tank inspection and cleaning are thus very crucial if good health is a concern for you.
  • The kitchen often uses stored water to cook and clean vegetables and utensils. Unlike contaminated water, sediment-free water is good for our health and gives better cleaning results. 
  • Water stored in tanks is used for laundry, eye washing, and bathing. To keep your skin healthy and replenished, ensure only sediment-free water gets into contact with your body, directly or indirectly. 
  • Contaminated water will often corrode and block the piping and water purification systems. Getting rid of sediments from your water storage tanks ensures better life, better performance, and good health for these systems. 
  • The presence of sediments, algae, and harmful sludge allows bacteria and viruses to grow. Water stored in such a tank is unhealthy and risky; thus, regularly cleaning your storage tanks ensures your good health and that of your loved ones. 
  • Water containing sludge and sediment deposits produces a bad smell. Often, this is a sign of contaminated water. Unless such a tank is cleaned correctly by a professional, the water remains unsafe for use. 

When done by a trained professional, water tank cleaning takes a few minutes to get done successfully. Sedimclean cleaning machines allow the usage of stored water even when the cleaning process is ongoing. Our professionals ensure your tank remains free from harmful chemicals by using user-friendly machines and avoiding chemicals during the cleaning. 

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