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Termite Treatment in Nairobi

Termite Treatment in Nairobi

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Updated: Oct. 14, 2023, 11:01 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

Termite infestation is a serious property threat that demands attention from a licensed pest control expert. Termites are one of the worst property-destroying pests in Nairobi that are giving homeowners sleepless nights. If not controlled or exterminated by an experienced exterminator, termites can cause very expensive damage daily. This is especially true because termites mostly remain undetected until the damage is too severe to be repaired. An experienced pest controller will help you prevent, treat, and exterminate termite infestations efficiently to avoid unnecessary costs of repairing termite damages.

Why and When Do Termites Appear?

Termites are wood chewers and very troublesome insect pests to exterminate. Termites will seek refuge in your home if the temperatures there are warmer and moist than that in their natural habitats. The mere presence of wooden structures like cabinets, closets, and drawers is enough to attract and draw termites into your home. More so, human activities like moving untreated furniture, firewood, and other wooden materials can move termites for long distances into your home.  

While wood is the major reason for termite infestations in homes, it is necessary to note that different termites have different preferences. A termite exterminator will examine the type and nature of termites infesting your home. The exterminator will also ascertain the conditions that are inviting the pests to your premises. They will then counsel you on the best methods of minimizing such conditions to prevent infestations. 

What Attracts Termites Into Your Home?

Some human activities like improper garbage disposal can cause a massive termite infestation that will quickly destroy and devalue your home without your noticing. For homeowners to prevent termite invasions, they must first understand what could be inviting the termites into their homes, termite food sources, and ways of eliminating such sources. Home conditions that may attract termites include:

  • Wood- Wood is a major source of food for all termites. Piling wood or storing firewood at home will readily invite termites, giving them comfortable access to your property. Termites will quickly move from the piled-up wood into house furniture and important structures. They will quietly destroy your structures, and by the time it become visible to you, the damage will be very extreme. Hence, property owners should regularly inspect their homes for termites and contact a pest control expert immediately if they suspect termites in their property and rotting plants are a good food source for termites. The presence of such stumps or trees in your yard will draw termites, and they will quickly move from the foliage into the warmth of your house where they will attack and damage untreated furniture and wooden structures. 
  • Tree branches and trees- Trees growing close to your property may cost you expensive termite damage. Branches stretching towards your house and leaves lying on your roof will easily draw termites into your home. They provide an easy passage for termites from beneath the soil. Such trees should be maintained and trimmed regularly. 
  • Clogged Gutters- Once the gutters in your home get clogged by fallen leaves and twigs, the moisture present causes them to rot. This attracts termites, and while in the gutters, they can easily penetrate your home.  

How to Keep Termites Away

When it comes to baring termite invasions, there are no 100% effective DIY ways other than having an experienced exterminator treat your entire home. An exterminator is properly trained to do a thorough termite inspection in your home to ascertain the type and level of termite threat that you may be exposed to. However, homeowners must adopt the safety steps below to reduce the chances and risks of drawing termites into their property. 

  • Eliminate all foliage and dead/rotting wood 
  • Store pilled wood a good distance from your house and raise well above the ground
  • Keep vegetation and trees well-trimmed and a good distance from your house
  • Keep your property, especially wooden structures dry and free of moisture. 
  • Clean your gutters often to avoid clogging.

Signs of Termite Infestation

It is specifically hard for homeowners to detect a termite invasion. This is because termites have a behavior of remaining concealed in wooden structures at home and quietly destroying them.  Most homeowners only realize the infestation when the colony has grown massive and insurmountable damage has already been done. However, we have compiled the most obvious signs that will alert you of a possible invasion upon which you should contact a pest control expert immediately for help. 

  • Wings- Termites shed off swarmer wings while in search of a new hiding spot. If you come across such wings in your house or yard, then chances are, you will deal with a possible termite infestation.
  • Feces Droppings- If you notice small droppings that resemble salt or pepper and are wood-colored, termites might be lurking nearby. Termite feces will mostly be located in spots where termites are nesting and feasting on wood. A keen inspection of that area will lead you to exactly where the termites are hiding. 
  • Termite Tubes- Some termite species like the subterranean termites live beneath the soil. These termites create protective mud tubes that keep them safe from predators and harsh environmental conditions. The mud tubes also serve as a safe pathway for the termite colony into your house to their food source. Termite tubes and mounds are a major sign of termites that should have you contact a pest control company immediately for professional help. 
  • Clicking Sounds- Listen in silently to the wooden surfaces in your home, you might actually hear the clicking sounds of termites as they munch on your hard-earned property. Termites make a lot of noise when chewing on your wooden structures.  
  • Damaged Wood- This is the most obvious sign that you are under a termite invasion. Termites hide in the wood and munch on it from the inside out. It is not easy to notice when your wood is damaged. However, the wood will become very weak, and hollow, and when you tap on it, you will hear hollow sounds of emptiness inside. You must contact a pest exterminator immediately lest you be left with costly property damage. 

Where Do Termites Hide in Your Home?

Most homeowners do not realize termites have been infested, and they are already destroying their homes. Termites have a distinctive way of concealing themselves in wood or walls. While it is very difficult to detect termite activities in your home, you should keep a keen eye on the following termite hiding spots while doing your regular termite inspection. 

  • Wooden floors
  • Wooden structures 
  • Near window sills and doors
  • The foundation of your building is where it joins the soil. 

Which Is The Best Termite Treatment?

Your home is a very valuable and expensive investment earned through hard work, sweat, and a lot of sacrifices. While termites are a great risk to this investment, you must be proactive by having a termite exterminator treat all your assets and prevent damages. Termite treatment is only effective if you call the best pest control company in Nairobi to efficiently control the termites and create a barrier for future infestations. 

Professional Termite Treatment

Let the professionals handle your termite trouble. Our experienced termite exterminators offer the best eradication services in Nairobi. They have been trained to apply the most effective authorized chemicals and the latest equipment to exterminate termites from your home. Upon visiting your premises, they will embark on a detailed inspection of your entire home and yard to ascertain the type and level of termite infestation being treated. They will then recommend the best treatment that ensures your home remains termite-free with no chances of future re-infestations. 

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