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Professional Fumigation Services in Thika.

Professional Fumigation Services in Thika.

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Updated: Oct. 15, 2023, 12:57 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

Our long-term commitment is to give you the ultimate fumigation services for residential and commercial properties in Thika, Kenya. Our highly skilled technicians are trained in the recent fumigation methodologies and dynamic requirements. We provide the most courteous and reliable fumigation services possible. 

Whether you need immediate cargo/commodity fumigation, pest control fumigation, home fumigation, office fumigation, or school fumigation, our fully insured technicians are readily armed with the latest inspection and fumigation equipment. Get your property and loved ones protected with great expertise, reliable solutions, and commitment. 

  • Pest Control Fumigation in Thika

Our technicians will exterminate all types of pests in a single visit. We take our time to thoroughly inspect your property and understand the pest problem before doing any fumigation. We guarantee safety and total pest extermination upon fumigation. We don’t stop there. It is our business to ensure your premises are protected from any chances of future infestations. 

  • Commodity Fumigation Services in Thika

Raw ingredients and stored food products like dried grains are susceptible to attacks by storage pests. Rafiki Pest Control provides a very specialized fumigation service to protect your valuable commodities and products from costly pest-related damages. We fumigate to protect commodities before being transported, containerized, and before shipment. 

  • Home Fumigation Services in Thika

It does not matter the size or location of your home. Our technicians will safely fumigate your structure and keep you protected from viruses and pests. Fumigation is the best way to kill pests and eliminate germs and viruses from your home fast. Whether you have termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents, mosquitoes, flies, or stubborn ants, we will get rid of them in a single visit. Fumigation disinfecting agent reaches all hidden areas. They penetrate all nooks and crannies to achieve highly effective disinfection results.  

  • Office Fumigation Services in Thika.

We pride in providing high-standard office fumigation services that are neat, dry, and odorless in Thika, Kenya. Protect your staff and boost their performance with a clean environment that is free from pests and viruses. When done correctly by a reputable pest control company, fumigation guarantees to entirely rid your office of viruses and pests.

  • Professional Car Fumigation Services in Thika.

  • In just a few minutes, we will fumigate and sanitize your vehicle. Fumigation is the most effective car protection from viruses, and it kills and controls all insects hidden within the car. We only use registered chemicals that neither leave odor nor stains behind. The chemicals are 100% effective and safe for domestic use. We will leave your car safe, spotless, and with a pleasant fragrance. 

  • Professional School Fumigation Services in Thika.

It is very easy for viruses, germs, and pests to spread quickly within the school premises. Our business is to keep all students and the entire school fraternity safe. We do rapid disinfection and sanitization of all classrooms, offices, dormitories, libraries, hall rooms, and washrooms to create a safe learning space for students. Our school fumigation services in Thika are highly effective. We give fast treatment solutions to control pests and combat airborne viruses and bacteria.

Why Us?

  • We are accredited and Licensed to Fumigate- We are a licensed pest control company, fully accredited to fumigate and exterminate pests and viruses. Rafiki Pest Control Company provides an exclusive range of fumigation services. Our technicians have been in the fumigation business for years now. They provide the best fumigation services, including termite control, mosquito control, rodent control, bed bug control, cleaning, and sanitization among others.
  • Professionalism- Professional fumigation takes a frontline role in eliminating pests and deadly viruses. Being an essential service that can potentially result in health risks, we ensure fumigation is done with great caution and utmost professionalism for the best results. All our technicians are certified to fumigate. They must wear full PPEs during the process. We leave your home spotlessly clean with neither stains nor taints. 
  • Safety First- Our clients’ safety comes first. We recognize that the fumes/gases released during fumigation are highly toxic. Hence, everybody present at the site is advised on the best precautionary measures to undertake. Absolutely no one is allowed at the site during fumigation. Re-entry into the treated structure is strictly not allowed until the technician confirms that the site is completely safe.  
  • Cost-effective- Our industrial fumigation, residential fumigation, and commercial fumigation services are highly efficient, safe, and the most cost-effective. It would be useless to perform simple and basic fumigation in places where the infestation level is huge and full-blown. Hence, we provide comprehensive, trouble-free fumigation services while ensuring your complete satisfaction at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Experience and Advanced Equipment- We have been a leading pest control company providing effective fumigation services in Thika, Kenya for over 10 years now.  Over these years, we have established a reputation and maintained value as a provider of high-quality and effective solutions. We continue to invest in the latest equipment, machinery, methodologies, and employee training. We have enjoyed a steady growth of our customer base as our services are reliable, high quality, and ensure effective results. 

How Long Does Professional Fumigation Treatment Take?

The process of fumigating your home, office, or school may take from seven hours to 7days depending on the nature of the infestation, level of infestation, size of your premises, and other determining factors. 

What Should I Expect Before My House is Fumigated?

Gases released during fumigation are lethal and potentially fatal. Therefore, everybody, including pets, plants, seedlings, and animals must be taken out of the structure. All medicines must be also be removed, and any foods must be sealed well in airtight containers or better still, have them removed from the structure. 

Ask your fumigator any questions regarding the fumigation process to ensure your complete satisfaction. The fumigator will also ask you a few questions regarding your structure to ensure your safety and that of your adjacent neighbors. You will also be required to sign a fumigation notice provided by your pest control company. The notice states: the pest being fumigated, chemical(s) to be applied, and the caution statement. 

When is it Safe to Re-enter a Structure after it Has Been Fumigated?

Exposure to fumigants can result in serious health risks and even death. No one should enter the fumigated building until it is officially declared safe for re-entry by the fumigating company. 

Fumigation is the fastest and most effective method used to combat viruses and germs. It is highly effective in pest control as it kills pests in all their stages and helps check their spread from one place to another. Fumigation, however, is a very lethal process that can turn fatal. Therefore, we highly recommend that fumigation be left to licensed and insured pest control professionals.  

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