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  • June 5, 2024

Have you been spending money time after time on pest control services? And you probably aren’t getting your desired results. If so, below are the three most crucial facts about professional pest control services that every homeowner should know before hiring any pest control company.

Three Most Crucial Facts a Homeowner Should Know About Professional Pest Control Services

  • Before hiring pest control services, thoroughly research the company’s background, online reviews, and reputation. Hiring certified and highly trained professionals from a licensed pest control company will save you money and time. This is contrary to the case where a homeowner randomly hires a pest controller who does a substandard job. And they end up hiring another company that will have to fix the problem created by the first company.
  • Pest professionals must be friendly and apt at all times. The technician is responsible for protecting your family and property from pest dangers.
  • The professional must do a complete inspection of your entire office or home before any treatment. They must determine the exact species of pest infesting and the infestation level. At the end of the inspection, they should present you with a detailed report, including the safest yet highly effective treatment options for the problem. 
  • A pest expert must effectively and efficiently treat the identified pest problem. Always select a trustworthy company to protect your loved ones and your home. 

How Do I Select the Best Pest Control Company?

Pests are not just a nuisance but health hazards for you and your family. Contact a pest control professional immediately if you suspect pest activities around your home. The professional shall inspect, identify, and treat the problem while preventing chances of future re-infestations. 

Five Tips to Help You Choose the Most Professional Pest Control Company for Your Home:

  • The most crucial step when choosing a pest control company is to inquire and ask questions such as:
  1. Are there varying pest control methods?
  2. How much should I pay for the services?
  3. What kind of chemicals does the company use?
  • Consider working with a company that cares about the environment. One that uses the latest techniques and methodologies to ensure total pest extermination. 
  • Evaluate a pest control company that is licensed and registered. Professionals from such companies are committed and usually use minimal authentic and safe chemicals for your family. 
  • Before signing any contract, ensure you fully understand the household pest to be treated, the infestation extent, and the necessary treatment course to solve the problem. 
  • You are paying for professional knowledge. Therefore, hire a firm whose judgment and results you can trust. 

Are Professional Pest Control Services Worth your Money?

Someone whom a highly professional company has serviced would tell you this, “Buy Value, Not Price.” Going for the cheapest company might not always solve your problem. Cheap is expensive, and so are cheap pest control services.

Cheap services always end up being relatively more expensive. They do not solve the problem. Instead, they make it worse. You must call another pest control company to solve the predominant pest problem and the mess the previous pest controller created. 

Did you know that DIY pest control may be too high? A DIY plan may seem inexpensive compared to paying for the services, but remember that most DIYers need to be more professional. DIY pest control may require that you keep buying pest control supplies more than once to eliminate the problem. This method does not protect your home from chances of future re-infestations. Therefore, pests will keep returning, and you must keep re-treating your home.

Working with a professional will save you both money and time. Professionals are always up-to-date on the country’s regulations and the latest, safest treatment solutions. Each of the chemicals in the market today targets specific pest species. A professional will first identify the species causing you problems for error-free treatment and protection. 

A certified professional will use educational knowledge and years’ worth of experience to treat and keep your home protected. They will work closely with you to achieve satisfying results. So yes, professional pest control services are worth every dime. 

The Best Pest Control Company in Kenya.

Thorough research from Google reviews, recommendations, and analysis on services, products, response time, policies, and prices were done to compile the list below. 

Rafiki Pest Control

Rafiki pest control is one of the biggest pest control companies in Kenya. With extensive coverage throughout the country, the company has a very high rating for exterminating all pest types and a comprehensive protection plan for homes and businesses. It’s widespread in Mombasa, Thika, Nairobi, Kisumu, Kiambu, Nakuru, Eldoret, and many other locations, thus making it the best local company for anyone looking to work closely with their pest control providers. The company considers all your budget needs and guarantees 100% effective results in pest treatment and commercial and domestic cleaning. Shopping for pest control and crop care products is possible through their online shop, and the products are delivered nationwide. This company proves you need not sweat it to get professional solutions.

Here is Why You Should Only Get Your Services from Rafiki Pest Control

  • Competitive Prices - Rafiki Pest Control puts all your budget needs into consideration. We write all our customers non-obligatory quotes. All prices have been tailored to meet your budget so that you can comfortably enjoy a safe, clean, and pest-free environment without any strains.
  •  Reliable and Timely- We are apt at all times. You can reach us with your most urgent needs, and we will be there in time to save the day. Our calls are on 24/7. Rest assured that we will promptly respond to all your cleaning, pest control, and fumigation needs. 
  • DIY Pest Control- We will guide you through all your DIY pest control needs. We will be with you each step of controlling the pests by yourself to ensure you get the best results per your expectations. To ensure your DIY plan is 100% effective, we have stalked all our stores near you with the most authentic and registered pest control products that are highly effective. 
  • Creativity and Innovations- We are always up-to-date with the latest and safest pest control methods. With the latest technology, we have remained ahead of the pest control and cleaning industry to ensure we give you nothing but the best. 
  • Eco-friendly solutions- We care about the environment and the natural habitat. Thus, we ensure that all the pest chemicals and products our technicians use are environmentally friendly and safe for domestic use. We appreciate the use of minimal chemicals during treatments and implement natural pest control measures in all possible cases upon evaluation. 

When selecting a pest control company for your home/office, consider all your wants, budget, and requirements. Do a thorough research online to ensure you only get the best results. Otherwise, you can have a friend recommend a company that will give you value for your money.

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