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  • June 6, 2024

People prefer an excellent hotel with top-quality services and good meals Whenever they want to eat out or spend time away from home. Be it a five-star hotel, a luxurious one, or a simple hotel. It must be able to meet all the safety needs of its customers.

We understand that hotels are susceptible to pest infestations. Your hotel must, therefore, remain protected against pest infestations at all times. If an infestation occurs, your hotel deserves the best pest control services from experts who know that hotel pest control is more than spraying pesticides and setting 'traps' around.

Our Hotel Pest Control Program

Hotel pest control is a susceptible process that must be handled carefully and carefully. Being highly vulnerable to pest attacks, hotel owners must find a reputable, experienced, and licensed pest Control Company that will customize an efficient pest solution. Customizing your pest solution with us ensures that your hotel gets the exact type of pest control program it needs. 

All hotels must have a systemic, well-written pest control program that ensures the protection of its customers and food safety. Our Hotel pest control program is a thorough stand-alone process designed to address every possible cause of an infestation in your hotel. It emphasizes treating the infestation effectively and protecting your premises against such infestations in the future.

The Inspection

Inspections are always the first and most crucial step of an efficient pest control program. During the inspection period, you gather all the essential details that determine what kind of pest treatment is suitable for exterminating the infestation. The highly susceptible nature of hotels requires that inspections be done weekly. Regular inspections will detect any signs of a possible pest attack early enough before it spreads to your customers. These checks are tedious tasks that are better off left to the professional. Our technicians are trained to discover all pest-hiding spots and the possible harborage areas in your hotel that might encourage pest activities. At the end of the inspection, the technicians will present you with a carefully written analysis, listing all problem areas within the hotel.  

Preventive Measures.

Regular inspections will reveal every risk and pest problem in your hotel. The technician will know all the exact steps to address the risks before they become a distressing problem. Depending on the situation, the technician will apply protective measures such as exclusion and training your staff to meet specific hygiene standards. Exclusion involves sealing all cracks and crevices and blocking openings that might let in pests from the outside or allow spread within the hotel. These structural maintenance measures will secure all pest entry points and keep the pests away while maintaining high hygiene standards to eliminate all pest food sources. 

Objective Identifications.

All pests do not behave in the same way. Pest control service providers must undergo specific training in pest identification and unique behaviors. Our professional pest controllers will identify the pests causing problems during the inspection. Identification is mandatory because different pests require different types of treatment. Accurate pest identification is essential for a safe and successful treatment that does not harm non-target organisms.


Accurately identifying the pest causing trouble is a significant step for any successful pest management plan. But, there is more to the identification. The technicians must find out why the pest is in your hotel, how it gained access, and from where. If conditions in the hotel encourage pest activities, the technician will know how to eliminate or minimize them. Your delivered supplies will be inspected for any signs of imported risks of infestation. Upon this analysis, our technicians will take the proper steps in pest control,

Pest Treatment Selection

We can accurately select the best course of treatment to be taken as soon as the pest type causing trouble has been identified. We appreciate that it is inadequate to depend on one kind of pest control method, either chemical or non-chemical. Therefore, our technicians will combine several control methods in all the right places to receive the best pest control results. They will only apply the least volatile formulations of chemical treatments in the specific areas where non-chemical methods prove inappropriate. Using non-chemical control methods eliminates pests with the least risk of food contamination and safety. During audit time, your hotel will get higher pest control scores thanks to utilizing non-chemical methods effectively. Our technicians will present a well-written summary of the treatment methods, responsible technicians, outline instructions, monitoring frequency, and all activities carried out at the end of every treatment. 

Monitoring Frequency

Pest management is an ongoing process. Frequently monitoring your hotel for pest activities will help to protect it against infestations. Infestation threats will also be discovered early; the exterminator will eliminate them before reaching your customers. To make this program more efficient, we will train all hotel staff to look for signs of pest threats for early elimination. 


Your restaurant must have accurate and up-to-date pest management documentation. Efficient pest control, pest activities, and all corrective actions must be included. Rafiki Pest Control ensures you have this documentation ready to give you a good score whenever the food safety auditors visit. 

Our Pest Control and Management Guide

Our pest control and management guide is highly effective and completely safe for public health and the environment. Food safety is our priority when it comes to hotel pest treatment. We appreciate the latest technology, equipment, and pest control methodologies that ensure the safe and complete extermination of pests such as:

  • Rodents
  • Flies
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Bird pests 

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Some highly luxurious and hygienic hotels have reported cases of bed bug infestations. Bugs have a way to almost every place on earth. They only need a victim to transport them in an infested bag, luggage, books, or even their clothes. Now, because you can't stop each of your customers at the entrance of your hotel to inspect if they are infested (it'd be very uncomfortable, and they'd never return), there's only one way to protect them and your staff from a horrible bed bug experience. A licensed and experienced pest control company will address any bug situation, exterminate an infestation effectively, and protect your hotel from future risks of bug invasions.

Bed Bug Control Method 

Because bugs are stubborn to exterminate, we combine various treatments and pest control methods. Our methods are thorough and will eliminate the infestation in a single visit. 

  1. Heat Treatment- To eliminate the bugs, a pest controller knows the exact amount of heat to set for every infested surface, room, or item. Bugs will die when exposed to certain degrees (115-123 degrees Fahrenheit) for a set period. Mature bugs will need 20 minutes of heat exposure to die, while bug eggs need 80 minutes to be eradicated. 
  2. Mattress Encasement- We have the proper mattress encasement to protect you from these blood-sucking pests. Our technicians will install the encasement properly to envelop and seal the infested mattress completely. The bugs will remain trapped inside with nothing to feed on and eventually die of starvation. 
  3. Openings Injection- We will inject the most effective treatment into the cracks and crevices where bugs may be harboring and breeding. 
  4. Spot Treatment- Spot treatment is a convenient solution to getting rid of bed bug infestations. We will apply eco-friendly treatments in all infested places to exterminate bugs in all their stages.

Pest Control For Fleas

Sometimes, fleas can attack a hotel. These itchy insects can ruin visitors' experience while damaging your reputation offline and on social media. The visitors can bring fleas into your hotel through infested bags, luggage, or clothing. It's best if your hotel has a well-laid-out pest control and management plan.

Fleas Control Method

Our professionals can get rid of the fleas in a single visit. Professional hotel flea treatment involves preparing all hotel rooms, deep vacuuming, and laundering. The treatment method varies depending on the type of fleas being treated and how big the infestation is. All our treatment methods are designed to kill fleas in all their development stages, from eggs to adults. 

Pest Control for Flies

House flies, fruit flies, blowflies, and drain flies can be a big problem for hotel owners. They have easy access to the hotel through the tiniest cracks, crevices, vents, and open doors. You'll often see them in places with a good food supply, like the kitchen, service, and food preparation areas. Any food odors within the hotel will also attract these heath-hazard and unhygienic pests.

Flies Control Method

Flies control and prevention begin with maintaining high standards of food hygiene. Our professional fly control and treatment method involves using a combination of measures that ensure the complete elimination of flies from the hotel. 

  • Exclusion- All cracks, crevices, openings, and vents are sealed to prevent the entry of flies into the hotel. 
  • Restriction- High hygiene standards help keep flies off and destroy all their breeding sites. 
  • Treatment- The treatment depends on the type of flies being controlled and the infestation level. Our eco-friendly treatments ensure the total elimination of the fly population in the hotel. 
  • UV Lights- Flies are attracted to UV Lights a lot. Using UV rays to capture, kill, and contain flies has been one of our most successful fly control methods. The UV lights usually attract the flies and other flying insects into the trap, where they are killed by electrocution.  

What Services Do We Offer?

Risk Assessment

Complete inspections will be conducted in all the specified areas to identify the type of pests and their pathways and determine every risk management option. The following steps define our restaurant pest risk assessment. 

  • A thorough inspection to identify the specific type of pest, their behaviors, and pathways that pose a potential pest hazard. 
  • Categorizing particular pests to determine who/what is likely to be harmed and the economic consequences of such a risk. 
  • Evaluating the possible pest entry areas and determining the most effective precautionary method to be applied. 
  • Identifying management methods that will minimize pest threats.
  • An accurate record of all data
  • Reviewing and updating pest risk assessment. 

Staff Training On Practical Pest Management and Control

Training staff on pest management and control methods helps minimize the application of toxic chemicals to exterminate infestations. Educating them on the best pest responses and preventive measures reduces pest threats and protects your hotel's reputation. Our customized pest management staff training is thorough and geared towards protecting your business.

  • Training Sessions- Training sessions allow staff/employees to interact freely with pest control experts. We build a team that will stay ahead of pest attacks from all corners of the hotel. During these sessions, all staff members are trained comprehensively and equipped with the necessary skills to detect early signs of pest threats. Because employees interact with every corner of the hotel daily, they should be armed with essential pest management and control skills. They will be educated on pest hot spots, conducive environments for them to thrive, and what to look out for. Building a comfortable relationship between the technicians and your employees is imperative in successful pest management. They will be free and comfortable communicating any issues for an effective solution. 
  • Assigning Roles- Employees must come on board for a successful, undisrupted pest management program. Employees will be mandated with specific responsibilities upon training to ensure a pest-free environment. The responsibilities assigned will depend on the employee's daily duties in the hotel. For instance, a chef will be trained on the hygienic and pest-safe ways to handle food and carry out activities in the kitchen area. They will be trained to monitor pest activities in the kitchen to give thorough feedback.
  • Continued Education- Unfortunately, pest behaviors are not constant. They change now and then. Therefore, your employees will need continued education to remain proficient in the imperative pest management program (IPM). Besides, employees will be issued with pest sighting memos. They will record sighted pests, pest activities, and conducive pest areas. These records will be given to the technicians for the necessary response.

Fumigation Services  

Fumigation services efficiently eliminate stubborn pests, prevent their spread, and put the risk of damage on the edge. Our fumigation services are highly effective in eradicating a broad range of pests in all their stages:

  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Bed bugs
  • Roaches
  • Ticks
  • Termites, among others. 

DIY Hotel Pest Control Products

Hotel owners can now control all kinds of pests effectively by themselves. We have stocked all our stores near you with the most powerfully effective pest control products that are eco-friendly and licensed by the Kenya Pest Control Products Board. Each product has a simple 'how to apply' guide for the best pest control results. You can also have your products delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is order through our online shop. The products will be delivered in less than 2 hours.

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