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Types of mosquito mesh

Two mosquito mesh types are Aluminium shutter mosquito nets and Magnetic mosquito screens.

What is an Aluminium shutter mosquito mesh?

An aluminum shutter mosquito net is a fiberglass mesh surrounded by an aluminum frame that keeps disease-causing insects, crawling, and wild animals away from homes, such as mosquitoes that cause malaria.

Available colors for Aluminium Shutters


Aluminum shutter blinds are powder coated to any of these four standard colors, which one is at liberty to choose from here at Rafiki Pest Control;

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Grey

What are the properties of aluminum shutter mosquito mesh?

Combining different high-quality and cost-effective materials helps ensure the final product can be used. Materials used in building and designing aluminum shutter mosquito nets include;


Fiberglass is a plastic material of woven glass filaments embedded in a resin matrix. Some of the benefits of fiberglass include;


Fiberglass is a very stable material because it does not shrink or stretch when exposed to very high or very low temperatures caused by seasonal changes.

Resistance to moisture

The environment has always consisted of a percentage of moisture. There is moisture in the atmosphere, which some materials can absorb. Contrary to that, fiberglass is resistant to moisture and does not absorb moisture at any given time.

Very high strength-to-weight ratio

This property of fiberglass makes it a better option for use in applications where the least weight and higher strength are important or required.


Different factors come into play for the decomposition of materials to take place, such as moisture, 

and infestation by rodents or insects, among others. Fortunately, these factors do not affect fiberglass and will not rot or decay.


Aluminium is an abundant metal on the earth's surface used to design, construct, and model different materials. 

Materials made with aluminum can be used either in their original state or a combination of aluminum with other metals, materials, and so forth.

Glossy surface finish

Having a glossy surface adds to a presentable outlook and a luxurious feel, which is needed to blend in with the theme of your home.

The glossy texture removes tough stains caused by grease, dust, or food spillage.

Why you should use an aluminum shutter?

When investing in equipment such as this, one needs value for their money. Therefore, much goes into seeing the brighter side of the equipment's benefits rather than flaws. Other than that, when one decides to invest in equipment, one must be assured that it will, without a doubt, perform its duty.

Fortunately, this product will be the best investment one could ever agree to be involved in because of the following reasons;

The aluminum shutter is lightweight and durable.

Aluminum shutter, as the name suggests, contains aluminum, a very light metal with a density of 2.7kg per dm3 compared to other metals like steel. 

It is, in fact, more durable since it is naturally resistant to corrosion and abrasion, giving it a longer lifespan. 

Saves money on energy bill

Aluminum shutters are mostly used in the interior since they are a good source of insulation in homes or commercial buildings. Energy is saved because it prevents cold air from blowing through once shut. 

During warm seasons, one can easily open the shutters and let in the cold breeze to keep the environment cool. 

Provide privacy

The shutters are a good way of protecting one's home and property from prying eyes and will give you a sense of comfort and freedom because they improve privacy.

Some people prefer not to use curtains to prevent the outside world from knowing what takes place inside one's home. Another way of dealing with this is installing aluminum shutter mosquito mesh. 

They also protect homes and their owners from burglary attacks by providing tight security from strong and impenetrable shutters. 


Many places allow or require aluminum shutter mosquito mesh, such as windows, decks, outdoor kitchen areas, patios, and balconies. From the examples, it is clear to see that aluminum shutters are a great idea for outdoor spaces.

Easy to maintain

Aluminum, being a metal, is very resistant to rust and corrosion. This quality comes in handy when used to make shutters that constantly interact with the outside environment containing moisture and salt. Humidity and salt provide a climate conducive to rusting and corrosion in many metals. Luckily, they do not affect aluminumAluminium.

The shutters are easily cleaned using a soft cloth and soapy water, then hose down with clean water. Maintainance should be done whenever you notice an accumulation of dust and grime forming on the surface of the shutters or during routine cleaning.

Benefits of using Aluminium shutters

Some of the benefits of using aluminum shutters correspond to the advantages of using magnetic mosquito screens, and they are;

Strong and light bars

Aluminium is the metal used to make the shutters and is a relatively light metal. However, the property of being light does not mean that it is weak and can be broken easily. Contrary to that, aluminum is very strong, thus making the shutters strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Non-corrosive and waterproof

Non-corrosiveness stems from the fact that the shutters are made of aluminum. Aluminium is a metal that is not easily corroded because, during oxidization, it forms a layer that prevents chemical reactions.

Durable and Robust

These shutters can last up to a year because they are mixed with other metals like steel, which adds to the strength of the shutters, and a natural barrier, Aluminium. In addition, it is the direction of constantly dusting the light to maintain its appearance.

It comes in a variety of shapes.

Aluminum shutters are readily available in different sizes and shapes, making them convenient. They also come in various colors and frame styles, which is safe to say that whatever you desire, we've got you covered.

Easy to install

Because they are lightweight, they reduce the energy put into placing them on windows.

Additionally, it is easy to design, cut, and fit the shutters on the windows.


The end product of aluminum shutters always looks expensive, especially when you come across pictures of homes with aluminum shutters. Fortunately, that is not the case because it is the cheapest option one could resort to.

Luxurious feel

Aluminum shutters have a modern and stylish look but thrive in luxuriously decorated households or offices. All this stems from how the shutters are designed to be sleek and shiny. 

Increases the kitchen's overall look and feel

Trendy designs pop up often, and searching for the perfect design that speaks to your soul gets a little tedious. The easiest and most economical way to upgrade the value of your home is by incorporating shutters into your kitchen design. Shutters ultimately level up the kitchen's look into a modern, stylish, attractive, and tidy space that provides a clutter-free and well-spaced kitchen with ample storage units for your foods, cutlery, and utensils.

Easy maintenance

Other window coverings in the kitchen are hard to clean, especially when grease or food splatters on them during cooking time. It is difficult to clean, especially when the grease and food remnants dry up, and to imagine it is not a one-time job makes one feel exhausted and lack the zeal to be creative with their recipes. However, shutters do not require so much labor, force, and detergent to clean because a couple of swipes and the grease and food remnants disappear. In addition, the exceptional steadiness and strength of the shutters hold them in place when cleaning.

Aluminum shutters for windows

Unlike sliding doors that use magnetic mosquito screens to keep insects and mosquitoes away, windows should use aluminum shutters. 

  • A technician will survey the areas where the shutters need to be installed to know the type of shutter needed and the shape of the window and take the measurements of the windows.
  • After measurements are taken and the shutter is confirmed to be available, the technician will be sent to install the shutters and carry the right equipment for the job.
  • When installation is done, the shutters are now ready to be used. The installation will not take a long time to be assembled.

Aluminum shutters for Patios and Decks 

In most cases, shutters are used indoors on windows in the living room and kitchen cabinets. 

Fortunately, they are not only ideal for indoor purposes because they can be used outdoors in patios and decks to safeguard the environment from dirt and provide a little comforting shelter.

 Sometimes, patios and decks get dusty and are exposed to animals like cats, rats, insects, and more. These creatures can harm the space more than good, especially if one decorates it to provide a relaxing ambiance. Ways in which patios and decks can be ruined include;

  • Animals like stray cats and dogs walk on the couches, leaving them dirty.
  • Birds excreting on the tables or coaches, 
  • In case of infestation by rodents, they can eat through the cushions on the seats.
  • On a windy day, leaves will be blown into the patios and decks, causing a mess. 

Aluminum shutters for garage or carports

Aluminum shutters for garages and carports are an excellent idea for providing lockable security for your vehicles against theft or vandalization. The shutters are impressively effective in that sector. Besides providing protection and privacy, aluminum shutters improve your carport/garage's look.

What is a magnetic mosquito screen?

A magnetic mosquito screen is a fiberglass mesh covered by a synthetic thermoplastic material made of polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC). 

Advantages of materials made with PVC

  • They are lightweight as compared to other materials, reducing manual handling difficulties.
  • They have good mechanical strength, ensuring they do not easily wear and tear and last longer.
  • They are tough and thus are used in building and construction applications.
  • Durable due to their resistance to corrosion and environmental stress over a long period.
  • Easy to work with meaning, one can cut, thread, and mold them to fit their desired outlook.
  • PVCs can be connected to other materials such as copper, plastics, and more, which is advantageous due to their versatility.
  • It also contains excellent insulation properties and is used to cover pipes and wires.

What are the properties of magnetic mosquito screens?

Different materials are assembled to create the perfect mosquito net, preventing mosquitoes, including other insects, from causing a nuisance in our homes and spreading diseases.

The properties used to make a magnetic mosquito screen include;

Aluminium frame

Aluminum is an abundant metal on our planet and has since been used in various ways. 

It is considered the second most used metal in its original state or combined with other materials.

Advantages of aluminum in magnetic mosquito screens

Aluminum's properties correspond to its advantages when constructing a magnetic mosquito screen. These include;

  • Corrosion resistance: Aluminium forms a protective layer when exposed to air and humid conditions. This layer acts like skin to protect the surface of the metal from hyperactive oxidation compared to other metals. This self-protection capability hinders deterioration and weathering.
  • Reflectivity: Very smooth aluminum. The aluminum is shiny and reflective. Reactivity is caused by the electromagnetic spectrum formed by radio waves and into the infrared and thermal range. When light strikes the aluminum, it bounces back light and heat that comes into contact with its surface. Due to its reflectivity, the light gives aluminum a decorated appearance. 
  • Non-toxic, meaning that, unlike other metals that can be used to construct a mesh, aluminum is the better option because it is eco-friendly and ultimately harmless to the human body.
  • Strength: Aluminium, in its pure state, has been used for years for commercial purposes such as building and construction due to its tensile strength. Its strength increases when aluminum is combined with other elements, such as manganese, silicon, and copper.
  • Easily fabricated, its low workability makes aluminum the most popular metal, as it can be molded and shaped to any desired outlook, ranging from making foil to being rolled as wires.
  • Ductility: Its malleable feature allows it to be drawn into wires without breaking. It is also possible to cast Aluminium into several forms due to its flexibility, which aids in producing desired products such as sheets, foils, tubes, and rods.

Polyester Mesh Fabric net

The meaning of polyester fiber net is a fabric made using a synthetic artificial polymer, which, in other words, means plastic.

Advantages of polyester fabric in magnetic mosquito screens

  • It has a durable capability and resistance to various chemicals if not all. Polyester fabrics contain large molecules with unusual properties, causing them to intermingle and, in the process, making it hard to separate into individual units. 
  • Secondly, it is resistant to stretchingabrasions, and wrinkling. Therefore, it takes a lot to corrode, wear, or tear any material made from polyester fabric. The resistance affirms that purchasing a magnetic mosquito screen will last you longer while maintaining its purposeful duty of keeping insects away from your premises.
  • It is easily accessible because it is a common fiber in textile manufacturing facilities. 
  • Polyester mesh fabric net is easy to install and clean when treated with a light resin, reducing the time and labor required for fusion and maintenance.
  • Lastly, it is hydrophobic. Hydrophobicity is the ability to repel water. Hydrophobic means it is difficult for the mesh to be tampered with when it comes into contact with water.

Magnetic perimeter

Unlike other mosquito mesh, magnetic mosquito screen has magnets aligned on the perimeter along the entire net length, ensuring it easily attaches itself back once people, children, or pets walkthrough.


Thumbtacks are used to fix the mosquito net to the door frame to hold it in place for security and strength. Thumbtacks will ensure that the magnetic mosquito mesh is not loose and does not collapse.


Velcro are fasteners

Velcro is a hook-and-loop fastener consisting of two strips used to tighten the net grip to each side together so that it can hold and prevent movement, providing stability and efficiency of the net in protecting the house from invasion of foreign and unwanted insects and animals that can transmit diseases such as malaria.

Reasons for using magnetic mosquito screens in houses

There are different reasons one might have to require the installation of magnetic mosquito mesh. Below are some of the advantages of purchasing a magnetic mosquito screen;

  • It helps reduce dust by trapping dust particles between the mesh. Overly, this aids in ensuring dust does not accumulate on surfaces, appliances, and clothes. Dust can easily irritate when it comes into contact with the eyes; it also causes coughing, hay fever, sneezing, and, worst of all, asthma attacks and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which are allergic reactions to certain particles in the dust.
  • Regulates temperatures in homes- Different parts of the country experience different weather conditions, from humid to hot or cold; during hot weather, one needs to cool off; therefore, with a magnetic mosquito, it is possible to let in a cool breeze while protecting the environment from mosquitos and insects. 
  • It cuts electricity costs since it does not require power to perform its duty at any given time. Once installed, it will work effectively.
  • A magnetic mosquito screen aims to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes and prevent transmission of malaria, a serious disease that can cause death. However, sometimes, it is not only the mosquitoes we are trying to avoid but also other insects that are generally annoying since they fly around and get into our eyes. Therefore, the net prevents intrusion by mosquitoes and insects.
  • Magnetic mosquito screens are not installed using glue. Not being installed with glue is very important to many people, especially because no one wants to build or stay in a space with paint chips and glue traces, which are not aesthetically pleasing. Hence, this device lifts that burden right off your shoulder.
  • Provides a luxurious feel- When we purchase equipment that should, in one way or another, help us solve problems, we make it our priority to ensure that whatever is needed can help while at the same time maintaining our standards of decor. No need to worry; the magnetic mosquito screen will deliver and satisfy your needs. 
  • As explained earlier, one of the reasons why the mosquito net is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with décor is its appearance, which gives a luxurious feel to one's home.
  • High-qualitysoft PVC to prevent ingress of insects such as mosquitoes, moths, and flies

Places to install a magnetic mosquito screen

A magnetic mosquito screen is a versatile tool used in different areas to perform the purpose. The places that are viable for the installation of a magnetic mosquito screen include;

Magnetic mosquito screen for sliding doors

Trying to find flexible mosquito mesh that can be used on different types of doors is always frustrating. In the case of sliding doors, the mosquito screen acts as a curtain and is not necessarily placed on the sliding doors because it will befit its purpose. Reasons why it is not installed on the door frames themselves include;

  1. When the doors are open, the net will move with them; therefore, it will not serve its purpose.
  2. The doors are fitted with glass, which is impenetrable, which means there is no need to install the net on them because insects are not able to pass through.

The mosquito screen is placed like a second sliding door on the inside; thus, when the doors are opened, the mosquito net remains in place, letting in air and blocking insects.

One can easily open or close the mosquito screen, which can be slid open or closed at any time. 

The correct way of installing a mosquito screen on sliding doors is as follows;

  • A survey of the property is done, and the technician can know if the door frames are aluminum; if not, the frames will be fitted with aluminum frames before installation of the screen.
  • Measurements of the sliding door are taken to ensure the net is placed in the right places.  Also, customizing the mosquito screen with the right measurements will prevent the chances of having a net that is either too long or too short.
  • If your door frame has a flat surface, the technician will stick Velcro strips on the door frame according to the strip positions on the screen. Once that is done, the net is fixed on the Velcro strip.
  • After fixing the screen and Velcro strip, thumbtacks are used to secure the net frame to the wall as tightly as possible to ensure the net is firm and will not collapse. 
  • On the other hand, if your door frame is uneven, creating a rough surface may be due to decorative partners; the technician will use nails to affix the Velcro strips firmly into the frame.

Magnetic mosquito screen for windows

Magnetic mosquito screens on windows are usually custom-made to fit the window's surface area. The mosquito net installed can be conveniently removed because of the presence of Velcro.

Magnetic mosquito screen for camps

When setting camps deep in the forest to enjoy nature and relax or indulge in sporting activities such as fishing, game park drives, and mountains, people can choose to stay in tents; these tents have cloth-like doors, unlike typical doors in homes. 

It is crucial to install magnetic mosquito screens just to protect yourself from wild animals and insects.

Magnetic mosquito screen for balconies

This screen is a creative product that adjusts to many problems, such as maintaining cleanliness in balconies, preventing attacks from stray cats and dogs, and inhibiting invasion by crawling animals such as lizards. Last but not least, blocking insects such as mosquitoes and moths, beetles, and bees, among others.

What are the reasons for letting experts install the magnetic mosquito screen and aluminum shutters?

Precise estimations

The placement of shutters and magnetic mosquito screens differs from one household or commercial building to another. Therefore, attaining the right measurements is critical. Any incorrect measurement will make installing magnetic mosquito screens or shutters impossible.

Technicians properly trained in installation can get the calculations right every time. Also, their experience in the job simplifies the work.

Professional and neat outcome

Each step in the installation requires a plethora of decisions to be made. Professional technicians will help decide on a better design, installation choice, and installation process.

When the work begins, they will see you through the whole process from start to end, giving ideas that best suit your preferences and are pocket-friendly.

It lessens the work of doing it yourself.

Sometimes, it's good to leave professional work to trained personnel because a lot can go wrong when trying to fit shutters or install magnetic mosquito screens yourself while reading a manual.

Firstly, the work is a tedious process that can take hours, especially when done by an amateur.

If you appreciate symmetry, it is advisable to allow experts to run with the project to avoid uneven sides, gaps, and loose fits, which will crumble in no time.


This type of project can be stressful if you are not conversant with materials, where to purchase, how to customize to fit your desired end look, how to measure the area that requires the installation, and where to place the shutters or magnetic mosquito screens.

Therefore, having a professional do it for you will be like walking in the park because you are only required to approve or disapprove of the work done if it does not satisfy you.

Damage cover

Accidents are bound to happen when installing shutters or magnetic mosquito screens, especially on your own. The damage cover will increase the repair cost and ultimately disrupt your budget. 

Fortunately, when professionals take care of the project, the company covers the damage without asking for extra pay.

Why should you buy aluminum shutters and magnetic mosquito screens from Rafiki Pest Control?

  1. Customer satisfaction: Our approved pest control brand is committed to providing clients with professional services.
  2. Transparency: Each step of the installation process is done in the client's presence with detailed explanations of what's taken place when requested.
  3. Affordability: Our prices are affordable, loosening the pressure on clients from digging deep into their pockets.
  4. Rating: Our team ensures that we maintain a five-star threshold in all services we do by seeing each step to the end in terms of customer satisfaction, follow, and professional work.
  5. Trained personnel: You do not have to worry about the technicians doing a clean job because we are responsible for ensuring our workers are properly trained and ready for work.
  6. Consistency in service quality: Year in and year out, we maintain impeccably high service standards.

Areas we serve

Here at Rafiki Pest Control, we provide installation services for Aluminium shutters and Magnetic mosquito screens in the following locations;

  • Mombasa
  • Turkana
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret 
  • Kisumu  
  • Nairobi

Terms of Service

We provide a one-year warranty during which the following services will be done in case 

of any request made after the installation of the shutters or mosquito mesh.

  • When 5% of the initial amount is paid for, an extra year of warranty is given.
  • Services offered during the one-year warranty include Net alignment, strip change, clip change, and net change.

All repairs done in that period Require no charge.

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