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  • June 5, 2024

Let's face it: pest and hygiene concerns are a part of everyone's life. 

Both are the primary steps to good health and to protect ourselves and our loved ones from diseases. But what if either of the two is compromised? Firstly, you will potentially be exposed to health problems, including salmonella, dysentery, asthma, diarrhea, and water-borne diseases, and secondly, unhygienic environments become breeding grounds for disease-causing insects. 

I would guess you are here because you are experiencing a pest problem or concerned about your environment's hygiene. But you could also be here because you are ready to tackle an issue and want to know who to call immediately for practical help in case of an infestation. Your visit here will be significantly rewarded. 

Any indoor or outdoor exposure to Pests and unhygienic environments is at risk. Let's dive in and see how much danger you can face. Pests can harm humans, compromise health, damage crops and food supplies, and destroy home and business premises. 

  • Roaches and mites have been known to cause and spread salmonella, allergies, and respiratory diseases such as asthma. 
  • When stung by a fire ant or a flea, you can quickly develop grave allergic reactions
  • Rats can soon spread Hantavirus, Rat-bite-fever, and salmonella. 
  • Flies spread bacteria, viruses, and diseases. 

Now that we have an ordeal of the most severe, you will undeniably need a dynamic and highly dedicated pest controller. You must eradicate those pests urgently and live in a hygienic, healthy, and pest-free environment while ensuring your office, home, and garden remain unattractive to pests. We know that such professionalism won't fall into your laps, and no one is luckier than you for coming here. 

Inappropriate or wrong application of pesticides can result in a potentially grave chemical reaction; in other cases, it can cause the pests to mutate. You want to avoid this happening on your premises; you need a permanent solution to pest and hygiene problems, right? We have gone to great lengths to bring you the most effective pest control solutions and the most closely guarded secrets of cleaning and hygiene.

We ensure safety, quality, and cost-effective services without any compromise. We use proven pest control, cleaning, and hygiene methods and pride ourselves in proven results. By simply calling us, our highly trained and licensed pest control experts will be at your place to provide you with free inspection and survey services. They will give various custom environmentally friendly treatment options and advise you on living in a pest-free environment. As much as this sounds very promising, it is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Let me tell you what is even more auspicious: we have maintained a culture of continuous learning and research. We are developing innovations in pest control methods to ensure we remain on top regarding pest control and hygiene. The trick is to ensure pests do not come back and your home remains unattractive to pests for a very long. Hence, we study different pests' behavioral changes, habitats, and feeding habits. We are sensitive towards the environment and ensure all chemicals used are non-toxic to avoid exposing non-target species to risk. 

We are a member of the Pest Control Board of Kenya(PCBK), and over the years, we have built a lot of confidence and a good reputation for our clients. Join thousands of clients who have successfully used our proven methods to solve their pest and hygiene concerns today.  

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