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Best and Effective Pesticides for Bed Bug Control in Kenya

Jan. 12, 2022, 4:16 p.m.

Bed bugs unlike other common pests depend on blood for their survival. They prefer to attack at night when their victims are fast asleep. No-one is safe from bed bugs, a frequent traveler, anybody who socializes or simply welcoming visitors into your home poses you to the risk of getting them

Bed bug bites can lead to health complications, they are a danger to your lifestyle and your home furnishings as well. If left unattended, thousands of them can survive for many months and over this time they will do considerable damage to your health. In case you notice them in your home, use either of the approved pesticides below to ensure you eliminate them and all their eggs.



Possesses a fast action for the immediate kill of bed bugs. It attracts bed bugs and kills them instantly. Odorless bed bug spray and very efficient for 100% elimination of bed bugs when sprayed correctly as instructed in its labeling. 

Bedlam 200SL Features

  • Convenient for it’s available as a ready to use spray. 
  • Odorless 
  • Kills bedbugs immediately and continues to protect the treated area for up to 2weeks. 
  • Attracts and kills bedbugs and their eggs

Where Can I Buy Bedlam 200SL?

Purchase genuine and high-quality Bedlam 200SL from Rafiki Pest Control stores. A licensed store that assures you authentic products at a reasonable price that has been tailored to meet all your budget needs. 

Bedlam Prices

We give you value for your money. We have stocked our stores with different quantities of Bedlam 200Sl to choose from.  Choose an effective quantity depending on the level of infestation being treated.

  • 50ml at Ksh.1500
  • 100ml at Ksh.2000
  • 1Litre at Ksh.7000



A bed bug treatment that has a fast knockdown action.  Its’ suspension is highly effective, odorless and a small dosage is efficient for the extermination of bedbugs and all their eggs. 

Fendona 60SC Features

  • Fast action and a residual effect of close to 3months
  • Odorless and leaves no stains behind
  • Low dosage needed for effective control of bedbugs 
  • Easy to apply and is safe for use at home 

Where Can I Buy Fendona 60SC?

You can conveniently buy authentic Fendona 60SC from Rafiki Pest Control Stores. You can also purchase from our online stores easily and your order will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Fendona 60SC Prices

You are our central focus, and we are committed to giving you the best quality of Fendona 60SC at the most reasonable prices.

  • 250ml at Ksh.3500
  • 1Litre at Ksh.7000



A systemic insecticide strongly efficient in the elimination of bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Safe for use in public places, domestic, and industrial premises. It has a long residual effect of close to 5 months.

KunguNil Features

  • Odorless
  • Easy to apply and use for DIY
  • Kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs and prevents future re-infestation

Where Can I Buy KunguNil 200SL?

Rafiki Pest Control Store Is the best place to buy Kungunil 200SL in Kenya. We save you the traffic stress when you purchase from our Rafiki online stores, and we deliver your orders to your preferred location on time. 

KunguNil 200SL Prices

Get the best prices for KunguNil 200SL and make savings when you purchase from our store.

  • 50ml at Ksh.1500
  • 100ml at Ksh.2000
  • 1Litre at Ksh.7000



A bed bug spray used for public health. Very effective for killing bed bugs and all their eggs. Effective by contact action and stomach ingestion against pests. 

Mos-N-Roach Features

  • Its’ early treatment ensures no chances of bed bug infestation
  • Low dosage needed for effective control
  • Fast knockdown action.

Where Can I buy Mos-N-Roach

Buy genuine Mos-N-Roach 100EC from Rafiki Pest Control Stores at a reasonable price. We care about your comfortable living and that is why we give you a non-obligatory quote after listening to you. 

Mos-N-Roach Prices

We have in our stores different quantities of Mos-N-Roach all at very affordable prices. When making a purchase/order, ensure to get the right quantity for effective treatment of the bug infestation.  

  • 20ml for Ksh.1300
  • 100ml for Ksh.1800
  • 1Litre for Ksh.5500



This is the best pesticide for getting rid of bed bugs from your premises. Professional public health care for control of bug infestations. It works through contact action and ingestion process. 

Navigator 100SC Features.

  • Odorless and does not stain treated surfaces
  • Fast knockdown action that kills bed bugs quickly
  • Safe for use in domestic places
  • A high residual action

Where Can I Buy Navigator 100SC

Navigator 100SC is readily available at Rafiki Pest Control Stores. We are a licensed store that guarantees high-quality and genuine products at an affordable price.

Navigator 100SCPrices.

We are determined to ensure you afford your comfortable living. We have availed different quantities of Navigator 100SC at affordable prices. 

  • 20ml at Ksh.1000
  • 1Litre at Ksh.8500



Pali 50WP is a professional insecticide that kills bedbugs together with its eggs. It has a strong residual effect for long term control of bugs in domestic places, public places, and business premises. 

Pali 50WP Features

  • A small dosage is efficient for bed bug extermination
  • Has a long residual effect of close to 20weeks from time of application. 

Where can I Buy Pali 50WP?

You can order Pali 5WP from Rafiki Online Stores and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Buying Pali 50WP from Rafiki Pest Control Store guarantees genuine, and high-quality products for effective bed bug treatment.

Pali 50WP Prices.

We give you value for your money when you purchase Pali 50WP at a price customized to meet your budget needs. 

  • 20g at Ksh.1300
  • 100g at Ksh.1800



A professional bed bug spray for effective bed bug treatment. Kills bed bugs at home and business premises. 

Neocidal Features

  • Strongly efficien for bed bug treatment
  • It is safe for use at home
  • Assures total extermination of bed bugs and their eggs. 

Where Can I Buy Neocidal 600EW

Genuine Neocidal 600EW is available at a reasonable amount in Rafiki Pest Control Store. Orders made online will be delivered to your doorstep within a convenient time. 

Neocidal 600EW Prices

The base price of Neocidal 600EW is 1300 (KES)


Why Should You Get Professional Help for Bed Bug Eradication?

Controlling bedbugs can be a very tedious and demanding task. Most homeowners use DIY methods to exterminate bed bugs. This process can however go wrong and turn your whole house into a harbor site for pests or you may even harm yourself and your loved ones while attempting this process. 

For your premises to be completely free form bed bugs, and for safety measures, get help from pest control professionals who have been well-trained. Our Pest Control experts are experienced and knowledgeable on effective pest control methods and the correct measures to be taken in case an accident occurs.

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