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Ant Control Services

Ant Control Services

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Updated: Oct. 14, 2023, 10:01 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

Ants do not have ears, some of them don't even have eyes, but hey, these small insects can cause billions worth of damage every single year. They have two stomachs; one is for holding food for their consumption while the other stores food for other ants. Ants are one of the most often encountered pests at home and businesses. 

They are captivated by any suitable food sources at home or on the farm. They cause massive problems when they scavenge a place for food and water. Once they find a desirable item in your area, they call their nestmates to help gather the food. They are a terrible nuisance if they build nests on your walls, toilets, building foundations, or germinating plants. They can attack people who disturb their ant mounds, and they also attack humans indoors. 

5 Amazing Facts Everyone Must Know About Ants

Ants are ubiquitous insects that you will come across almost everywhere you live, but there is more to this common pest than you might know:

  • Ants can turn Zombies

Ants can attack humans on their premises, and disturbing their mounds can agitate them to attack. Maricopa ants will kill you very fast when they sting you with their poison. When an ant stings you, the smell alarms the others in their colony, and just a few hundred of stings will kill you. 

  • Superhuman Strength

These insects are unbelievably strong, and they can carry close to 50 times their body weight. The Asian weaver ant can carry 100 times their mass. This strength results from their tiny size. 

  • They Don't Have Lungs.

Ants are very tiny, and their size cannot accommodate a respiratory system such as ours. They use their spiracle (holes at the sides of their bodies) to breathe in oxygen. They have a network of tubes that circulate oxygen in their bodies and remove carbon dioxide. 

  • They Can Swim 

Some ant species can swim. They have a unique doggy peddle version that they use to float for long periods. They can hold their breath underwater for a long time, and during floods, they can build lifeboats to survive. When fire ants do this, it can be perilous. 

  • Ants are as old as dinosaurs.

Ants date back to around 130 million years ago. They survived the Jurassic dinosaur extinction period and the ice age. They lived even when dinosaurs roamed the world. 

What Attracts Ants to Your Premises?

When ants are in search of food and water, no place is out of the bond. Homes, hospitals, businesses, and farms are all vulnerable. 

  • Dirty kitchen tops
  • Sugary substances as cakes, sweets, and juice spillage
  • Stagnant water and damp places like bathrooms and leaking pipes
  • Right nesting places such as wall foundations
  • Plants, trees, and seedlings

What Is the Impact of Ants on Businesses and Homes?

  • Damaged Structures

Ants can damage property, buildings, equipment, structures, and appliances when they build their nests on them

  • Damaged Stock

If an ant gets into a food supply store, warehouse, or go-downs, they pose very grave problems. They may even start to breed and multiply while there. 

  • Risks to People

Some ant bites are not only painful but very allergic and can cause anaphylactic shock. 

  • The spread of Diseases and Bacteria

Ants are a health risk to your family, staff, and customers. They can carry and spread disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella. In other cases, they spread smallpox and dysentery. 

Signs of Infestation

  • The Presence of an Ant

Seeing an ant in your home or premises is the most obvious sign that you are at risk of ant infestation. You can find them on food leftovers

  • Ant nests

You will find ant nests within a very close distance to your premises. A small ant mound can harbor thousands of them underneath. 

  • Ant Pathways

When an ant finds a suitable meal, they attract their whole colony into your home, and you can see their trails in and out of your house or business.

  • Debris

Ant debris resembles wood shavings. If they have infested your timber, they form a corn-shaped pile beneath it. 

How do you Prevent Ant Infestation?

Provided below are simple DIY preventive measures that you can take to keep away ants. 

  • Ensure you clean food and drink spillages as soon as they have occurred
  • Avoid keeping dirty and used dishes at all times
  • Keep your garbage bins sealed and emptied often.
  • Keep your homes, and business floors and counters cleaned at all times. 
  • Do not keep fruits for too long as overly ripe fruits attract ants
  • Maintain your compound and get rid of any stagnant water
  • You can go the natural way and use ant deterrents such as baking soda remedy and peppermint.

Why You Will Need to Hire a Professional Pest Control Company to Eliminate Ants

Dealing with ants can be extremely frustrating. They may be tiny, but one ant can invite a whole colony into your house. Using sprays does not help to eradicate them. Spraying kills, the ants visible at that moment; a result you can quickly achieve by simply wiping them off using a piece of cloth. 

To get permanent ant control, we shall have to eradicate the whole colony. Our professional and licensed staff will visit your premises and undertake a fanatic inspection that will precisely spot the ant source and causes of ant attraction into your place. The specific treatment will be applied to ensure permanent elimination. We give a sound report system and maintain close follow-ups. 

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