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Wasp Control Services

Wasp Control Services

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Updated: Oct. 14, 2023, 10:36 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

You notice an insect that closely resembles an ant in your compound, you shoo it away, and ouch! It stings you and flies away! Scared and in pain, you hastily buy an insecticide and spray your compound hoping to kill the insect and its whole family. 

The following day, the threatening insects are back, angrily buzzing and in bigger numbers than you have ever seen. So now what do you do? Buy more sprays? Panic even more? No, because in this article we have gathered all you ought to know about wasps from how to detect and ascertain wasp infestation signs, wasp inspection, effective wasp treatment, and why professional wasp control is the only recommended method to exterminate wasps. 

6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wasps 

We all know that a serious wasp sting results in very serious allergic reactions and that a single wasp is capable of stinging you severely. But, what you probably didn’t know is that:

  • Wasps Do More Good than Harm on the Farm: When they infest a farm, wasps protect the planted crops from other pest infestations by hunting and feeding on pests like caterpillars, beetles, and flies. 
  • Wasps Can Cause Death: A single wasp sting though very hurting and skin irritating cannot kill. But when the stings exceed 30, 40, or more, a victim can die if not given medical assistance immediately. 
  • A male wasp dies soon after mating. The work of the male wasp known as Drone is to mate the queen, and he dies soon after he has completed the job. 
  • 30,000 plus species: There are over 30, 000 known species of wasps existing in the world. 
  • They don’t die after severally stinging a victim: A single wasp is capable of stinging you more than just once or twice and unlike bees, wasps do not die after stinging you.
  • Wasps Communicate: Wasps do not tolerate anyone with the audacity to interrupt their resting nests either willingly or by mistake. A distressed wasp releases a pheromone that notifies other wasps in the colony to stay alert and adopt a defensive stinging mode.

Signs of Wasp Infestation

Wasps get extremely dangerous when disturbed and can turn hostile, very territorial, and even deadly. If you suspect your house may be having a wasp invasion problem and you haven’t exactly seen one around, then you should look carefully for every single wasp red flag around. If you come across any of the red flags below, it is the appropriate time to call an expert and well-trained pest controller to assist you in exterminating the wasp invasion effectively

  • Chewed wood: Carefully check all the wood in the compound to see if it has been chewed. Some wasp species burrow nests by chewing on wood. You will easily notice small holes or tiny tunnels on wooden surfaces. 
  • Small flying insects: More often than not, you will notice wasps flying in your compound and this is one of the very obvious wasp invasion signs that should get you calling a pest control expert immediately. Keenly check your compound to identify these tiny narrow-waisted insects with a yellow abdomen and very long wings.
  • Wasp nests: The type of nest you might see in your compound depends highly on the species of wasp invading your premises. Some wasps form their nests by chewing tiny tunnels in wood and others mold nests from mud. If you see wasps swarming in a certain area, carefully check and you most certainly will see their nests.

Note: When you notice tiny holes and tunnels in your wood, reach out to a pest control expert immediately to ascertain the exact type of infestation you are facing as termites, and other pests also chew on wood. 

Wasp Inspection

Wasps are one of the deadliest pests that can invade your home or compound.  Wasp invasion suspicions should never be ignored because early identification of wasp threats can go a long way in protecting your family from the risks that come with wasps. 

While you can carefully follow the DIY inspection method below to inspect their presence in your compound, it is only safe to ask for help from a pest control professional with full personal protective gear to inspect because wasps protect their nests and can get very hostile and aggressive when disturbed. 

  • Wear full protective gear and perform a thorough search in your house and compound to find any wasp nests. Some nests are made above the ground while others are usually made below. Those above tend to have a gray or slightly tan color, almost round-shaped with one hole serving as the entrance/exit. When crushed, you may notice wasp combs inside and mud. For nests below ground, you might only notice a tiny hole in the ground or wood.
  • Keenly check your compound to spot a live wasp itself and be careful not to interrupt it else it stings you and alerts the other colony members to strike in defense.

DIY Wasp Nest Removal

Homeowners should always watch out for wasp invasions. Not only do they pose dangers to humans but they also damage structures when they access your home. They can make their nests anywhere in your home including:

  • Ceiling 
  • Building walls.
  • In trees
  • In small cracks or tiny crevices at home
  • On playgrounds 
  • On unused home appliances.   

Once a nest is identified, it must be demolished immediately and the surroundings carefully treated to avoid a return of other wasps. Ignoring these nests often leads to the production of close to 450 fertile wasp queens and this is a grave danger to you and your neighbors. 

  • Wear full protective gear and once night falls, spray the wasp nest with this concentrated soapy water. Soapy water renders a wasp nest useless, and they may move to build another elsewhere. 
  • Buy a wasp aerosol and spray it generously on the nest while maintaining a safe distance. Aim the entrance to kill the wasps, their workers, and the queen. 

DIY Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are famous for their motiveless attacks and very irritating throbbing stings. A wasp invasion must be exterminated very early since wasps are exceedingly aggressive even when unprovoked and if not controlled, the invasion can get out of control seeing as closely 250 eggs can be laid daily and other wasp nests have to be made to accommodate them.

Treating a wasp invasion on your own is very much discouraged because of the risks that come with it. You must be exceedingly cautious because if you frighten a single wasp, it will call for help from the whole colony, and things can get fatal. If the annoyed wasp stings a child, an elderly person, or people sensitive to stings, they might develop anaphylaxis which is very severe and life-threatening. In such a case you must call for medical assistance immediately.

  • Wear full protective gear to avoid wasp stings. 
  • Use a recommended insecticide to treat the wasps and maintain a safe distance. 
  • You must destroy the whole wasp nest completely else other wasps will invade and occupy the remains.
  • DIY methods are only effective for a small and early invasion otherwise they will be completely useless and a waste of time when the invasion is huge. We strongly discourage DIY methods for they are too dangerous.

Professional Wasp Control

The more effectively you control the invasion, the less hostile and risky the wasp colony gets. Always call a licensed pest controller to help you control the wasps. Unprofessionally demolishing a wasp nest can always turn very life-threatening. To permanently control the invasion, the nests must be pulled down and the whole home treated to render it unattractive to wasps. 

To ascertain the security of yourself, your family, and your neighborhood, Professional Wasp Control is recommended. Our pest control professionals have been trained accordingly and equipped with the technical knowledge, and obligatory skills to efficiently exterminate a wasp invasion. We have all the required tools to reach and treat even the highest likely nests in the most secure way. 

Our experts will visit your premises upon request to do a keen inspection meant to find out where the wasps are getting into your premises from and what exactly might be attracting them. From here, they will recommend the best treatment method that will ensure zero chances of future wasp re-infestation. 

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