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  • June 6, 2024

Pest infestations in homes and offices are common throughout the world. There are many hiding spots in our homes where pests secretly harbor and breed for years. Therefore,  pest extermination becomes very complex as it entails a proper plan to identify the "pest source" and an accurate pest management plan. The plan must get rid of the infestation effectively for long-lasting results. 

The best way for home and business owners to protect their property and loved ones from pest-related risks is by working closely with trained pest professionals knowledgeable about IPM. Rafiki Pest Control is the best pest control company in Kenya. They are determined to protect your family's health and property from pest damage. Our technicians are adequately trained to implement IPM (integrated pest management) to eliminate pests and prevent them from accessing your home. 

The Best Pest Control Services in Kenya

It does not matter how small the pest infesting your home or office is. Even tiny pests like termites have been reported to create massive structural and foundational damages that have resulted in the potential loss of the entire property. 

Working with highly trained pest control professionals is the best way of controlling and keeping pests away. Our pest controllers have the expertise and knowledge to handle the most effective pest control products and the latest equipment to eliminate pests safely.

Every home is unique, and pest problems vary from place to place. Thus, to combat the problem efficiently, the exterminator must have a broad knowledge of pest behavioral changes and IPM for long-term relief. The IPM approach gives sound solutions for pest treatment and control while employing the following steps: 


A trained professional will visit your home upon your request. They will inspect your entire home and yard for signs of pest activities. During this inspection, the technician will take note of all areas that may be vulnerable to future pest infestations.  


If there is evidence of pest activities within your home/office, the technician can identify the pest species causing you trouble. They will also outline all the threats and risks the pest poses to your family and pets. 


Upon inspection and pest identification, the technician will now recommend the most effective course of treatment that will successfully eliminate the problem. Our experts will give you an option for the most effective treatments that ensure minimal usage of pest chemicals, from which you can choose your preferred treatment course. 

The Best Pest Control Products in Kenya

The first step in effectively controlling pests is identifying the pest species. To accurately determine the type of pest and level of infestation, a professional will thoroughly inspect your home. Upon these findings, the technician will recommend the best course of treatment that should leave your home free of pests and safe from risks of re-infestation.

While contacting a pest expert is the best pest control method, there are instances where the infestation level is very minimal. A homeowner may decide to handle such a problem on their own. The property owner should apply the best pest control treatment in this case. The products must be highly effective and should be registered by The Kenya Pest Control Products Board. 

All our stores guarantee 100% effective pest control products safe for domestic use. Our products are registered and highly authentic. They are designed to flush pests out of hiding and remove heavy infestations. The only reminder that you applied treatment in your home or office will be the absence of pests in a short time as these products are odorless (some may have a very minimal odor) and leave no stains behind. 

To purchase these highly affordable pest control products, visit any of our stores near you. If you want to escape the stress of traffic and long queues, conveniently shop through our online Shop, Place your order, and the products will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 hours.  

The Best Fumigation Services in Kenya

Fumigation is the most effective and accurate way to get rid of pests. After thoroughly inspecting the entire property, we found the infested places filled with gaseous pesticides/fumigants. The sprayed fumigants will poison and kill all the pests within. 

Our trained pest control professionals have successfully managed the fumigation of numerous residential and commercial premises. They are vast and highly experienced in performing timely, accurate, and effective fumigation. We ensure 100% extermination of pests and 100% safety of your family and pets. Our fumigation services include 

  • Residential Fumigation
  • Commercial Fumigation

Where to Use Fumigation?

A trained professional can use this method of pest control to control insects and pests safely:

  • Buildings
  • Soil
  • During the processing of goods to be imported/exported
  • Stored/bulk grains in silos
  • Ships

What are The Benefits of Using Fumigation Services?

Fumigation is a fast pest control method when applied correctly by a professional. It includes the following benefits:

  • No matter the pest infestation's level, size, or stage of life, fumigation will eliminate the problem effectively and thoroughly.
  • Fumigation is the best method of exterminating pests in all their life stages.
  • It is a quick solution to all pest problems. 
  • It is the best pest control method in susceptible places with zero pest tolerance.
  • Fumigation can reach all pest's secret hiding spots within the area. 

How Much Does Professional Pest Control Cost?

Pest control prices vary depending on a variety of factors. A professional will have to inspect your home/office to write you an accurate quote. The inspection will reveal the species of pests invading and the level of pest infestation to be exterminated. Other factors that will be considered when evaluating the pest control quote for you include:

  • The quality of services
  • Frequency of the pest treatment
  • Size of home
  • Level of pest infestation

Are you looking for the best pest control company in Kenya with the most affordable prices? Rafiki Pest Control gives you a free, non-obligatory quote. The quote will only be written after listening to all your requirements while considering your budget needs. 

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