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  • June 6, 2024

Efficiency is a must. Nowadays, hardly anything lasts a long time, and in the long run, we spend more money by having to pay for the same services recurrently because pests keep re-infesting your ‘treated’ surfaces. Every home and business premise deserves a pest control company that will handle and carefully manage all their pest control, cleaning, and fumigation needs exclusively and thoroughly without compromising quality while observing every aspect of their privacy.

Why Us? 

We are the top pest control company in Thika, licensed to kill pests and do domestic/commercial cleaning to ensure you and your loved ones live in a healthy environment. We recognize your busy schedule and the pressing need for fumigation, disinfection, and sanitization of your home. Don’t worry; leave all the dirty work to us, and in less than 24 hours, we will eliminate all dust, dirt, and germs and exterminate all bugs. We guarantee you will return to a virtually spotless and pest-free home.    

Our Services

Once pests attack your premises, the temptation to kill them yourself will be vital. While so many pest treatment products are available today, the truth is that if not applied keenly by a great professional and if the pest infestation has grown, the products may prove ineffective. 

The fumigation and pest control business is better off left to professional exterminators. They are trained with the necessary skills and equipped with the most –modern tools, know-how, and experience to safely and effectively exterminate pest infestations. Our licensed exterminators will do a complete pest inspection of your entire home to identify the pests accurately. They will then recommend the most effective treatment to be applied. 

Pest Control for Homes

Sadly, every home is susceptible to pest infestations. Unless a professional pest controller has created a powerful poison barrier around your home during the pre/post-construction period, your home remains under a pest infestation threat. Usually, you’ll spot household pests like rodents, flies, and bugs hiding in the warmer, quiet places like the basement, cracks, crevices, furniture, kitchen, or bathroom. Once they have attacked a home, pest populations grow significantly fast and pose a grave-expensive danger to humans, pets, and property. As such, homeowners should immediately call a pest controller for help when they suspect an infestation.

Our licensed exterminators boast years of experience in the pest control business. They are knowledgeable in the most precise ways of effective pest extermination. They will quickly locate and accurately identify the type of pests causing trouble. They will also disclose the cause of the infestation and advise you on efficient measures to keep pest invasions from occurring. Your home will then be treated to kill and eliminate the pests. We will also maintain close contact with you through keen follow-ups that ascertain your safety in a clean, pest-free environment. 

Pest Control for Business

Believe it or not, the image of your business matters a lot to your clients, so much so that if they are not satisfied with it, they can change their service provider in the snap of their fingers. The image of your business determines its success and the productivity of your employees. Imagine if your business premises needed to be more neat, organized, and clean. You would lose most of your clients, and many of your employees would mostly fall sick, forcing you to give a lot of sick leaves that would incur significant losses.

You might feel confident that your business promises are very tidy and clean. However, the harsh truth is that tiny pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and pests may be lurking in your premises, in the most ‘hidden’ places where you will hardly notice them. If they get in contact with you, your clients, or your employees, you will be counting significant losses due to insurmountable sickness. 

Calling a pest control professional near you ensures your premises are given thorough disinfection, cleaning, and fumigation that guarantee the elimination of all harmful microorganisms. Our exterminators will also use effective pest treatments to kill and keep all pests away for good. We are also keen on our follow-ups to ensure you continually live in a clean, pest-free environment.

Our Pest Control and Management Guide

This guide aims to exterminate and kill all unwanted pests, including bugs, rodents, ants, flies, and cockroaches. We will assign a licensed and very friendly pest controller to your premises. They will conduct a detailed and thorough inspection of your building and compound for signs of pests. They will identify the exact pest and approve the successful treatment for the problem. From these findings, they will estimate the cost of the complete treatment services for your premises. Our efficient pest management process includes:

Pest Control for Bugs

Bed bugs prefer to hide near your sleeping area, where they can quickly suck your blood at night. Treatment needs to be done by a professional in all the places where bugs have been spotted. If not treated professionally and fast, the bug population in your home will grow to a full-blown colony that will be very tedious, embarrassing, expensive, and quite challenging to eliminate. An unprofessional response to bug infestations can quickly increase the spread and attacks from pests. Therefore, you must ensure protection from the health risks of bugs by calling an expert as soon as you suspect an infestation. 

Bug Control Method

Over time, bed bugs have dramatically developed resistance to pesticide treatment. Therefore, going the pesticide way against them demands frequent visits and recurrent therapies to control the bugs and exterminate the infestation. To curb the resistance and prevent the undesirable disposal of the bugs to other areas, we combine the treatment with other powerfully effective heat treatment measures, including: 

  1. Steam - Steam treatment kills bed bugs at all stages of their life. Though demanding, this treatment is very effective when the steam is 150-170 degrees. A lot of patience is required because bugs typically hide in the most ‘secretive’ places, and they must be exposed and killed. Steam treatment is efficient against infested mattresses, bed clothing, carpets, blinds, and beds. 
  2. Hot Boxes - A hot box is a device that contains balanced temperatures that are hot enough to kill bugs at all their stages. Infested materials are carefully placed in a hot box with sustained heat and left for some time. Note: Hot boxes do not damage clothes.

Pest Control for Cockroaches.

Cockroaches are prevalent indoor pests and are a great nuisance to public health. They prefer to dwell in moist and dark places once they are full of leftovers. Roaches can be found in kitchens, offices, hospitals, and industrial areas. If not quickly controlled, cockroach infestations can soon become unmanageable and cause asthma in small children. 

They carry allergens and can contaminate food. Killing a few cockroaches that you see wandering around is very inadequate as there are eggs within the house that are life, and soon they will hatch. Hence, you should call a pest controller immediately if you suspect a cockroach infestation. 

Roaches Control Method

Cockroaches are fast-breeding pests, so a powerfully effective treatment should be applied against them. Before using any treatment, you must identify the kind of cockroach infesting your premises. We will perform a complete inspection of your entire home to discover the type of cockroaches to be treated and the infestation level. 

Roach control is not as simple as spraying an insecticide or setting a cockroach bait. Cockroaches hide everywhere, including electrical appliances. The exterminator must expose all cockroach-hiding spots. Professional extermination tools will be combined with the most effective cockroach insecticides registered by the Kenya Pest Control Products Board.  

Pest Control for Rodents

Rodents like rats are stubborn pests that carry and spread diseases like Hantavirus, allergies, and respiratory problems like asthma. If children or adults breathe in air contaminated with rodent urine or waste, they can contract the disease, resulting in hospitalization. If left uncontrolled, rodents can quickly multiply and take hostage your home, infesting all places from your kitchen and bedroom to your living room. They can cause significant property damage. Staying ahead of rodent control is advisable, as is calling a licensed pest controller immediately to suspect or notice rodent activities in your home.

Rodent Control Method

We apply the latest rodent eradication technology and methodologies for the ultimate peace of mind and total control of rodents. We set the seal on giving you a rodent-free home that is safe and healthy for humans and pets. When treating rodents on your premises, we aim to ensure the effective prevention of rodent infestations and total rodent elimination. Our rodent control methods include, 

  1. trapping using potent rodent baits
  2. manipulation of every rodent habitat 
  3. Treatment with recommended chemical pesticides
  4. Creation of physical barriers.


Our Products

We have advanced our service provision in Thika and beyond by availing the most authentic pest control, cleaning, and fumigation products in all our stores near you. You can now apply effective and safe DIY pest control measures by simply ordering your DIY products via our online shop, PRODUCTS, and they will be delivered in less than 24 hours. All our products are eco-friendly, recommended, and licensed by the Pest Control Products Board of Kenya.  

The best method of exterminating pests entirely from your home is getting help from a licensed pest control company near you. More importantly, all homeowners must practice preventive pest control measures to avoid pest infestations.  

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