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We are committed to offering you high quality and most efficient pest control services in Nairobi. Our professional exterminators are equipped and ready to give you fast, adequate, and effective services customized to meet all your unique needs. The size or type of infestation should not worry you; this team will address the situation with the required urgency.

We care about your comfortable living and the safety of your loved ones, pets, and assets. Hence, we apply eco-friendly products licensed by The Pest Control Products Board. We don't just treat your pest troubles and go, using our services makes you a part of us. A technician will be allocated to walk with you step-by-step to understand your needs while guiding you on the most effective measures to avoid re-infestations.

We are the best public health pest control experts near you. We are widespread across Nairobi, and you can access our pest control, cleaning, and fumigation services with ease. Our online platform saves you the stress of looking for professional exterminators anywhere in Kenya. You can count on us for the leading well-planned inspection and successful treatment and relax, knowing your worries will be given the perfect solution.

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We are your local pest control experts. Our locations are wide spread accross the county and thus can reach you with ease, we are the pest control experts near you. Looking for exterminators can be a huge task but we are the ultimate pest exterminators in Nairobi

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  • Get Pest Control In Nairobi
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  • Get Pest Control in Kitusuru
  • Get Pest Control in Kilimani
  • Get Pest Control in Upper Hill
  • Get Pest Control in Westlands
  • Get Pest Control in Woodsman Villas
  • Get Pest Control in Runda
  • Get Pest Control in Loresho
  • Get Pest Control in Ruaka
  • Get Pest Control in Nairobi West South C
  • Get Pest Control in Lavington
  • Get Pest Control in Karen
  • Get Pest Control in K.P.A.
  • Get Pest Control in upper Kabete
  • Get Pest Control in lower Kabete
  • Get Pest Control in Kagondo
  • Get Pest Control in Kahawa
  • Get Pest Control in Kaloleni
  • Get Pest Control in Kambi Muru
  • Get Pest Control in Kamukunji
  • Get Pest Control in Kangemi
  • Get Pest Control in Kanyongo
  • Get Pest Control in Kanyongon
  • Get Pest Control in Karanja
  • Get Pest Control in Karen
  • Get Pest Control in Kariobangi North
  • Get Pest Control in Kariobangi South
  • Get Pest Control in Kariobangi
  • Get Pest Control in Kariokor
  • Get Pest Control in Karura
  • Get Pest Control in Karura Farm
  • Get Pest Control in Kasarani
  • Get Pest Control in Kawangware
  • Get Pest Control in Kayaba
  • Get Pest Control in Kayole
  • Get Pest Control in Kegwa
  • Get Pest Control in Kegwa Ridge
  • Get Pest Control in Kenya Pipe Line
  • Get Pest Control in Kenya Re
  • Get Pest Control in Kerarapon
  • Get Pest Control in Kerichwa Kubwa
  • Get Pest Control in Kiamaiko
  • Get Pest Control in Kianda
  • Get Pest Control in Kibera
  • Get Pest Control in Kibera Special Settlement Area
  • Get Pest Control in Kibichoi
  • Get Pest Control in Kigwaru
  • Get Pest Control in Kileleshwa
  • Get Pest Control in Kileleshwan
  • Get Pest Control in Kilimani
  • Get Pest Control in Kilimani Estate
  • Get Pest Control in Kimathi
  • Get Pest Control in Kisumu Ndogo
  • Get Pest Control in Koma Rock 1
  • Get Pest Control in Koma Rock 2
  • Get Pest Control in Koma Rock 3
  • Get Pest Control in Korogocho
  • Get Pest Control in Kosovo
  • Get Pest Control in Kuwinda
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Bed Bug Control in Nairobi

Have you had enough bed bug troubles? And bed bug sprays seem not to help? We are here for you to treat bed bug infestations efficiently in just 24 hours. Our team of technicians will pay your home a particular visit to assess the situation. They will do an inspection to ascertain the type and level of infestation upon which they will apply the most efficient ecological treatment to exterminate the bed bugs completely. They will also advise you on how to avoid chances of future re-infestations.

Do You Want DIY Bed Bug Control?

If the infestation is still very small, you can effectively get rid of the bed bugs. Simply get the best verified and highly ranked pest control products from our online stores and our stores near you. Each of these products has a simple-to-follow guide available for effective application.

Cockroach Control in Nairobi

We understand how embarrassing and annoying cockroaches are. We also understand when you treat them, and they keep coming back, that's the reason we are here. To help you eliminate them completely. Our professionals will do a fanatic inspection and employ the most efficient cockroach-specific treatment that is completely safe for the environment and your entire family. They will also guide you through the best measures to undertake to keep off roaches and enjoy your comfortable living.

Do You Want DIY Cockroach Control?

Don't move houses when you see cockroaches lurking around. You don't even need to panic because you can easily take care of the problem by yourself. All you need to kill every last one of them is to get our authentic and registered cockroach products from our stores near you or by simply visiting our online stores.

Termite Control in Nairobi

We will treat your premises and your whole compound effectively for termites. But first, our knowledgeable and experienced exterminators will do a very specific inspection that will determine the level of infestation. Moreover, they will find out the type of termites invading your premises in order to design the most thorough course of treatment that will exterminate the termites completely.

Do You Want DIY Termite Control?

Do you think you are facing a manageable termite problem? You can now exterminate the termites effectively by yourself. Our systematic guide will walk you through the whole process with ease. More-so, our pest control stores near you, as well as our online store, are stocked with the most efficient and verified ecological termite products.

Rodent Control in Nairobi

Our exterminators will control the rodents fast and more efficiently. Controlling rodents can be very challenging, but you need not worry because we know every expert trick and technique of controlling them ecologically. We understand that this nuisance pest can cause grave damage, and that is why we have developed techniques that ensure every single rodent is eliminated from your premises.

Do You Want DIY Rodent Control?

Our stores have stocked the most effective and verified rodent control products including, effective rat poisons and authentic bait stations, that you can position any place that the rodents frequent for effective and safe control. We have simplified this for you through our simple-to-follow guide of all our rat products.

Mosquito Control in Nairobi

We all hate that buzzing noise that seems to aim at our ears each time. And the horrific bite and malaria risk that comes with it, we can't risk! Our exterminators are very specific when it comes to mosquito control. They will do a comprehensive inspection designed to discover all breeding sites, level of infestation, and expose what could be attracting these dangerous pests into your premises. Upon this, they will customize the most efficient treatment that leaves your home completely mosquito-free. They won't leave before advising you on how to avoid mosquitoes and keep them off.

Do You Want DIY Mosquito Control?

Don't panic when you see one, two, or three mosquitoes around. We got you covered with effective mosquito sprays and authentic mosquito treatments that will ensure complete extermination of the pest. All you will do is visit our stores near you or visit our online store, and have your order delivered to your doorstep within 2 hours.

Ant Control In Nairobi

Ants are a nuisance, and they can destroy massive property if not eliminated. Our extermination services in Nairobi and all over Kenya are aimed at giving you the best solution to ant problems. Our exterminators ensure they leave your home and compound ant-free and completely safe for your comfortable living. They will also give you applicable tips for avoiding ant infestations.

Do You want DIY Ant Control?

We have stalked all our pest control stores near you with highly effective products that will help you to eradicate all ants by yourself. These products are also available in our online store, and they will be delivered to your doorstep in just 2 hours upon your request. We have availed step-by-step directions for the use of each of these products for long-lasting results.

Bat Control In Nairobi

We offer the best bat control services in Nairobi and Kenya. We have the latest equipment to safely exterminate bats from your premises and ensure you live comfortably without having any worries. Our products are ecological, secure for you, your loved ones, and your pets. We will eliminate every old and young bats and destroy their breeding and attraction sites.

Do You Want DIY Bat Control?

Bat control demands a lot of experience and expertise. It might be hard to eliminate them on your own, but we have compiled very detailed yet simple-to-apply techniques that you can follow to get rid of the bats. Our verified products, as availed in our stores, come with guidelines for use for the best results.

Note: It is inhumane to kill bats. Seek help from a pest control expert to assist you in getting rid of them safely.

Flies Control In Nairobi

Worried by flies? Leave all the stress to us. We will do the dirty work and ensure you are delighted and comfortable before we leave your home. We are a knowledgeable pest control company, and we will do a timely inspection and elimination of flies. We use modern technology and equipment to make sure you are satisfied and live comfortably.

Do You Want DIY Flies Control?

Flies put your family at risk of poor health, and we understand when you urgently want to eliminate or control them by yourself. The most efficient products that will quickly knock-down and kill the flies are readily available in all our stores. When need be, we will deliver these products to your doorstep in just 2 hours.

You can now enjoy efficient services from the leading pest control company in Nairobi with ease. Our fumigation, pest control, and cleaning services are provided with top quality, the desired urgency, and efficiency all at a very reasonable price customized to meet you at our budget needs.

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RAFIKI PEST CONTROL LTD is dedicated at customizing and offering premium pest control and cleaning services. When you use our services, we allocate a technician who will be part of your home, which means they will be able to understand your needs and be able to apply the best methods without any back and forth survey. We give a good report system which is both online and offline, which implies you can be able to trace all treatments done.

We offer more products and an online platform and community where you can be able to learn better behaviors which will prevent re-infestation. We do not treat and go, we become part of you. Our online shop will give you a chance to access veried and high ranked products in pest control and sanitation. This saves you the hustle to fall for poor quality products. We Gurantee 100% satisfaction.

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