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Top 5 Effective   Pesticides For Termite Control In Kenya

Jan. 11, 2022, 3:24 p.m.

Subterranean Termites infestation has been evident and has recorded a significant rise in new infestation in the past few years, with this new development there has been a need to develop new or and enhance the existing termiticides in the market.

For that reason, we are glad to highlight the top 5 insecticides that could be used to deal with termites infestation as follows. 

  1. Termidor 96SC

  2. Gladiator 4TC

  3. Undertaker 480 EC

  4. Metro 200SC

  5. Premise 200SC



termidor 96sc
Provided by Rafiki Pest Control

Termidor 96 SC is a superior suspension concentrate residual insecticide with contact and stomach action effective for the control of subterranean termites damaging buildings and structures.

Termidor’ Active Ingredient

 Fipronil (phenyl pyrazole) 96g/l.

Fipronil disarrays the normal functioning of an insects’ central nervous system by preventing chloride ion uptake causing excess neuronal stimulation and finally resulting in death.

Termidor 96SC is undetectable by termites and once termites touch it they contact, ingest and spread the termiticide until it eliminates the entire colony. This new termiticide has a unique transfer effect whereby when one termite comes into contact with this chemical, it carries it and contaminates another termite on contact and eventually kills the entire colony faster than any bait method.

Prices of Termidor 96SC

200ml at ksh 8800

1L at ksh 29000


Undertaker 480 EC

termidor 96sc
Provided by Rafiki Pest Control

Undertaker is a broad-spectrum termiticide with contact, fumigant, and stomach actions, it is commonly used in wood buildings and construction, timber, concrete slabs, and in agricultural termite nests, effective for total termite eradication.

Active Ingredient

Chlorpyrifos 480g/L

Chlorpyrifos works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase (AChE), which is an enzyme that degrades neurotransmitters resulting in the death of insects.

Benefits of using Undertaker 480 EC

  • Has quick knockdown action
  • Reliable termites control at an affordable cost
  • Can be applied inside and outside the residential places
  • Biofriendly 

Prices of Undertaker 480 EC

1L KES 6000

250ml KES 3000

100ml KES 2000

50ml KES 1300


Premise 200SC

termite pesticide
Provided by Rafiki Pest Control

Premise 200SC is a  powerful suspension concentrate insecticide for the control of ants and the protection of buildings against subterranean wood-destroying termites. It offers treated soil long-term residual insect protection for up to close to 5 years.

Active Ingredient

It contains Imidacloprid 200g/l which kills insects through contact or ingestion activity. 

Imidacloprid barricades the transmission of an insects’ nerve impulses.  It irreversibly binds an insect's nicotinic acetylcholine receptors consequently leading to its death. 

Premise 200SC is non-repellant that ensures no chance of survival or re-infestation, it’s also odorless and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Prices of Premise 200SC

50ml at KES 4000

250ml at KES 8800

1L at KES 35000


Gladiator 4TC

termidor 96sc
Provided by Rafiki Pest Control

Gladiator 4TC is a powerful termiticide used in buildings, prefabricated /timber houses,  termite nests in lawns, gardens, and sugar cane for effective termites control.  It’s a  special formulation with a high residual effect when applied in the soil and readily breaks down in the open air and sunlight. 

Active Ingredient

Chlorpyrifos 480g/L as a termiticide concentrate (TC)

Benefits of using Gladiator 4TC

  • The only organophosphorus insecticide fully tested and recommended for termite control in Kenya.
  •  Has been tested for many years in the USA and demonstrated control for over 10 years.
  •  Has very low water solubility and does not leach through non-target sites
  •  It's bio-friendly, it breaks readily in open sunlight, and does not build up in the environment.

Prices of Gladiator 4TC

100 ml at KES 1500

250 ml at KES 2500

1L at KES 7000



termite pesticide
Provided by Rafiki Pest Control

Metro 200Sc is the perfect termiticide against subterranean termites.

Active Ingredient

 Imidacloprid 200g/l.

Imidacloprid works through contact and ingestion action. It interferes with postsynaptic nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in an insects’ central nervous system.

Technical Advantages of Metro 200SC

  •  This powerful weapon is non-repellent, has neither odor nor color.
  •  It has a fast knock-down action and will kill termites immediately on contact. 
  •  Metro SC is very undetectable to termites. Stubborn subterranean termites that don’t die immediately on contact will walk and groom through it unknowingly. They will take the termiticide back to the rest of the colony, where it’ll spread deadly soil-borne diseases that will kill the entire colony.
  •  Its unique ability to bond firmly into the soil and treated surfaces make it last longer, giving your wooden surfaces and forestry continued protection against termites.

Prices of Metro 200SC

25ml at KES 2000

50ml at KES 3500

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