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The Best Pit Latrine Digester Chemicals in Kenya

Sept. 5, 2021, 6:52 p.m.

The purpose of pit latrine digester chemicals is to reduce solid waste dramatically, break down toilet papers, prevent fly infestations, and keep bad smells down. You must follow the laid down procedures or call an experienced professional to treat your pit latrine/septic tank to achieve effective biodegradation results. To give homeowners peace of mind and help them save thousands of repair and emptying costs when it comes to wastewater management, we have compiled a list of the best pit latrine digester chemicals available in the Kenyan market today.


  1. Pit Latrine Digester

Pit digester

It doesn’t take long to accumulate excess solid waste in your septic tank/pit latrine. But with this Pit Latrine Digester, you can break solid waste and reduce pit levels conveniently without breaking a stride. You will achieve the desired pit maintenance treatment if you use Pit Latrine Digester in your long drop toilets every three months. This chemical is not only efficient in breaking down organic waste in a safe and eco-friendly manner. It also clears away bad smells, eliminates flies, and kills germs while ensuring your pit latrine does not fill.


  1. Bio-Pit Digester

If you want to clear blockages, prevent solid waste fill-ups, repel flies, and keep bad odors in check, Bio-Pit Digester may be just what you’re looking for. It is best for use in your portable toilet, pit latrine, septic tank, hotel grease traps, and bio-production. It is composed of beneficial bacteria and concentrated compounds that eat up polythene, condoms, and diapers. Bio-Pit uses powerful enzymes to eat up excess water in septic tanks, and pit latrines. It freshens the environment by keeping everything going in the right direction and odor-free. Bio-Pit Digester helps avoid messy build-ups and saves you costly repair services.    


  1. Flush Pit

To open blocked pipes, kill all maggots, depress and drain solid waste, and eliminate harmful germs, use this Flush Pit. Flush Pit is an excellent choice that clears sludge and keeps bad odors in check in an eco-friendly and non-toxic manner. To use this Pit Latrine Digester Chemical that is tough on sludge, pour 1 kg of it into your septic tank/pit latrine and treat it consistently for two months. Flush Pit is easy on your budget and comes with an improved disinfectant fragrance. 


  1. Super Pit Digester

To clear out blockages in drainage pipes within the kitchen, toilet, or bathroom and avoid bad flaws that could incur you a lot to fix, use this Super Pit Digester. This Chemical is a natural formulation of beneficial agents that attack and break down solid waste. It is also highly effective in preventing pit latrines and septic tanks from filling up in an eco-friendly manner. Super Pit Digester keeps awful smells in check and eliminates germs to improve hygiene.  To achieve the best results, use this Super Pit every 3months to treat your drainages/pit latrines.


  1. Super Septic

Super Septic is the best pit latrine digester chemical for pit latrines and septic tanks. It ensures they do not fill, and all waste is broken down naturally to maintain a sludge-free pit that is healthy for people. It is 100% natural as it is made up of good bacteria and is, therefore, eco-friendly. Super Septic not only reduces pit levels significantly but also gets rid of odors, eliminates flies, and ensures only clean water seeps through the ground to avoid underground water contamination. Use one sachet of Super Septic weekly for the first month and one sachet monthly after the first month. Do not use Super septic with other detergents/chemicals as they kill the good bacteria needed to do the job.


  1. Super Flush

The combination of the good natural bacteria in Super Flush starts working as soon as it is poured into the pit. Successful results of flies elimination and removal of awful smells are seen within 1 or 2 days, and a dramatic reduction in the solid waste level will be visible in a week. Super Flush is 100% organic, eco-friendly, and powerful enough to liquefy solid waste and ensure only clean liquid seeps through the ground to avoid underground water contamination. Super Flush not only keeps everything running nicely but also makes wastewater, and drains line treatment easy and convenient. To make sure you get effective treatment results, prepare a Super Flush solution at the rate of 100ml in 5Ltrs of water. Wash the toilet surface and pour the solution into the pit. Add three cupsful of the treatment into your toilet cistern and flush.


  1. Hy-Propit Digester.

Hy-Propit Digester is powerfully concentrated with surface agents to attack and break down solid waste naturally and in an eco-friendly manner. This chemical is an excellent choice for treating pit latrines, kitchen sinks, and blocked drainages. Hy-Propit Digester not only reduces waste levels but also gets rid of all awful odors.  

Managing septic tank levels, and preventing environmental/water contamination is not only noble but is also easy thanks to the Best Pit Latrine Digester Chemicals mentioned above.  You can now easily access these chemicals from any Rafiki Pest Control Stores near you or place an order through our online shop and have the products delivered to your preferred location.

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