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Product Information


In most households, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, and resorts, poorly maintained septic tanks are likely to wreak havoc if left unchecked.

Poor degradation of fecal matter and food waste increases sludge build-up in the septic tanks causing overflowing septic tanks.

Inappropriate septic tank treatment containing food and toilet waste can lead to the clogging of septic tanks resulting in the emission of foul odour and the occurrence of backflows due to sludge build-up. Moreover, septic tank cleaning becomes a necessity.


Bioclean® Septic is a natural microbial septic tank treatment product containing septic tank enzyme-producing bacteria capable of completely degrading fecal matter.

The microbes in Bioclean® Septic break down existing sludge and minimize its build-up as well, preventing choke-ups. Bioclean® Septic is a septic tank cleaner that curbs foul odor by inhibiting the growth of putrefying bacteria.

It degrades organic blockages in drain pipes, gravel leach pits, and porous stone walls, thus resolving your overflow and backflow issues and aiding in septic tank treatment.

Benefits of Bioclean Septic - Best Septic Tank Cleaner

  1. Helps septic tank cleaning by speeding up fecal matter breakdown, minimizes sludge build-up
  2. Enhances fecal sludge management by preventing choke-ups and emanation of bad odors from your tank
  3. Septic tank cleaner suppresses the propagation of disease-causing germs
  4. 100 % natural & safe
  5. Simple and easy to use
  6. Economical and effective

Leaks around the locking lids of a septic systems

septic tank treatment and maintenance

Dosage: To achieve the desired result through septic tank cleaning, follow the below-mentioned dosage:-

For up to 5000 L tank size

Regular dose:

  • Use 1 packet of 250 gm every month
  • For severe problems:
  • Use 4 packets of 250 gm in the 1st month
  • Use 2 packets of 250 gm in the 2nd month
  • Use 1 packet of 250 gm 3rd month onwards


Bioclean Septic Plus is a highly effective septic tank cleaner with a consortium of microbes capable of degrading fecal matter and food waste in septic tanks equally efficiently.

The unique septic tank enzymatic machinery of the microbes senses the type of organic matter present in the tank and acts on it accordingly. The septic tank cleaner’s ability to completely degrade organic matter prevents sludge build-up and breaks down accumulated sludge as well.



septic tank treatment for overflow

Bioclean Septic Plus is one of the most effective and best septic tank cleaners that aggressively act on fats, oils, and grease from food waste which mainly causes choking and leads to bad odor from the septic tank.

Bioclean Septic Plus curbs foul odour by inhibiting the growth of putrefying bacteria that release malodours making your septic tanks smelly.

Its ability to minimize the sludge volume reduces the need for frequent pump outs making Bioclean Septic Plus an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of septic tank cleaning.

Benefits of Bioclean Septic Plus- Best Septic Tank Cleaner

  1. Efficiently degrades fecal matter and food waste in septic waste, thus preventing sludge build-up & emanation of foul odors from septic tanks
  2. Easy to use and reduces the need for frequent pump-outs
  3. The septic tank cleaner degrades the fats, grease, and oils in food waste
  4. Can be stored and transported easily

Dosage: For up to 10000 L tank

Maintenance dose

  • Use 1 packet of 500 gm every month
  • For severe problems
  • Use 4 packets of 500 gm in the 1st month
  • Use 2 packets of 500 gm in the 2nd month
  • Use 1 packet of 500 gm 3rd month onwards

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