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Pestigon (3pipettes of 1.34ml)

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Product Information


Save your dog from annoying flea and tick infestations with this Pestigon solution. Pestigon kills ticks within 48 hours after treatment. And if your pet is infested by the stubborn ticks of the species Dermacentor reticulatus, they will all be killed in 7 days after treatment. Pestigon is best used monthly to give you the most desired results.


Pestigon is a spot-on solution for dogs that contains fipronil to treat and keep away tick and flea infestations. It gives highly effective results when used every once a month. 

In addition to eliminating ticks and fleas fast from your pet, Pestigon possesses a long-lasting efficiency against the tick Dermacentor reticulatus that lasts for up to one month in dogs. 

Active Ingredients

  • Fipronil

What is the Correct Pestigon Dosage?

  • A single pipette of 1.34ml of Pestigon for each dog weighing roughly 10-20kgs. 
  • Note that Pestigon is made for external applications only. 
  • It is administered by applying directly to the dogs’ skin.

The Correct Procedure for Administering Pestigon

  • Lift the pipette upright and tap the tighter section to secure the Pestigon solution well within the pipette. 
  • Break back the snap-off from the spot-on pipette along the scored line. 
  • Separate the fur around the shoulder blades to expose the skin. 
  • Carefully position the pipette tip on this skin and press it lightly to release the solution onto the skin. Ideally, release a single spot at the skull base and add another spot 2-3 cm farther back. 
  • Note that this solution must only be applied on parts where the dog cannot reach to lick it away. 
  • Avoid wetting the pets’ hair excessively since that results in a very sticky look of the hairs in the treated area and will only disappear after 24 hours.
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