Duodip 55% EC

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Product Information

Duodip 55% EC

Use this Duodip 55% EC for maximum eradication of cattle ticks, lice and fleas. An ectoparasiticide that is applied as a dip or sprayed on livestock, including herd, goats,cow, sheep, dog, pigs, camels and other domestic animals.

Active Ingredient in Duopid 55% EC

  • Cypermethrin 50g/l 
  • Chlorpyrifos 500g/l 

Cypermethrin 50g/l and Chlorpyrifos 500g/l Mode of Action

Cypermethrin 50g/l, a class II Pyrethroid that works through the disruption of Sodium Channel function. It binds and disrupts the normal functioning of an insects' ion channel, eventually leading to its death.

Chlorpyrifos 500g/l affects an insects' nervous system. It attaches to the active site of the cholinesterase enzyme. And inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft eventually leading to the death of an insect 

Rate of Application 

Prepare a suspension in water of Duodip 55% EC. Ensure it is well diluted for cattle treatment as a dip or spray. 

Target Pests

  • Lice
  • Fleas
  • Mange
  • Tick

Must Consider Precautions for Duodip 55% EC Usage

  • Always wear protective gear, such as hand gloves when dealing with Duodip 55% EC
  • Domestic animals should NOT be slaughtered for consumption before 48hours of treatment have passed.
  • Avoid any chances of Duodip 55% EC contact with fish or bees since it is very toxic to them. 
  • In case a Duodip solution accidentally comes into contact with skin, cleanse thoroughly using a lot of running water to avoid irritation. 
  • Keep Duodip 55% EC away from children's reach and ensure all tools used are kept clean and safe.
  • Ensure thorough cleaning of each pump and crush in between treatments
  • Always get immediate medical assistance if you accidentally swallow Duodip 55%EC solution

Advantages of Applying Duodip 55% EC

  • It is very effective and is widely applied in the eradication of cattle fleas, lice, and mange. 
  • Has a fast tick knock-down action and is very superior in performance against both adult and immature ticks.
  • It is satisfactory in eradication of high infestations of both adult and immature species of ticks infesting cattle.  

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