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Auto Soap Dispenser (1ltr) PCB Approved

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Auto Soap Dispenser (1ltr)

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Product Information

Auto Soap Dispenser is an economical infrared and hands-free sensor that is hygienic and that reduces spread of germs and viruses. This machine is charged by 4 AAbatteries and is used both in residential areas and homes such as kitchen, bathrooms, schools, company entrances, banks and more.


  • 1000ml automatic soap dispenser
  • Automatic sensor ability
  • Leak proof design avoiding spillage
  • Refillable sensor pump option when running out of sanitiser or hand wash
  • Seamless mountable pump that fits in with the aesthetic of the room.
  • Conveniently used in shopping malls, banks, schools, hospitals, shops, bathrooms, toilets and restaurants.
  • Transparent visual casement
  • Induction liquid outlet


Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser

Auto Soap Dispenser easily detects hand motion and releases hand wash gel or liquid to be used to disinfect one’s hands.

Leak proof design

The leak proof design helps avoid spillage which can cause accidents due to the content’s slippery nature. It also avoids making messes that could otherwise exist when using ordinary hand wash bottles.

Refillable Sensor Pump

It can be easily opened whenever a refill is required to ensure you do not run out of hand wash at any point in time.

Seamless Mountable Installation

Connect the wall bracket to the bracket of the dispenser. After which you can use glue to stick the back glue to the wall bracket.

Economical induction liquid outlet

Auto soap dispensers have a sanction pump that releases liquid/gel hand wash or sanitiser out through an outlet in reasonable quantities. This makes it easier to regulate the amount used to wash one’s hands.

Transparent Visual Casement

With a transparent visual casement, one is able to monitor the amount of liquid/gel remaining in the dispenser so as to enable time to time refilling.

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