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Agita 10WG Fly Bait

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Product Information

Agita 10WP is water soluble formulation fly insecticide  effective in control of the most common household fly Musca domestica, and litter beetles.This  formula contains an effective fly bait that encourages both male and female house flies to remain in treated areas and consume or come into contact with lethal doses of the product. This unique formulation affords the user up to 6 weeks of residual activity when applied as recommended.

Active Ingredients

10%Thiamethoxam, Z-9-Tricosene

Mode of Action

Agita 10 WG contains powerful pheromone lures, making it irresistible to flies; the bait has lethal effect against the insects on contact and ingestion. The Active ingredient  Thiamethoxam, a broad-spectrum insecticide that stops the transfer of information between nerve cells and leads to paralysis and ultimately the death of the targeted insect.

Rate of Application

Station/ tray method

Spread evenly on the tray/station og Agita 10WP to avoid leaving heaps.

Paint  method

Mix 10g of Agita 10WP with 10ml or 50g into 40ml of lukewarm water until a brushable paste is achieved. Apply 2 meters strips apart on the walls and ceilings where flies normally rest. 

Spray method

Use 10g of Agita 10WP in 200ml or 50g in 1L of lukewarm water, using a hand-pump, concentrating on areas where flies are.

Bait -scatting

Apply Agita 10WP in areas where flies are mostly seen.

Board-hanging method

Lightly moisten one side of the board with eggs/cola and sprinkle particles of Agita 10WP and hang it on the areas where flies mostly congregate.

Packaging Sizes

20g, 400g


Areas to use Agita 10WP fly Bait

  • Agricultural structures like Poultry houses and barn.
  • Bakeries and pastries  areas.
  • Around window sills and animal pens.
  • Around garbage sites.

Application Technique

  1. Brush paint -on.
  2. Low pressure spray.


Benefits of Using Agita 10WP fly bait

  • A lethal combination of thiamethoxam and tricosene
  • A combination of contact and stomach modes of action
  • Dual attractants for male and female house flies
  • An alternative in poultry for rotation with other insecticide classes
  • Easy to use.
  •  Offers long-term protection.
  • Safe to handlers and livestocks

Handling Precautions

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during application.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after using this product.
  • Wear gloves during preparation of the soluble paste to avoid contact with skin.
  • Dispose off the packaging away from children and water sources.
  • Clean areas and surfaces baited before use again like tables and counters.
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