Mosquitoes do bite. Be it at night or dawn, some even do bite during daytime! A mosquito bite might result in diseases such as malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. Their high pitched buzzing sound is so irritating and may rob you of your peaceful and sound sleep.

The pests feed on human beings and any warm-blooded animal. They also feed on nectar. You will, therefore, find them hiding in trees and bushes near your premise. Mosquitoes are attracted to heat, scents, and sight. They love warm weather and breed in stagnant water. Under favorable conditions, they breed so fast.

Mosquitoes have one head, two compound eyes, and long feathery antennae. In between the antennae, there is the proboscis, a long serrated mouthpart adapted for piercing and sucking.

Signs of infestation

  • Mosquito larvae in standing water
  • High pitch buzzing of the females
  • Mildly irritating bites by the female mosquitoes while searching for blood meal when they want to lay eggs.

What attracts mosquitoes?

  • Standing water near you. Adults are attracted to stagnant water where they lay their eggs
  • Scents from soaps, perfumes, and body lotions
  • Exhaled gases.
  • Moisture conditions such as wells, holes, flowerbeds, shady areas.

How we do it

Are mosquitoes giving you sleepless nights? Contact us for the best residential pest control. Rafiki Pest Control is known to offer effective ways of pest control in your place of residence.  Our experts will first check your surroundings to identify their breeding site. They will also determine how mosquitoes gain access to your house. The mosquito control professionals will give you the best treatment options depending on your situation.

Your Commercial premise is not left out. We also have effective commercial pest control measures. Do not let mosquitoes rob you of your valued customers due to their sting bites.

Mosquito Prevention and Elimination at Rafiki Pest Control

The first thing that our professionals will advise you on is how to get rid of the breeding sites. You have to remove any standing water around your home, trim grass and clean rain gutters. Try to seal them out by keeping doors and windows shut or you can add screens.

Mosquito traps-the traps are placed at strategic points within your home or office. The mosquitoes get attracted to them and get trapped. It is, however, a slow method of eliminating mosquitoes thus used in combination with other control measures.

Mosquito insecticides- the chemicals we use are both contacts as well as those with long residual effect.   The products effectively control targets such as the egg, larva or adult stage. We do use Larvicides directly to water to control mosquito larvae. Adulticides for the adults is applied through fogging and spraying. The Mosquito experts also target and spray the foliage of any bushes and shrubs nearby.

 Whether you want total mosquito control from your business premise or home, Rafiki Pest Control has the pest control products. Our products are also environmentally friendly and also keep the mosquito population in check while caring for your health and safety. We have formulas which reduce insecticide toxicity in water, soil, and other useful insects. Our professionals are well versed with the proper handling of chemicals.

Do not hesitate to come to Rafiki Pest Control in case of mosquito infestation. Stay safe from malaria. Contact us for quick and effective mosquito control.




The Listed Prices apply in Kiambu, Nairobi Regions. Let's hear your concerns.

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VariationsBedBugs,RoachesCRAWLING PEST FLYING PEST Termites
Single RoomKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
BedsitterKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
Servant QKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
KitchenKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
PantryKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Bus/VanKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Car/StoreKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Camp/TentKES 2500KES 2500KES 2500
Institution bedsKES 150KES 150KES 150
1 BedroomKES 5000KES 5000KES 5000KES 9500
2 BedroomKES 6000KES 6000KES 6000KES 12600
3 BedroomKES 7000KES 7000KES 7000KES 15000
4 BedroomKES 8000KES 8000KES 8000KES 19000
5 BedroomKES 8600KES 8600KES 8600KES 22000
ButcheryKES 7500KES 7500KES 7500
RestaurantKES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
SurveyKES 950KES 950KES 950KES 1000
AreaKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.m
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