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What You Should Know About Covid-19:Coronavirus

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Important Facts You Need to Know About Corona Virus

Covid-19 is an emerging respiratory disease that has seen almost everybody’s life upended. Its symptoms include a cough, fever, in extreme cases there is difficulty in breathing. It is spread through contact with an infected person or through exposure to surfaces exposed to the virus and then touching your eye, nose or mouth.

Since its outbreak, this pandemic has continued to fracture our lives for weeks and months now. The gravity of this disease is sinking in throughout the whole world and every person has got to do their part to help curb and prevent the spread of this virus. At a personal level, everyone should prevent the spread of this disease by :

  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Staying at home
  • Keeping a safe social distance
  • Washing hands often
  • Covering your mouth while coughing or sneezing
  • In case of the signs mentioned earlier, call for medical assistance immediately.
  • What Are Our Responsibilities During This Covid 19 Pandemic?

    We have not taken a step back during this crisis. We are still here for you. We are set to lead by example during this challenging pandemic. Rafiki Pest Control Store is concerned about you and that is why, once you have logged in to our website, you will automatically receive all updated information concerning this Covid19 Pandemic.

    Our professional and very innovative staff has come up with strategies meant to provide a positive impact on the society, our customers, businesses and employees.

    Disinfecting Process
  • Disinfecting services need a lot of care therefore we send our trained staff to your premises. They do a careful survey and inspection of your place marking the high risk and exposed areas.
  • This is then followed by a careful disinfection of each area beginning with the high risk and visibly soiled ones. All soiled areas are always cleaned using a detergent and water before disinfecting; dust and dirt are a hindrance to disinfection.
  • We use EPA-registered disinfectants that leave no stains behind in all rooms against Covid19. SARS-coV-2 is an enveloped virus that is easily inactivated using disinfectants.
  • While spraying the disinfectant, keen attention is given to the commonly touched surfaces like cabinets, seats, doorknobs, chairs and files.
  • Electronics are turned off and disinfected by use of a paper towel dampened with the ready to use disinfectant. The used paper towel is disposed into the garbage immediately.
  • All disinfected areas are allowed to dry on their own and left for not less than 15 minutes to allow the disinfectant to act on the areas.
  • We do not leave it at that, we make a free and close follow up to ensure your safety and complete satisfaction of our services.
  • Here is Why You Need to Disinfect with Us

  • You are our central focus and your safety is our concern.
  • Our qualified and licensed staff offers comprehensive safety for you and your loved ones.
  • We ensure zero exposure risks to Covid-19 or any other viruses.
  • Our staff is equipped with the best cleaning and disinfecting products.
  • We are always ready to offer reliable and timely services within 2 hours of your booking.
  • We customize our prices in accordance to your needs to ensure we meet your budget.
  • We are your friend and listening partner hence the non-obligatory quotes offered upon listening to you.
  • We use non-toxic products that are friendly and safe to pets and children.
  • You need not worry about your medical history because our staff talks to you and puts that into serious consideration before coming up with the best disinfection solution.
  • We are here for your emergency needs because Rafiki Pest Control Store offers 24hours services.
  • Disinfect and Stay Protected Against Viruses and Bacterias with Our Licensed Staff

    You are our priority and our work is to ensure you stay protected against Covid-19. We are a qualified disinfection specialist company that has been licensed to care for all your fumigation needs. The desire for your safety is of ultimate importance to us.

    Our staff has been trained with professionalism and expertise to offer comprehensive safety while disinfecting your commercial and domestic premises. We have confidence and a specialty in Covid19 prevention and control measures.

    We employ safe work practices and our staff has been equipped with the best cleaning solutions as well as Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] to prevent any exposure risk to Coronavirus.

    We are precise and ready at all times to be there with you and tend to all your disinfection needs.

    We always listen, talk to us

    Affordable Rates, Environmentaly and Discreet Services For you.
    Our Affordable Plans.

    Super Premium Package Entails:

    • Keen Vacuuming in all areas marked on survey.
    • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
    • Cleaning of Floor areas treated, Seats, Mattreses, Carpet (limited to 70sq ft.)
    • Cleaning of kitchen Cabinets when it involves cockroach control.
    • Cleaning is done using foam, this helps in taking any chemical lodge leaving your house dirt and pest free.
    • 60 days Warranty with 1 extra treatment (on request) at no cost.

    Property Price(KES)Super Premium
    Bedsitter 5000
    Single Room 5000
    Servant Quaters 5000
    Kitchen Only 5000
    Bus 7500
    Camp Tent 4500
    Store 4000
    Cottage 4000
    Car 4000
    Property Price(KES)Super Premium
    1 Bedroom 8000
    2 Bedroom 10000
    3 Bedroom 12000
    4 Bedroom 14000
    5 Bedroom 16500
    6 Bedroom 17800
    Property Price(KES)Super Premium
    Butchery 14500
    Restaurant 22500
    Survey 1000
    Area sq.M 100

    Premium Package Entails:

    • Keen Vacuuming in all areas marked on survey.
    • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
    • 60 Days Warranty with 1 extra treatment (on request) at no cost.
    • Doesn't include cleaning.

    Property Price(KES)Premium
    Bedsitter 2800
    Single Room 2800
    Servant Quaters 2800
    Kitchen Only 2800
    Bus 2800
    Camp Tent 2800
    Store 2800
    Cottage 2800
    Car 2800
    Institution Bed 150
    Lockers 150
    Property Price(KES)Premium
    1 Bedroom 5000
    2 Bedroom 6000
    3 Bedroom 7000
    4 Bedroom 8000
    5 Bedroom 8500
    6 Bedroom 8800
    Property Price(KES)Premium
    Butchery 8000
    Restaurant 15000
    Survey 1000
    Area sq.M 39

    Standard Package Entails:

    • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
    • Doesn't include warranty of 60 days.
    • Doesn't include any extra treatment.
    • Doesn't include cleaning services.

    Property Price(KES)Standard
    Bedsitter 1800
    Single Room 1800
    Servant Quaters 1800
    Kitchen Only 1800
    Bus 1800
    Camp Tent 1800
    Store 1800
    Cottage 1800
    Car 1800
    Institution Bed 80
    Lockers 80
    Property Price(KES)Standard
    1 Bedroom 3000
    2 Bedroom 4000
    3 Bedroom 5000
    4 Bedroom 6000
    5 Bedroom 7000
    6 Bedroom 8000
    Property Price(KES)Standard
    Butchery 5000
    Restaurant 8000
    Survey 1000
    Area sq.M 20
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    Our Premium Services

    RAFIKI PEST CONTROL LTD is dedicated at customizing and offering premium pest control and cleaning services. When you use our services, we allocate a technician who will be part of your home, which means they will be able to understand your needs and be able to apply the best methods without any back and forth survey. We give a good report system which is both online and offline, which implies you can be able to trace all treatments done.

    We offer more products and an online platform and community where you can be able to learn better behaviors which will prevent re-infestation. We do not treat and go, we become part of you. Our online shop will give you a chance to access veried and high ranked products in pest control and sanitation. This saves you the hustle to fall for poor quality products. We Gurantee 100% satisfaction.

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