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Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services

We provide premium residential cleaning services. We are equiped to handle any type of cleaning that you need. Let the greesy and non-attractive home not be a bother, let Rafiki Hygiene handle it for you as you handle other important things.

restaurant cleaning services

Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services

The needs of a hotel and restaurant to maintain its level of sanitaion and hygiene needs a high level of proffessionalism so as to maintain the five star nature of a the business. We offer comprehensive services and good reporting and management system. some of the areas we have majored in are House keeping, laundry, General cleaning, catering, swimming pool management among other taks.


Office Cleaning Services

An office is the place where you will spend half your day in, there is need to have it clean and hygienic away from pests like dust mites which might trigger allergic reactions. We offer one time and full-time dedicated cleaners in your office. We equip our workers with effective tools to ensure you have the perfect service.

commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning entails using heav erquipment and clean broad places, like institutions and public places. our cleaners are trained to handle all dirt problem which ensures you dont need to worry about dirt when Rafiki Hygiene is on duty.

sofaset cleaning

Sofasets and Mattresses Cleaning

Clean mattresses and sofasets is an ideal requirement for every home, we take care of mattresses and sofaset.

General Cleaning

General Cleaning Services

You might be thinking about giving your home a new look, we will handle all cleaning needs in your business or home.

Our Flexible Price Plans for CLEANING services.
Sofa type Premium Services Price(KES)
1 seater 800
2 seater 1500
3 seater 2500
4 seater 3200
5 seater 4000
6 seater 4800
L shape sofaset 4100
7 seater 5600
Arm Chair 800
Office Chair 500
Dining Chair 400
Puff Seat 450
Carpet 300 per SQ.M
Homes/Premises Premium Services Price(KES)
1 Bedroom 9500
2 Bedroom 13000
3 Bedroom 17000
4 Bedroom 21000
5 Bedroom 25000
6 Bedroom 30000
Mattresses Premium Services Price(KES)
3x6 mattress 2000
4x6 mattress 2500
5x6 mattress 3000
6x6 mattress 3500
Office/Institutions Premium Services Price(KES)
None Carpeted 270 per sq.M
Carpeted 300 per sq.M
Rodent Odour removal 3000
Washrooms 3500
Dedicated Cleaner (with cleaning equipment) 24000
Dedicated Cleaner (without cleaning equipment) 22000

Let Us Help you take care of Pest and Dirt

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