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You may be wondering what termites are because they are rarely seen. Termites are found in areas where you rarely go. Did you know that termites live in colonies? They are whitish in appearance and have segmented body parts. Their mouthparts are very strong and are adapted to biting and chewing. They generally cause damage to properties. Rafiki Pest Control offers you the best and effective termite control measures. We have many years of experience as well enough expertise that’ll provide you with all the necessary information on how to effectively deal with these insects.

How do you know if you have a termite infestation?

You will get termite damage when you least expect. Termites eat all the time. They feed on dead trees and plants, that’s why wood is one of their main food. They also feed on papers, drywall, and plastic. Some of the signs that will help you know that your house or office has been infested with termites include:

  • Swarm of insect or groups of discarded wings. Small flying termites are usually the first sign that you will see. As they fly, they discard and leave their leaves behind.
  • Hollow sounding wood-Termites do not feed on the wood surface. They eat the wood from the inside out. They prefer a dark and humid environment. If you tap wood and it sounds hollow from inside, it could be due to termite attack.
  • Clicking sound from the walls-this is usually as a result of the termites banging their heads on the doors when they sense danger.
  • Mud tubes near or at the perimeter of your house. The mud tubes are usually moist and made up of termite droppings and soil.
  • Termites eat your house or property twice as much when you play loud music.

    How We Get Rid of Termites

  • Termite inspection
  • We carry out inspection which will help us know the right method for treatment. The other information we get from the inspection in the nature of problem so that we can give a perfect report. We dont guess, we use facts to get solutions.

  • Treatment
  • The treatment will fortify and seal all pests. Using effective method which is dependant on the nature of problem as reported from the inspection.

  • Report and make follow-ups
  • We are dedicated in ensuring you understand what we do and the best practices when it comes to pest control, thus we make follow-ups and give reports which will help you know how to handle progressive practices.

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