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When you suspect or see a bed bug, Do not move clothes, and furniture around to prevent infecting or spreading the bugs which may make it hard to trace the source, its adviced to call an expert for proffesional assistance before it gets out of control.

If you thought that bed bugs are for the poor, then you are very wrong! They can be found in any house. Bed bugs are very annoying. During the day they can really be an embarrassment. They are easily spread but difficult to control. They hide during the daytime only to come out at night to feed on the hosts’ blood.

Adult bed bugs are brown to reddish brown. They are oval in shape with a flattened body. They can easily hide in tiny cracks and crevices due to their flat body shape. They like hiding in dark and isolated areas. You will find them in skirting board, wardrobes, and bedside cabinets, underneath carpets, bed frames and headboard crevices. Hotels are not spared either! You will find bedbugs in the high-class hotels.

How we get rid of bedbugs

Our approach to Pest control is effective and it is donw by specialists who are vetted and licenced. When at your place they will conduct an inspection which will give more information on the level of infestation as well as the major areas suspected to be the breeding areas. When inspection is done the technician will proceed to Treat, an appropriate application using the chosen plan is done carefully.

We offer Premium Services which entails proper reporting and follow ups which makes it a perfect choice for your bedbug extermination needs.

How do you get bed bugs?

1. From public places like buses, hotels, lodgings, market place or learning institutions.

2. From neighbors through a shared clothesline

3. Some second hand bought items such as household furniture and clothing could be having the bugs.

Bed Bug Control Services Prices in Nairobi & Kiambu

Bed Bug control prices vary depending on several aspects include:

  • Number of bedrooms/beds
  • Level of infestation
  • Size of house/property

You can always choose either Premium Level service or Standard Level Service. Check the prices bellow, call us if you have any inquiry.

How to Book For Bedbug Control Services

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Call/text us to place a booking. We are available 24hrs.

One pregnant bedbug can bring about 300 adults and 1000 new eggs in a span of three months only!.
Our Flexible Price Plans for 1 time Services on BEDBUG CONTROL services.
Property Price(KES)Premium
Bedsitter 2800
Single Room 2800
Servant Quaters 2800
Kitchen Only 2800
Bus 2800
Camp Tent 2800
Store 2800
Cottage 2800
Car 2800
Institution Bed 150
Lockers 150
Property Price(KES)Premium
1 Bedroom 5000
2 Bedroom 6000
3 Bedroom 7000
4 Bedroom 8000
5 Bedroom 8500
6 Bedroom 8800
Property Price(KES)Premium
Butchery 8000
Restaurant 15000
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 39
Property Price(KES)Standard
Bedsitter 1800
Single Room 1800
Servant Quaters 1800
Kitchen Only 1800
Bus 1800
Camp Tent 1800
Store 1800
Cottage 1800
Car 1800
Institution Bed 80
Lockers 80
Property Price(KES)Standard
1 Bedroom 3000
2 Bedroom 4000
3 Bedroom 5000
4 Bedroom 6000
5 Bedroom 7000
6 Bedroom 8000
Property Price(KES)Standard
Butchery 5000
Restaurant 8000
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 20
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We offer more products and an online platform and community where you can be able to learn better behaviors which will prevent re-infestation. We do not treat and go, we become part of you. Our online shop will give you a chance to access veried and high ranked products in pest control and sanitation. This saves you the hustle to fall for poor quality products. We Gurantee 100% satisfaction.

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