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Did you know that in the world, there are more than 1,200 species of bats? While some of them are known to feed on insects and fruits, vampire bats feed solely on blood to stay alive. In fact, they cannot survive for more than two nights without blood.

Bats can make their habitat in any part of the world. They are creatures of the night and will make a daytime habitat by clinging on to your house walls, ceilings, and different buildings within your compound. They may not see very clearly with their eyes, but they have an echolocation system that helps them navigate in total darkness, detect prey or food, and capture it using their wings.

Facts You Ought to Know About Bats

  • You can as well forget mangoes, bananas, and avocados if you wished bats don't exist. Very many types of fruits depend on bats for pollination. Thus, killing bats is very inhumane. A pest control expert should help you control them instead.
  • They are the only flying mammals. Bats have wings that look like a modified human hand. The skin membrane between their fingers has been extended and is very flexible.
  • Guano (bat droppings) have high potassium nitrate and phosphorous, commonly used in fertilizer making. It can also help in making gunpowder and explosives.
  • Unlike what many people think, bats are not blind; Some bat species even have better eyesight than human beings. Some may, however, not see very clearly, and that is why they use echolocation.
  • A lot of bats will open their mouth when calling out their ultrasound echolocation signals. However, others shout through their nostrils.
  • Some female bats can control when to get pregnant and give birth by storing a males' sperm in their body and delaying fertilization. They can also slow embryo development in their wombs.
  • According to scientists, bats came into existence almost 100 million years ago.

Dangers Posed by Bats

  • When handled, bats may bite. The saliva of a bat may carry rabies virus that is transmittable to you. Ensure to capture that bat for a rabies test in cases of a bite.
  • You may be at the risk of contracting rabies if your open wound or scratches come into contact with bats brain tissue or saliva (non-bite).
  • They can cause severe respiratory health problems for human beings and pets. This results from inhaling histoplasmosis spores that grow from their droppings.
  • Bats can also spread parasites as well as lice and mites.
  • It is very likely for bat invasion to go unnoticed for an extended period. Therefore, the number of bats may increase in large amounts over time.
  • Getting rid of bats from your home is not a simple DIY process. It is a task meant for vetted and licensed staff.
  • Bats will never go away on their own.
Hiring a professional extermination services saves you alot of money than DIY methods since they understand best practices.

How You Can Detect the Presence of Bats in Your Premises

There are several ways that you can detect the presence of bats at your place.

  • Watch out for bats leaving their roosts at dusk to go in search of food. You may notice them existing through roof sidings, eaves, or vents.
  • Listen carefully to hear noise from their colonies. They produce ultrasonic sound waves. Bat chatting and movement can be detected at various times as they move to and from their roosts.
  • Look for dark brown stains and bat droppings near roosts. You will notice stains near bat shelters in buildings, beneath entrance holes or roof spaces. When you crash the droppings, you will see shiny undigested insects.

How Do We Get Rid of Bats?

Bats are a nuisance pest that can damage your home and will never go away on their own. Having a bat invasion does not just come with noise problems, no, bats will damage your structure, and their dropping will slowly corrode building materials and wood. In the case of bat invasion, call pest control specialists to help get rid of them.

Our vetted and licensed specialists will visit your home upon request. They will embark upon a drastic and keen inspection designed to rapidly pinpoint what attracts bats into your property in the first place. This inspection will help them know where to look for the bats, and precise treatment will be applied to get rid of them. They will use the right measures to keep them from coming back. We ensure proper reporting, and close follow-ups to ascertain your safety.

Affordable, Family friendly Extermination methods.
Our Flexible Price Plans for 1 time Services on BAT CONTROL services.

Super Premium Package Entails:

  • Keen Vacuuming in all areas marked on survey.
  • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
  • Cleaning of Floor areas treated, Seats, Mattreses, Carpet (limited to 70sq ft.)
  • Cleaning of kitchen Cabinets when it involves cockroach control.
  • Cleaning is done using foam, this helps in taking any chemical lodge leaving your house dirt and pest free.
  • 60 days Warranty with 1 extra treatment (on request) at no cost.

Property Price(KES)Super Premium
Bedsitter 5000
Single Room 5000
Servant Quaters 5000
Kitchen Only 5000
Bus 7500
Camp Tent 4500
Store 4000
Cottage 4000
Car 4000
Property Price(KES)Super Premium
1 Bedroom 8000
2 Bedroom 10000
3 Bedroom 12000
4 Bedroom 14000
5 Bedroom 16500
6 Bedroom 17800
Property Price(KES)Super Premium
Butchery 14500
Restaurant 22500
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 100

Premium Package Entails:

  • Keen Vacuuming in all areas marked on survey.
  • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
  • 60 Days Warranty with 1 extra treatment (on request) at no cost.
  • Doesn't include cleaning.

Property Price(KES)Premium
Bedsitter 2800
Single Room 2800
Servant Quaters 2800
Kitchen Only 2800
Bus 2800
Camp Tent 2800
Store 2800
Cottage 2800
Car 2800
Institution Bed 150
Lockers 150
Property Price(KES)Premium
1 Bedroom 5000
2 Bedroom 6000
3 Bedroom 7000
4 Bedroom 8000
5 Bedroom 8500
6 Bedroom 8800
Property Price(KES)Premium
Butchery 8000
Restaurant 15000
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 39

Standard Package Entails:

  • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
  • Doesn't include warranty of 60 days.
  • Doesn't include any extra treatment.
  • Doesn't include cleaning services.

Property Price(KES)Standard
Bedsitter 1800
Single Room 1800
Servant Quaters 1800
Kitchen Only 1800
Bus 1800
Camp Tent 1800
Store 1800
Cottage 1800
Car 1800
Institution Bed 80
Lockers 80
Property Price(KES)Standard
1 Bedroom 3000
2 Bedroom 4000
3 Bedroom 5000
4 Bedroom 6000
5 Bedroom 7000
6 Bedroom 8000
Property Price(KES)Standard
Butchery 5000
Restaurant 8000
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 20
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