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When ants become a problem for you, we have the best solution.

What Attracts Ants into Your Premises?

When ants are in search of food and water, no place is out of the bond. Homes, hospitals, businesses, and farms are all vulnerable.

  • Dirty kitchen tops
  • Sugary substances as cakes, sweets and juice spillage
  • Stagnant water and damp places like bathrooms and leaking pipes
  • Right nesting places such as wall foundations
  • Plants, trees, and seedlings

What Is the Impact of Ants on Businesses and Homes?

  • Damaged Structures
  • Ants can damage property, buildings, equipment, structures, and appliances when they build their nests.

  • Damaged Stock
  • If an ant gets into a food supply store, warehouse, or go-downs, they pose very grave problems. They may even start to breed and multiply.

  • Risks to People
  • Some ant bites are not only painful but very allergic and can cause anaphylactic shock.

  • The spread of Diseases and Bacteria
  • Ants are a health risk to your family, staff, and customers. They can carry and spread disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella. In other cases, they spread smallpox and dysentery.

When you suspect or see ants, Do not hesitate, call an expert for proffesional assistance before it gets out of control.
Our Flexible Price Plans for 1 time Services on ANT CONTROL services.

Super Premium Package Entails:

  • Keen Vacuuming in all areas marked on survey.
  • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
  • Cleaning of Floor areas treated, Seats, Mattreses, Carpet (limited to 70sq ft.)
  • Cleaning of kitchen Cabinets when it involves cockroach control.
  • Cleaning is done using foam, this helps in taking any chemical lodge leaving your house dirt and pest free.
  • 60 days Warranty with 1 extra treatment (on request) at no cost.

Property Price(KES)Super Premium
Bedsitter 5000
Single Room 5000
Servant Quaters 5000
Kitchen Only 5000
Bus 7500
Camp Tent 4500
Store 4000
Cottage 4000
Car 4000
Property Price(KES)Super Premium
1 Bedroom 8000
2 Bedroom 10000
3 Bedroom 12000
4 Bedroom 14000
5 Bedroom 16500
6 Bedroom 17800
Property Price(KES)Super Premium
Butchery 14500
Restaurant 22500
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 100

Premium Package Entails:

  • Keen Vacuuming in all areas marked on survey.
  • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
  • 60 Days Warranty with 1 extra treatment (on request) at no cost.
  • Doesn't include cleaning.

Property Price(KES)Premium
Bedsitter 2800
Single Room 2800
Servant Quaters 2800
Kitchen Only 2800
Bus 2800
Camp Tent 2800
Store 2800
Cottage 2800
Car 2800
Institution Bed 150
Lockers 150
Property Price(KES)Premium
1 Bedroom 5000
2 Bedroom 6000
3 Bedroom 7000
4 Bedroom 8000
5 Bedroom 8500
6 Bedroom 8800
Property Price(KES)Premium
Butchery 8000
Restaurant 15000
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 39

Standard Package Entails:

  • Fumigation/Pest Control using the recomended solution.
  • Doesn't include warranty of 60 days.
  • Doesn't include any extra treatment.
  • Doesn't include cleaning services.

Property Price(KES)Standard
Bedsitter 1800
Single Room 1800
Servant Quaters 1800
Kitchen Only 1800
Bus 1800
Camp Tent 1800
Store 1800
Cottage 1800
Car 1800
Institution Bed 80
Lockers 80
Property Price(KES)Standard
1 Bedroom 3000
2 Bedroom 4000
3 Bedroom 5000
4 Bedroom 6000
5 Bedroom 7000
6 Bedroom 8000
Property Price(KES)Standard
Butchery 5000
Restaurant 8000
Survey 1000
Area sq.M 20
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RAFIKI PEST CONTROL LTD is dedicated at customizing and offering premium pest control and cleaning services. When you use our services, we allocate a technician who will be part of your home, which means they will be able to understand your needs and be able to apply the best methods without any back and forth survey. We give a good report system which is both online and offline, which implies you can be able to trace all treatments done.

We offer more products and an online platform and community where you can be able to learn better behaviors which will prevent re-infestation. We do not treat and go, we become part of you. Our online shop will give you a chance to access veried and high ranked products in pest control and sanitation. This saves you the hustle to fall for poor quality products. We Gurantee 100% satisfaction.

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