To many people, the sight of spiders sends some cold chills. However, most of the spider species in Kenya are not harmful. In fact, many species play a critical role in controlling insect populations that are harmful to crops.

 Spiders are easy to recognize. They have eight legs and the body has 2 segments. They have neither wings nor antennae and are not attractive to look at. Despite having 6 to eight eyes, most of them have poor eyesight. Adults can live for up to one year.

Spiders like to hide in dry, warm, dark places. You will find them in basements and damp places. They are carnivorous and feed on insects. They also infest food in the kitchen. While feeding, they inject their digestive fluids into their prey and suck out the liquefied remains. Spiders produce silk which they use to climb or tether themselves, make nests, and wrap their prey.

One of the major signs of an infestation is the presence of spider webs. You also see the spider itself.

Whether webbing or non-webbing spiders, Rafiki Pest control gives you the best spider control and treatment. For any pest control in Kenya, we have all the answers to your problems.

How we do it

Our experienced experts will first do a cross-check in your premise to determine the type of spider that has infested your home. After inspection, they will come up with the best method for eliminating the pest. We use both chemical and non-chemical methods of spider control. For non-chemical control, our experts give professional advice on how you can best discourage places that webbing may take place which you can achieve by;

  • Keeping the compound clean.
  • Seal any gaps or cracks around your house.
  • Ensure that the doors and windows fit tightly in their frames.
  • Frequent vacuuming, sweeping away the webs.
  • Remove all egg sacs to prevent a new generation from hatching.
  • Fill gaps and crevices in walls
  • Control and eradicate flies which are food to spiders. We offer both residential and commercial pest control services, so look no further.

Chemical control

 At Rafiki pest control, we do space spray in such a way that it exterminates all the spiders in any gaps or cracks. We target all the corners where the pests spin their webs. A repeat spray is done after 4 weeks when the spider eggs hatch.

We also use Pesticide dust to provide control to secluded areas

 Integrated Pest Management -whereby we use a combination of methods to completely eradicate spiders from your office or home. Proper sanitation helps eliminate hiding places since they like dark places.

Follow up visits

We make follow up visits to ensure that all spiders have been eradicated. Our experts will also give you advice on how to control and prevent reinfestation.

Rafiki pest control offers safe and effective treatment. Our team of professionals has vast knowledge on where the pests hide. Since spiders feed on other insects as well, we offer pest control for any other pest that might invade your home resulting in spider infestation.

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