Snakes are pests. Other than many beliefs that are associated with snakes; people greatly fear them. A snake in your compound should worry you as it might be a sign that you have been infested. They nest in hidden places and can go undetected for a long period.  Many snake species in Kenya are however not very harmful.

Snakes have a long body which makes them easily crawl and climb. They have no ears but can feel very low-frequency vibrations. They are carnivores and do prey on rodents, insects, fish, and eggs. Sometimes, snake infestation could be as a result of a secondary infestation. They could come in search of rodents and insects. That’s why at Rafiki Pest Control we do advice on complete pest control in your home, office or commercial building. They gain entry to your property through any holes, gaps or doors and will hide in dark and isolated corners.

Signs of snake infestation

  • Shed skins-some species shed their skin when from hibernation
  • Winding trails on sandy surfaces
  • Seeing the snake itself

Where they hide

  • Garden features-wood rock, long grass, shrubs
  • Sunny areas with lots of vegetation prevent snakes from entering your property
  • Deep cracks
  • Under storage structures

How we get rid of snakes

Our snakes’ experts will first do a site inspection to determine the type of snake that has invaded your home or office. Since they better understand their behaviors, they’ll go ahead and find out its nest. They will then come up with the best way for eradicating the pest and completely destroy the habitat be it in your home or office

At Rafiki Pest Control, we do exclusion, trapping, and removal to eradicate snakes.

Exclusion- This is the first thing one has to do to get rid of snakes. Other measures to put in place to keep them away include

  • Rodent and other insect pests control
  • Clearing nearby bushes and grass
  • Sealing any gaps and holes where they can use to enter
  • Keeping predator pets like cats and poultry at home.
  • Regularly mowing grass and clearing  low growing plants
  • Removing debris and log piles
  • Filling holes where they can hide

These control measures also help prevent future occurrence.

Trapping- Our snake control experts place snake traps in strategic points where they are likely to crawl. Once trapped, it is easier to get rid of them

For snake extermination, Rafiki pest control is your ultimate choice. We do both indoor and outdoor residential pest control, we are the best. Our field specialists on snake control are well researched on snakes and how they behave so as to know how to handle them. We also boast of sophisticated equipment and products for snake eradication.

We are also not left behind when it comes to commercial pest control. Do not let snakes and other pests scare away your customers. Come to us for help.

Snakes do not like strong scents, we use chemicals with a strong smell to bring them out of their hiding places and eliminate them in the process. We also use special nicotine-based chemicals.

 Snakes shouldn’t be a reason for you to vacate your home or place of business. Come to us for effective snake control.



The Listed Prices apply in Kiambu, Nairobi Regions. Let's hear your concerns.

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VariationsBedBugs,RoachesCRAWLING PEST FLYING PEST Termites
Single RoomKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
BedsitterKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
Servant QKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
KitchenKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
PantryKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Bus/VanKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Car/StoreKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Camp/TentKES 2500KES 2500KES 2500
Institution bedsKES 150KES 150KES 150
1 BedroomKES 5000KES 5000KES 5000KES 9500
2 BedroomKES 6000KES 6000KES 6000KES 12600
3 BedroomKES 7000KES 7000KES 7000KES 15000
4 BedroomKES 8000KES 8000KES 8000KES 19000
5 BedroomKES 8600KES 8600KES 8600KES 22000
ButcheryKES 7500KES 7500KES 7500
RestaurantKES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
SurveyKES 950KES 950KES 950KES 1000
AreaKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.m
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