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Keeping your environment clean is a must, and making sure it is hygienic and healthy for your family is even more important. Germs and pathogens suppress the body's immunity resulting in serious health issues. A busy routine and active lifestyle can overwhelm you and make it hard to continuously deep clean your home at the fullest to keep germs away.

Don't allow sickness-causing-organisms to end the love, laughter, and passion in your home. Let our Cleaning Professionals ensure the excellent health and safety of your loved ones while keeping your home aesthetically tidy. These Technicians have been trained in the most effective and expert methods of cleaning and quality disinfecting that will keep your family safe at all times. They are equipped with the most modern tools to eliminate any trapped dirt, pathogens, allergens, and dust that may pose risks to children and pets.

Regular Office Cleaning

Regular House/Apartment Cleaning.

Life can get so busy to even afford some time off the schedule for a regular house cleaning to maintain healthy living standards. However, a safe living environment free of germs is mandatory for every family, and that is why our Cleaning Experts have the best strategy, the right equipment, and the latest materials for efficient house cleaning.

They will give keen attention to all surfaces including chairs, tables, countertops, dressers, cabinets, window sills, hoovering and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting picture frames and baseboards, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, bathtubs, sink, and toilets and tidying up the house.

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Deep Cleaning

With time dirt, harmful germs, pathogens, and allergens accumulate in the most 'hidden places' in the house. It is vital that your home gets a deep cleaning every once in a while to eliminate such build-up dirt and reach the most deep-seated grime and trapped dust. Professional Deep Cleaning is essential at the end of a tenancy to avoid deposit deductions.

Our Professional Cleaners will give special attention to every top and bottom part of your whole house, every nook and cranny will be cleaned to give your home a fresh atmosphere. Sanitizing, disinfecting, allergy proofing and re-arrangement will be done to all the needed areas including;

  • Removing scales and stubborn stains from all floors, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, and showerheads.
  • Cleaning inside and outside of windows, window sills, frames, doors and handles.
  • Thorough under the sink cleaning Complete dusting of picture frames, vents, computer monitors, and baseboards.
  • Cobweb removal from all corners Thorough cleaning of appliances and all 'hidden corners' including cracks and crevices to cut through all build up grime.
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    Floor Polishing

    Caring for your floors and maintaining their well-polished appearance is very necessary. Professional elimination of loose floor debris goes a long way in maintaining its gleam. Our Professional Cleaners have a high level of experience and expertise in quality cleaning of all types of floors from stone, laminate, vinyl tiles, parquet, ceramic, and porcelain tiles.

    These technicians have a well-laid out plan, the latest equipment and efficient green cleaning chemicals that will leave your floors grime-free and in top shape. They will come up with an efficient work-plan to ensure you are satisfied and all your unique cleaning requirements are met with high standards.

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    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

    Routine carpet and upholstery cleaning is crucial in ensuring dirty carpets/upholstery do not come in your way of good health. But did you know that carpets are a good breeding site for bacteria, allergens and a perfect hiding spot for germs? Dirty carpets and upholstery can easily expose you and your loved ones to serious health issues.

    However, you need not throw away your carpets because our Professional Cleaners have been trained in all the expert ways and tricks of eliminating trapped dirt, and organic waste like sweat, skin cells, pet droppings, and urine. They will remove all stubborn stains to prolong the longevity of your carpet and upholstery while keeping them looking newer for much longer. They will clean and remove any smelly odors to ensure your home remains fresh and you are delighted and comfortable.

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    After Party Cleaning

    Hosting parties like baby showers, weddings, graduations and gatherings at home or in your compound can be fascinating. While most people enjoy entertaining, most don't enjoy the stressful cleaning that comes with parties. Don't let the cleaning tasks overwhelm you. Our experts are here to help. They will provide efficient pre and after party cleaning services including;

  • Scrubbing and polishing floors, tables and surfaces
  • Vacuuming and hoovering floors.
  • Sweeping and mopping all party places
  • Washing and getting all utensils ready.
  • Removing and efficiently disposing of garbage
  • Disinfecting and cleaning washrooms
  • Proper handling of leftover foods
  • Professional cleaning services provide your domestic premises with a higher, faster and more efficient level of cleanliness. Cleaning experts have the know-how of cleaning all surfaces with the most potent green cleaning chemicals for safety and excellent solutions.

    Our Flexible Price Plans for CLEANING services.
    Sofa type Premium Services Price(KES)
    1 seater 800
    2 seater 1500
    3 seater 2500
    4 seater 3200
    5 seater 4000
    6 seater 4800
    L shape sofaset 4100
    7 seater 5600
    Arm Chair 800
    Office Chair 500
    Dining Chair 400
    Puff Seat 450
    Carpet 300 per SQ.M
    Homes/Premises Premium Services Price(KES)
    1 Bedroom 9500
    2 Bedroom 13000
    3 Bedroom 17000
    4 Bedroom 21000
    5 Bedroom 25000
    6 Bedroom 30000
    Mattresses Premium Services Price(KES)
    3x6 mattress 2000
    4x6 mattress 2500
    5x6 mattress 3000
    6x6 mattress 3500
    Office/Institutions Premium Services Price(KES)
    None Carpeted 270 per sq.M
    Carpeted 300 per sq.M
    Rodent Odour removal 3000
    Washrooms 3500
    Dedicated Cleaner (with cleaning equipment) 24000
    Dedicated Cleaner (without cleaning equipment) 22000

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