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Product Information

For complete termite extermination and effective termite control, you are best going with Undertaker 480EC. It has a fast pest knock-down, and its’ active ingredient Chlorpyrifos, interferes with activities in the central nervous system to ensure the nil survival of the termites. Whether you need to treat wooden structures for building, concrete slabs, trees, or timber, Undertaker 480EC gives the most efficient results. It is best for use indoors or outdoors of residential premises as it is eco-friendly and does not accumulate in the environment. 


Undertaker 480EC is a broad-spectrum termiticide used for effective termite control in wooden structures, timber, trees, concrete slabs, and buildings. 

Undertaker 480EC Active Ingredient 


Chlorpyrifos Mode of Action

Chlorpyrifos works by contact, stomach, and fumigant action. It inhibits the transmission of normal signals within the pests’ nerve cells. This results in malfunctioning of the nervous system that causes the pests’ death. 

Technical Details

  • It works through contact, stomach, and fumigant actions. 
  • It has a fast knock-down action.
  • Its active ingredient, Chlorpyrifos, ensures the nil survival of pests.

Features and Specifications

  • It can be used as a spray or soil drench. 
  • Extreme soil wetness should be avoided during and after treatment to prevent wash-off. 
  • It is eco-friendly and safe for use. 
  • Can be used to treat the insides and outsides of domestic places


  • 50Ml.

Undertaker 480EC Rate of Application

Concrete Slabs During Construction- Apply 7-11L of the treatment to every linear meter of the foundation wall trenches and to a depth of 50-70cm. Return the soil and treat it again using 10-15L of the same treatment. Seal the trench and replace the treated soil with a small layer of untreated soil. 

Mud Flooring during Construction- apply treatment 50-70cm deep to the exterior surface of the pole holes. Dip the poles into the solution and treat the same as the building during construction. 

Termite Nests- Take off the soil to a depth of 15cm and pour the treatment into the nests. Return the soil after application. 

Backyard, lawn, terrace, and gardens- Spray all the infested areas using 0.75L/5 square meters. 

Timber- Spray all timber completely using 1L for every 24L of water. Dip all fencing pole mounds into the treatment for 30-40minutes. Pour a fair amount of the treatment into the soil in the holes. 

Forest Trees- Depending on the infestation level, use 5-10ml for every ½L of water. Soak the trees’ base with the treatment and ensure irrigation of enough water. 

Which is the Correct Application Technique of Undertaker 480EC?

Treatment can be done either as a drench at the base area of trees or as a spray-on wooden structure. Note: Do not treat extremely wet soils, soon after a downpour, or when expecting rainfall in 2 days to prevent chemical run-off. 

How to Prepare a Spray Mixture? 

Add half the needed amount of water into your spraying container. Add the recommended amount of Undertaker 480EC and add water to the correct level.  Blend thoroughly and ensure to spray the treatment within 12 hours of preparation.

Re-entry Time

Avoid all access to the treated area until all spray deposits have settled and dried completely. This will take 3-4 hours. Proper ventilation is a must. 

What are the Benefits of using Undertaker 480EC?

  • It is an economical method of termite control and extermination.
  • It is highly effective and kills termites fast.
  • It is environmentally friendly and does not accumulate in the environment.
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