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Product Information

Any pit latrine or septic tank can get bad odors, and flies and can also fill up faster than expected. Luckily, anybody can effectively protect their latrines and septic tanks from disgusting odors, unhygienic flies, and filling up faster using this environmentally safe Super septic.

A unique treatment that has been made using a combination of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that effectively degrade all organic waste thus reducing pit waste levels. This is your solution to living in a clean, healthy, and hygienic environment free of odors and waste contamination. It is non-toxic and safe for human beings and poses not a single health risk.

How Does Super Septic Work?

Super septic is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and works by liquefying all the solid organic waste in the latrine quickly. It has a combination of useful bacteria that are purposed to degrade all organic waste inside the pit. It is designed in such a way after it changes all the solid waste into liquid form, it ensures all the contaminated liquid remains in the pit while the purified liquid seeps away. This way, homeowners are spared all the costs of pumping and hiring sewers. Ultimately, underground waters remain safe for domestic use. 

Super septic also maintains a pure, healthy, and safe environment by destroying all the breeding sites of flies and keeping them away. It does not just vaguely cloud the bad odors but it eliminates them and only leaves you loving the fresh air around. 

How to Treat Your Pit latrine and Septic Tank with Super Septic?

  • To get very effective results, you must first shock-treat the latrine every week for the first month. Carefully tear the sachet and empty all its contents into the floor of the latrine. Spread as evenly as you can across the floor. Only use one Super Septic sachet each week until the first month is over.
  •  To maintain the effectiveness of super septic, you should continue using it all year round. Use a single sachet every month. 
  • Alternatively, if the waste in the pit is too dry, you can add the sachet content into some water, mix thoroughly, and empty the solution into your septic tank or pit latrine for effective results.

Note: Never dispose of the empty sachet into the pit. Avoid dumping clothing, waste diapers, and plastic materials inside the latrine because super septic treatment cannot decompose them. 

Major Reasons Why You Should Use Super Septic as Your Toilet Treatment

  • It has a strong ability to eliminate disgusting waste odors and flies quickly
  • It gives you good value for your money
  • It saves you money as using it puts an end to the need to pump your septic tank or pit latrine.
  • It blocks contaminated water from flowing or leaking out of pit latrines. 
  • It ensures your environment remains safe, clean, hygienic, and fresh.

This is Why You Should Always buy top-quality Super Septic from Rafiki Pest Control Store

  • The highest quality and genuine Super Septic is always available anytime when you need it.
  • We care about you and hence we offer a non-obligatory quote only after listening to you.
  • We are a licensed Pest Control store that serves you 24/7.
  • Our well-trained team of pest control experts offers the best fumigation services
  • We deliver our products to your doorstep upon your request.
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