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Super Flush (100ml) PCB Approved

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Super Flush (100ml)

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Product Information



Super flush is a biochemical composition of a synergistic blend of selected Bacillus micro-organisms that provides excellent performance over a wide selected range of organic waste-related applications.

Benefits of super flush

100% organic.

Environmental friendly.

Contains beneficial enzymes and bacteria harmless to people and the environment.

Eliminates flies.

Eliminates bad odors.

Rate of Application

Put 100ml of bio pit digester in 5 liters of water, mix until it foams, and pour into the pit.

For flash, pour 3 cupfuls into the cistern and flush.

Expected Results after Treatment

No more flies

Eliminated odors.

Liquified solid  waste

Pit latrines take longer to fill.

Super flush dosage for septic tanks

In instances of a septic tank that sits above the ground, open and pour a few sachets of super flush directly following the same dosage of the pit latrine.

For underground tanks, every fash toilet should receive one sachet of super flush per week on the first month and one sachet every month afterward.

Super flush Compatibility

Once the super flush is poured, stop the use of any other detergents and chemicals as they will wash away the good enzymes and bacteria in the super flush. These bacterias help in the natural process of the breakdown of solid waste into water.

Results window period

A reduction in flies and odor will be noticed after one day of application, in other instances, results are noticeable in a day.

Depending on the waste levels, a reduction can be noticed in the first week, however, significant results are noticed between the 2nd and 4th week. All this is achievable by using the recommended dosage.

User Notice

 If the toilet is dry mix super flush with water for best results, however in cases of a wet septic rank and pit latrine, it can be poured directly without the use of water. Always read the user's guidelines for best results.


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