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Storm Rodenticide

How to Buy Storm Rodenticide from Our Shop

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Product Information

All you need to effectively get rid of rats is this Storm Rodenticide. It is strongly potent against rats and mice. Rodents stand no chance of survival in this rat poison as the flocoumafen present is very powerful and kills even the most impervious rats to rodenticides. Storm Rodenticide is a suitable rodenticide for use to exterminate rats that hide in covered drainage and wastewater sewers thanks to its strong resistance to water and mold growth. 

Active Ingredient in Storm Rodenticide


Flocoumafen Mode of Action

Flocoumafen is very effective in controlling rodent pests. A rodent only needs to feed on it once and it will inhibit the production of Vitamin K1 in the body. Vitamin K1 is a factor that assists the blood to clot and in its absence, the rodent will bleed to death. 

Target Pests

  • Rats
  • Mice

Storm Rodenticide Rate of Application

Place storm baits about 20 to 40 feet apart. Set the baits much closer in highly infested areas and places where rats prefer to hide like;

  • Sewerage
  • Drainage
  • Behind home appliances like refrigerators
  • Behind furniture, cabinets, and closets
  • Roof spaces

Important Reasons Why You Should Use Storm Rodenticide

  • It is very effective in the extermination of rodents
  • It is resistant to mold growth and hence suitable for use in drainages and sewerage.
  • It does not require extra preparations as it comes ready to use. 
  • It is simple to use and recommended for rat control both indoors and outdoors.
  • A small amount equal to a single feed is enough to kill the rodent pest. 
  • It is safe for use on domestic, business, and public premises 
  • It has a very pleasant taste that encourages the rats and mice

Why Should You Should Buy Storm Rodenticide from Rafiki Pest Control?

  • We are a licensed Store that assures you genuine and legit Storm Rodenticide
  • Storm Rodenticide is always available at a reasonable cost and designed to favor your budget needs
  • Our customers are our central focus, and we care about your comfortable living
  • Our Pest Control Professionals offer the best fumigation services 
  • We deliver our products to your doorstep upon your request. 
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