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Snake RPL Fixer (250g)

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Product Information


Snake RPL Fixer is a powerful reptilicide especially designed to repel and eliminate/kill every poisonous snake that may be hiding in your compound, yard, garden, or home. It has a pleasing fragrance that attracts snakes while weakening their respiratory system, consequently, killing them fast within their hide-outs.

Active Ingredient in Snake RPL Fixer

  • Co-Sulp-0.07%
  • Am-Sulp -0.02%
  • Att.Fragrance-0.01%

How to Use Snake Fix Correctly? 

  • Carefully identify places that may be harboring snakes.
  • Scoop an appropriate amount of Snake Fix using a spatula and apply around these areas. Note: keep the product dry during application.
  • Nearby snakes and invading reptiles will be lured by the pleasant scent being emitted by Snake Fix, consequently, weakening their respiratory system and causing their instant death. 
  • Use just about fifty grams of Snake Fix in openings where there may be reptile activities. 

Target Pests

  • Lizards
  • Snakes

Places to Use Snake Fix

  • Protect your poultry farm from snakes that feed on eggs.
  • Safeguard your pineapple, maize, fruit, and sugarcane plants during the seed detasseling period.
  • Protects fish against snakes that feed on their eggs. 
  • Keep the reptile population at a minimum. 

Product Packaging

  • 250g containers

 Caution Tips for Using Snake Fix

  • Ensure you thoroughly wash your hands with running water after use.
  • Avoid eating, smoking, or drinking when applying Snake Fix.
  • Keep the product clean and safe. Do not combine with other chemicals.
  • Get rid of empty containers by burying them deep into the soil or destroying them by burning them.
  • Snake Fix is eco-friendly and does not pose a danger to domestic life, aquatic life, or birds. 
  • Strictly note that this is not a pest control chemical. 
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