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Rock Alum (500g) PCB Approved

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Rock Alum (500g)

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Product Information

Rock Alum is an aluminium sulphate crystalised block used for purifying and disinfecting water so that it can be safe for consumption.


  • Drinking water purifies as a chemical flocculant by coagulation of impurities causing them to settle down at the bottom of the container before filtration.
  • Functions in wastewater treatment plants
  • Used to increase food shelf life.
  • Used in leather turning

User Guide

Add 7 grams of Rock Alum to 8 liters of water and give the product time to filter the water. Once the dirt residue settles at the bottom of the water, sieve to separate the dirt from clean water.


Ensure to safely dispose of remnants of the Alum rock because it has a toxic chemical that can be harmful to humans and the environment.


Available in a 500g tin and is enough to be used for a long period of time before repurchasing the product.


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