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Product Information

Roachgon is a highly effective gel bait for control of all cockroach species. Attracts and kills cockroaches instantly in residential and business premises.

A ready to use gel that successfully exterminates annoying roaches and ensures they do not come back. It is non-toxic to humans and highly toxic to cockroaches causing their death shortly after ingestion.

Active Ingredient

Boric acid, also called hydrogen borate, boracic or orthoboric acid

Boric Acid Mode of Action

It is toxic to cockroaches and kills them by severe abrasion to their outer skeleton or by the ingestion process. Once a cockroach crawls through the gel, the acid sticks on its legs and body. While cleaning itself, the cockroach will ingest the acid, disrupting its stomach and nervous system and eventually causing its death.  

Is Roachgon Gel Safe for Use?

It is a potent and very effective weapon against cockroaches; its treatment should, however, be as labeled for environmental safety. While applying, wear gloves to prevent skin irritations. It is safe for cockroach control at home but can be dangerous if used excessively.

Rate of Application

In the case of a small or moderate cockroach infestation, apply 4,5 or 6 dots of the gel for 20 linear feet. Target cracks and crevices where roaches are very likely to hide.  Also consider the dark and moist places such as:

  • behind refrigerators
  • drawers 
  • cabinets 
  • below the sink 
  • behind toilets

Vital Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Roachgon Gel

  • Cockroaches cannot resist the intense gel treatment
  • It is ready to use and highly effective for elimination of roaches
  • It eliminates and controls all cockroach species
  • It kills cockroaches within a short time after application
  • It poses the user and people at home to zero allergy reactions
  • You do not have to evacuate the house to apply it

Here is why You Need to Purchase Roachgon Gel from Rafiki Pest Control Store

  • We are a licensed store, and Roachgon Gel is readily available
  • Roachgon Gel is available at a reasonable price that has been customized to meets all your budget needs. 
  • Rafiki Pest Control Store cares about you, hence the non-obligatory quotes offered after listening to you. 
  • Our well trained and licensed experts offer fumigation services.

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