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Product Information

Quickphos is a highly powerful insecticide and rodenticide used for indoor and outdoor pest control in numerous industries, including agriculture and food processing and storage. This fumigant is globally registered for the control of a broad spectrum of storage pests and field rodents.

Its active ingredients, aluminum phosphide, and inert components facilitate the controlled outgassing of phosphine in the tablet.  The outgassing of these tablets begins after a short delay as soon as the fumigation product comes in contact with the product or ambient moisture. The tablets’ outgassing rate typically depends on the area’s temperature and humidity level.

Phosphine is extremely toxic to target pests and kills them in all their developmental stages. Once the tablets or pellets are placed in an enclosed area, they produce the poisonous gas that penetrates nearly all packaging materials and through tightly packed products. Note that phosphine reacts with certain metals such as copper, gold, silver, and their compounds. As such, these surfaces must be highly protected from fumigation.

Active Ingredient in Quickphos 

  • 56% Aluminum phosphide 
  • 43% inert components, including ammonium carbamate which facilitate the appropriate release of phosphine gas. 

Active Ingredient Mode of Action

Phosphine gas is an incredibly toxic fumigant that causes poisoning upon ingestion or inhalation, eventually killing target pests. 

How Quickphos Works 

Quickphos pellets begin to release phosphine gas about 30-60 minutes after their first contact with the atmosphere. The rate at which the gas is released typically depends on the room’s temperature and humidity. Phosphine gas effectively kills all storage pests in their developmental stages. It also helps control rodents and rabbits from the outside. 

Target Pests

When used properly according to the product leaflet, quickphos controls all stages (egg, larvae, pupae) of pests, including: 

  • Grain and rice weevils 
  • Mice
  • Saw-toothed grain beetle 
  • Rats 
  • Confused flour beetle 
  • Gerbils 
  • Lesser grain borer
  • Moles
  • Flat grain beetle 
  • Cadelle 
  • Khapra beetle 
  • Indian meal moth 
  • Cigarette beetle 
  • Mediterranean flour moth 
  • Tobacco moth 

Where to Use Quickphos 

Quickphos can be used to control stored-product insect pests in: 

  • Stored maize
  • Rice
  • Wheat 
  • Groundnuts 
  • Millet
  • Tobacco
  • Groundnuts 
  • Sorghum
  • Dried beans 
  • Dried fruits 
  • Oats 
  • Sunflower seeds 
  • Barley 
  • Rye 
  • Animal feeds 
  • Processed foods 
  • Flour 
  • Nuts 
  • Spices 
  • Oilseeds 
  • Biscuits 
  • Pasta and noodles 
  • Processed foods
  • Nonfood items
  • Confectionery 

Quickphos Application 

You can use an appropriate dispenser or hands to station Quickphos tablets in suitable storage areas such as 

  • Warehouses 
  • Ships
  • Silo installations 
  • Storage containers 

The Correct Dosage of Quickphos 

The correct dosage and appropriate exposure time of Quickphos typically depend on various factors such as air temperature and humidity, product packaging, and pest species being exterminated. 

Use 1g of Quickphos per cubic meter and keenly follow instructions on the product leaflet for the best results. Used properly, this pesticide does not interfere with the milling property of grains, the baking quality of flour, and the germination of seeds. 

Note: The residue left behind after successful fumigation is non-toxic and disappears once the grain is turned. 

The Benefits of Using Quickphos to Control Storage Pests 

  • Environmentally friendly and does not deplete the ozone layer 
  • You don’t require special training to apply 
  • It is safe, effective, and easy to use 
  • Effectively kills a broad range of pests in all their developmental stages 

Warnings and Precautions 

  • Product must be handled with extreme care as it can be toxic to animals and humans upon inhalation or ingestion  
  • Wear protective clothing such as a mask and gloves when handling products and recently treated grains
  • Store product under lock and key and keep out of children's reach 
  • Store in a cool dry place away from water or other liquids 
  • Keep away from flames and sparks, as phosphine is inflammable 
  • Protect electrical equipment by covering it with plastic or molten wax as phosphine reacts with silver, gold, copper, and copper compounds
  • Do not re-use empty containers (burry them at least 2 ft deep away from water bodies such as wells and streams 
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