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Product Information


 Predator 340 Ec is an effective pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide which is primarily used for controlling a wide range of broad-leaved  weeds in onion and garlic fields.


Active Ingredient

Contains Pendimethalin 200g/L + oxyflurfen 140g/L


Mode of Action


Works on the following ways;


  • Pendimethalin (dinitroaniline group)  controls  annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds absorbed through inhibiting cell division and cell elongation.
  • Oxyfluorfen (nitro phenyl ether group)  controls  annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds by inhibiting the production of a chlorophyll enzyme which results in an accumulation of chemicals that disrupt cell membrane integrity in the presence of light.



 Comes 1L pack size.


Target Control Against


Grass and Broadleaf weeds


Application Rate

 Use 0.75-1L (15-20ml)


Benefits of using Predator 340 EC

  • Available in the nearest agrovet.
  • Effective control against broad-leaved weeds in garlic and onion fields.
  • Low application rate and cost effectiveness
  • Promotes productivity of onions and garlics
  • Easy to handle, mix and ready to use.
  • Flexibility to use in pre-emergence and post-emergence conditions.


Target Crops 





Application Timing


Spray Predator 340 EC to the soil immediately after planting, seed drilling, or after planting, before the emergence of the crops. Its application should be done only once, do not apply this product when heavy rain is forecasted. Remember, the volume of dilution water shall be increased when soil is dry.


Application Recommendations  for effectiveness


  • Weeds under poor growing conditions like drought stress, disease, or insect damage; this reduces the effectiveness of the fungicide. 
  •  Weeds that have been mowed, grazed, or cut and have not grown to the recommended stage may also exhibit poor results.
  • Heavy rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours after application may wash the chemical off the foliage and a repeat treatment may be required.  
  • For best results, spray coverage should be uniform and complete and avoid spraying to the point of run-off.
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