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Product Information

An insecticide used for Public health insect control.  Very potent for the extermination of insects such as flies, cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, and houseflies.

Active Ingredient

Alphacypermethrin 100g/L

Alphacypermethrin Mode of Action

Alphacypermethrin ingredient is a powerfully active broad-spectrum insecticide, effective by contact and ingestion action against target pests. It disrupts the normal functioning of an insects' ion channel leading to its death. 

Rate of Application

It used as a spray for public health insect extermination. A user should always wear protective clothing before handling it.  Instructions on the label must be followed keenly for adequate control. 

To control crawling and flying insects, three or four ml of Mos-N-Roach 100EC is mixed in two liters of pure water. Use 0.5litres of this solution on a 10sq meter surface. For a first time treatment, administer a higher dosage to achieve a long period of insect extermination. 

To control primary or storage pests, such as beetles and weevils, 20ml of Mos-N-Roach 100EC should be thoroughly mixed in 10litres of clean water. Apply every 2litres of this solution on a 40sq meter surface. 

Target Pests

  • Weevils
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Bedbugs
  • Mosquitos

Essential Reasons Why You Should Use Mos-N-Roach 100EC

  • Early treatment prevents chances of pest infestation 
  • Controls and exterminates primary pests such as fleas, flies, and beetles. 
  • Prevents spoilage of stored foods
  • Has a fast knockdown action which gives immediate pest control results
  • Achieves a high level of effective pest extermination at a low dosage
  • It can comfortably be applied in household and business premises since it is odorless and does not leave behind stains.

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