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Product Information


 Integra is a powerful crop supplement that contains Silicone usually used with Pesticides. It acts as a wetter and spreader very effective in enhancing coverage of spraying, speeding nutrient absorption, and penetration of the chemical to the rooting system. 

When used correctly, it helps plants against toxicity levels of minerals, salts, and other pollutants. It also nourishes the plants making them resistant to drought and other stress.

Active Ingredient. 

Polyalkyleneoxide modified Heptamethyl trisiloxane 800 g/L minimum

Mode of Action

INTEGRA  acts by increasing wetting, spreading, and maximum absorption of pesticide spray mix. It lowers the ground's tension by increasing the spread of the droplets thereby adjusting the solubility ratio.

Rate of Application

 For foliar spray; apply  100-200 ml per ha, (2-4 ml/20 liters of water).

It is advisable to mix it with foliar fertilizers and/or pesticides during spraying for maximum effectiveness.

Target Plants

Ornamentals: roses and carnations

Edible crops: Tomato, potato, eggplant, cauliflower, melon, mango, capsicum, cucumber


Benefits of using INTEGRA with Pesticides when spraying the crop

  • Offers Super wetting and spreading by reducing pesticide droplets on the plant leaf surface 
  • Reduce pesticide consumption by up to 30% and water consumption by up to 70% by  enhancing full coverage on plant foliar surface and its higher penetration,
  • Low application  as it is used as little as 2-4 ml in 20 L of water
  •  Food safety is guaranteed with no PHI requirement.
  • It is flexibly applicable at any time with pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Compatible with the majority of the pesticides and fertilizer nutrients used.
  • Ensures financial returns and profits with its wetting and spreading capability.

Reasons to buy INTEGRA from Rafiki Pest Control LTD

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  • Our licensed experts are precise and prepared to attend to your fumigation service needs.
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