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Emerald 200SL

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Product Information

Emerald is a powerful foliar insecticide, has a high residual effect and is very effective in the control of sucking insects in a majority of agricultural crops, and is also used to control termites in building construction and fruit trees.

Active Ingredient 

Imidacloprid 200 g/L

Mode of Action 

Imidacloprid works on contact and a stomach poison action. It tampers the transmission of stimuli in the insect's nervous system by blocking the nicotinic neuronal pathway making it impossible for acetylcholine from transmitting impulses between nerves, causing the insect’s paralysis and sudden death.

Emerald's Rate of Application   

                1.Termites in Fruit trees;

Drench at the base of a tree, apply 2 ml per litre of water and irrigate with enough water.

                    2.Termites in Building Construction;

 Use 6 ml per litre of water at the construction wood and thoroughly at the adjacent soil.

                   3. As Foliar Sprayer;

Apply 500-750 ml/ha in 1000 litres of water or 0.5-0.75 ml per litre of water with an interval of 7-10 days and at a maximum of 3 applications.

  Target Pests

  • Aphids
  •  Thrips
  •  Whiteflies
  •  Mealybugs
  • Termites

Benefits of using Emerald 200SL

  • Non-phytotoxic when used as recommended.
  • It's compatible with commonly used pesticides and liquid fertilizers.
  • It's an effective systemic insecticide in foliar spraying with a high residual effect.
  • Low application ratio therefore economical to use.
  • Fast and instant pest's knockdown
  • Reliable in controlling a wide range of sucking insects therefore guaranteed financial returns.
  • Easily available in our shops and in the market.

Here is why you should buy Emerald from our shop.

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  • We care about you hence the non-obligatory quotes offered after listening to you. 
  • Our well-trained and licensed experts offer any assistance if needed.
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