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Product Information


Dursban 4E is the most efficient broad-spectrum insecticide applied as a soil and foliar treatment. It has low phytotoxicity which makes it a safe vegetable and ornamental treatment. When applied, it kills pests in all their stages eggs, larvae, and adults. This is your most excellent insecticide that is safe for mammals thanks to its low toxicity. It gives pest control for long periods as it is persistent in the treated soil and its vapor action gives 100% pest extermination.


A highly effective insecticide for controlling all sucking and chewing insects on a huge variety of crops: coffee, vegetables, cotton (soil treatment)

Active Ingredient

Chlorpyrifos ethyl

Chlorpyrifos ethyl Mode of Action

It kills insects through contact action by interfering with the normal functioning of their central nervous system. Exposing an insect to chlorpyrifos ethyl leads to overstimulation of the neural cells. Overstimulation results in neurotoxicity and final death. 

Technical Details

  • Its’ active ingredient kills insects fast by causing neurotoxicity and eventual death.
  • It is a registered insecticide for the extermination sucking and chewing pests on a wide variety of crops.
  • There are no cases of resistance developed against Dursban 4E in target pests.
  • It works through both stomach poison, and contact action and it has fumigation properties too. 
  • Features and Specifications
  • Recommended for the successful extermination of locusts and armyworms.
  • Safe for public health as a larvicide only. Note that it does not kill adult mosquitoes.
  • Effective in the control of maize stalk borer and coffee leaf miner.
  • It is a very cost-effective method for the control of all target pests.
  • It has a vapor action that allows it to spread and penetrate all hard-to-reach areas like under the leaves for complete pest control. 

Target Pests

  • Locusts
  • Armyworms
  • Leaf miners
  • Stalk borers


Available in 100ml bottles.

Dursban 4E Recommended Method of Application


Benefits of Using Dursban 4E

  • Ensures effective insect control through stomach poison and contact action
  • Gives control for a long time since it is persistent in the treated soil. 
  • Registered for successful control of a broad range of insects.
  • It is a safe treatment application for vegetables and ornaments (except cucurbits) as it has low phytotoxicity.
  • Its low toxicity makes it safe for mammals. 
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